Double Wrap Short-Row Heel on a Loom: Part I
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Double Wrap Short-Row Heel on a Loom: Part II

The conclusion of creating a short-row heel (double wrap method). Enjoy! As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated.  How do you like this video compared to the other one? I am trying out a new provider and you can make comments during the video and you can even click on the square on the bottom right and make the screen big. Let me know your thoughts about it all...we are looking for input.


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Jeannette Pirkle

This was a great video for short rows and I love this new video provider. It loaded better for me and was so clear. Thank you for your time.I use firefox and had no problems viewing at all. My old computer crashes with most other video's but not these so far.


i liked this format, until I went to watch it the second time, and it kept hanging up on loading about half way through the video.


Hi Isela!

I think the new videos have a better sound quality. The old ones were a little muffled and the new ones clearer. I know that someone mentioned above that it was jerky in Safari, but I have Safari also and it came in fine.

I am new to knitting (never tried needle knitting), but love the looms. Thanks for your great tutorials! I would be e wrapping everything if not for your tutorials on other stitches. Thanks so much.

To whomever commented on your accent...ridiculous I say.


I like the new format and being able to enlarge for closer detailing is great. Thank you for all your help.


I like this new video provider. I do have a couple questions I will ask in the group forum But the video is great. Karol nklu1107


For some reason I couldn't get this video to play :(. Not sure if it is user error (mine) or just my computer. I got the other one to play. I am on broadband too. I tried it several times.


this is cool. I love the close up action, and you voice was much clearer.


i love this one. I love the larger screen for clairty. You can knit right along with you in real time. I would just like to know if t his technique is for patterns that you make? such as picking a sock pattern and then we follow these directions? I just wouldn't now where to pick up on doing this in another pattern so it would be good to provide the pattern that this works for also.

Maria Tovar


It is a great video. Both are so helpful for the sock loom knitters.

Definitely I vote for this second video provider. The definition is much better.

Thank you.



hi isela,
i like this video provider better. the option to go full screen in priceless. and i like the add comment option. love your vids! thanks for taking the time to do them!!



I absolutely LOVE the new video, I can make it big, and see closely, since I am stupid sometimes, and the tiny video is hard for me to see. Stay with this provider.. I really like it. :)

Helen J.

Hi Isela love the video but the page was jerky whilst it was playing in Safari web browser. It works fine in Firefox.

I can highly recommend the Apple service which used to be called 'dot mac' and is now '' fully useable by PC users as well as Mac now.

you can upload video, host your own webpages and are given 2gb of space with your account. You can also do your own hosting just like having your own web server for your videos all on the one page which you can mask with your own web address so for example by having your webspace mount on your desktop like another hard drive. Pretty neat.

If you want to know more, email me :)

Helen x


Great video! I like the new service. I love that you have your little sheepie in the corner of the video. Too cute! Hey, simple pleasures thrill me ;) Great tutorial <3


Oh yes, there is a marked difference/improvement with this new video provider. And now I know why I had the holes on the sides of my one-and-only heel I ever knitted. Excellent instructions as always, Isela. You are awesome!!!

Carrie Lynn

I really love this video and the new format/provider. I like being able to blow it up big to see more closely what you are doing. It will really help to learn the short row heel. I haven't done that kind yet, but I will when my Wonder Sock Loom arrives. Thank you for all you do for us, Isela.

Carrie Lynn ;0)

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