Double Wrap Short-Row Heel on a Loom: Part II

Swimming Talk

I have decided that swimming is not as fun as I thought it was. It was fun when I didn't have to think of technique. As of this morning, it became my living hell! I began my first day in a Master's Swim class. Seriously, as I kept trying the different drills--"hands in pockets" face up, tummy up, I believed a 1/4 of a gallon of water ended up in my belly. On the side, one hand on the pocket, the other extended, head resting on the shoulder of the arm extended, tilt the head down to the shoulder but keep your chin above water, another 1/4 of a gallon went in. On the side again, this time try it while bringing one hand to touch your nose and then back down again, another 1/4 of a gallon when down my throat. In total, I bet I swallowed at least a gallon. Yuck!

The worst part of it all is that I feel slower, clumsier and my self-confidence level hit bottom. 

Anyways, I am heading to Hell tomorrow morning again, hopefully, I can learn the correct technique and not be all arms. I am supposed to bring my stroke down from 23 strokes for a length down to 12--a huge change. Apparently, I don't glide very well so I have to learn to glide in the says that it can save me energy in the long this point, I am skeptical and I think her goal is to see me at the bottom of the pool. Wish me luck!


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First, GOOD LUCK!!! Second, thanks so much for all the info and help with loom knitting!!! I am SO Happy I have found you!!!


Yep, that's pretty much how I feel about swimming, too. I can swim well enough that I won't ever drown in a swimming pool, but that is about it! Hope things go better for you tomorrow.


I just read in one of my college books (yep, I'm spreading my new found knowledge, lol!) that when we learn new things, we often feel like our abilities actually lessen. But usually that is because we have raised the bar for our expections, so it only seems that way.

Keep at it and you'll improve each time, I'm sure! :) Remember that the awesome thing about what you've just said is that you're beginning a MASTERS swimming class! You Rock! :D ...just keep swimming, just keep swimming ;)


I absolutely SUCK at gliding, but it gets better!!

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