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Weightlifter-woman What a week! Going back to the gym after being sick for an entire week and limping for the previous one has had an impact. You'd think that a little bit of a break wouldn't affect you much but the truth is that the body needs activity every day to keep up.

I started training this week for the Ogden Half and so far it has gone well. My legs have kept up with the training and I haven't felt totally drained of energy. Of course, I did sleep 12 hours on Wednesday night and oh it felt so good! I am excited and pumped about this half marathon--it is coming up soon and I know that it will be here in the blink of an eye. Training must continue and I have high hopes of being able to reduce my time by a few seconds even minutes.

I started using a new way to track my training it is a neat website called Buckeye Outdoors. It is a free service and you go in there and put in your workouts and it keeps track of it all. It is easier than me writing it all down (of course, I am still a dork and I still write it down on my notebook).

The weekly totals are as follows:
Run: 2 miles (3x a week) for total of 6 miles. Starting next week it will be 2, 3, 4....the weather better start getting better so I can run outside. I can't stand more than 2 miles on the dreadmill.
Spin: 45min (3x a week) I figure about 40 miles total
Swim: 5150 yards
Strength training: only 40 minutes this week--was running short on time and work had to get done at home.

Tip of the week: I picked this up from MizFitOnline. It is called the 21s. Check out her video and see how you too can apply this to your biceps workout and bring a little change to the routine. I am planning on doing this at least once a week to change things a bit.

Hope you had a good week, see you next week with another report.


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marianita m. tozier

marianita m. tozier like to see the DVD


Nice week back after being sick. It has hard getting in anything long on the treadmill.

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