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Looms International! Hanaami Loom

Edited: We found out what these little things are called: It is the Clover Hanaami-Loom. Check this link out to see how they work. They are supposed to be used as flower looms :). Cute! Also, be sure to check out this website for patterns--I can see lots of hairbow possibilities!

A year or so ago I came into the possession of this cute little set of looms. I don't know what their intended Looms2purpose is, I know if I put some time into them I could figure them out. They are sure adorable though. They are made by Clover Japan.

They all fit nicely into a little see-through box that measures only 4"x4".How many of them are in there? Well, let's see: there are 3 little round ones, 2 squares, and one hexagon. They all fit into this little box--watch out though, if you take them out you best remember how they were all packed in because it is a bugger getting them back in.
The coin is a dime--yep! They are that small. It is a cute little set. But it wasn't for me and it is now going to its new little house where hopefully a little girl teen can put them to good use.

Anyways, if you come upon a set like this one and yours has instructions, drop me or Denise a note, we want to know more about them.



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Hi Isela,

Martha Stewart had a segment on looms similar to these last week. They made flowers from Raffia. She has instructions on her site. I have a 4 piece set with instructions if you still need them. Just let me know.

Linda Jones

These sets are from Japan. There are a couple of Japanese craft sites that have this loom set and how to use it (a little). I came across this set several years ago online when searching in Japanese sites. Wish I had seen it before my daughter went to Japan! I would have had her ship one home,Rats!!


Oh cute. I will have to find a set for myself. =)



Awesome :) Now tell Denise we expect to see project pictures ;)


I have a set of looms similiar to these, no instruction though. You can make any number of things with them. If you join the flowers you can make garments, afghans, rugs, etc. I have even seen hats made from them, oddly enough. I had a link once to a website in Japan with great pictures of projects for inspiration and I can't seem to find it now.

Kansas A

Whoops sorry Isela I didn't see your edit at the top of the post :)

Kansas A

Hi Isela, it looks like the box is the "base" and I found a couple of sites showing how-to's. The first one is:
and the second:

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