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So I was going to blog about my son's soccer, but I got sidetracked by Nyah's gymnastics show off, then I was going to blog about the gymnastics show off but I got sidetracked by the choir presentation, then I was going to blog about Bryant's baseball and then I got pulled into reality and reminded that a new loom knitting tutorial was needed for the new EvenKnit loom. Alas! I never have any free time. One of these days I'll get the dishes done and the laundry put away, but for now, I just have a little loom knitting tutorial to share. I'll come back later to blog about the other things: the soccer, the gymnastics, the choir, the swimming, and I guess by then I'll have to blog about my Ogden Half Marathon.

If you download the PDF file, please let me know if you find any errors. The file makes sense to me but there may be some items that need more clarification. Hit me in the comments below. Also, if you take it...just drop a comment in case I have an updated version.

Download EvenKnit PDF file


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Hi there!

I admire you so much for all your talents. You have a lot of energy and it isn't wasted one bit.
I wish you could live near me so I could learn from you. I am not from Mexico but one of my parents was born there and I speak Spanish fluently. We make tamales during the Christmas holiday so you and I have something in common.
Keep up the good work!!!


Annie Grimm

How do you get that loom. Awesome!


You blog like me!


I downloaded the file this morning. It looks great! Got my email yesterday that my loom was shipped, so I'll be trying it out soon. Good work, as usual. Thanks so much, Margery


Mine shipped too! I'm very excited. :-) I couldn't download the tutorial though. It said that the file was moved.


Isela thought the tutorial was fabulous like always. My loom shipped today can't wait to get it. Thanks so much for the tut.



Snagged my copy! Thanks, Isela...very excellently done. :D Love all those pics!
PS: Good Luck on your event this weekend!!!

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