Monthly Totals: April
A Great Run

Extra! Extra! Loomy News!

Extra! Extra! The EvenKnit Sock Loom is available for pre-order at DALooms, hurry and pre-order your very own. If you have struggled with uneven knit stitches, this loom may be the answer to your troubles. It has a row of pegs and a row pins. Combining the use of both provides the knitter with an even stitch all the time. The loom is schedule to be released on May 11th, just in time for Mother's Day. The loom will come with pattern and instructions, as well as a knitting tool/pick.

Also available, sock blockers. These are not flimsy sock blockers, they are sturdy enough that if you happen to accidentally sit on them, they won't break. They are sold individually or you can buy two and have a pair. If you order a pair, you get a a mini-sock blocker key chain, free! It is so little and cute! I just want it so I can hang lots of little mini-socks around the house.


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Question for you... my daughter asked for a Knifty Knitter for her birthday (6 today) and that is what we got her. I'm a knitter, with needles. Can you tell me where I can find some kid friendly patterns for her? I came to your site from a google search.


The wait for that beautiful loom is over! And I am so glad to see the sock blockers! I am thinking I need several of those cute mini sock blockers too <3 Hugs!


The loom looks fabulous! I WANT one!

I wish it would have come out a little sooner - BEFORE I spent all my fun money. =)


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