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You have probably seen them, cute watches with lovely beaded bracelets. I saw them at work and I immediately wanted one, obviously my first thought was to buy them, but then after close inspection, I realized that I could make them and save myself a few dollars.

Beaded Watch Bracelets

On Saturday, I called my lovely friend Sarah, and asked her to go on a girl-date with me. We first went out to lunch and then headed to Beadles, a lovely beading place here in Logan. I went into the store with the idea for one watch but at the end I came out the door with three bracelets! I love all three and I am looking forward to going to Beadles again and making an all green one and a blue one.


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They look so awesome! I'm glad you went with those green beads, they look amazing:)


Love that black one! Now, are you going to teach us how to do that?!!


Take me along on your next girl date! Especially if it's to a bead store :) Your watches are super pretty! Hugs!


So smooth and trendy! Love, love, love them all! :D Rats...now I think I need about a dozen of them, lol! ;)


Beautiful! I especially love the pink and green one. =)

I love to bead. I have oodles and oodles of beads, but the only thing I have made recently is knitting stitch markers. I may have to try a watch.


I made these before a few years back. They sure are pretty. I wish I would have made mine so I could exchange the band.

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