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June 2009

Sunday Outings

Picture 061

I love taking the kiddos out on Sunday afternoons to the local "fun" areas so they can release some energy. It has been awhile since I've taken my camera along and decided to take it along to see what I could get.

All the pictures were taken at the 1st Dam in Logan, UT. It is at the mouth of the Logan Canyon and the views are quite nice. The dam is home to many ducklings and my children love seeing them and unfortunately they love to scare them too.

Bead Me

You have probably seen them, cute watches with lovely beaded bracelets. I saw them at work and I immediately wanted one, obviously my first thought was to buy them, but then after close inspection, I realized that I could make them and save myself a few dollars.

Beaded Watch Bracelets

On Saturday, I called my lovely friend Sarah, and asked her to go on a girl-date with me. We first went out to lunch and then headed to Beadles, a lovely beading place here in Logan. I went into the store with the idea for one watch but at the end I came out the door with three bracelets! I love all three and I am looking forward to going to Beadles again and making an all green one and a blue one.

103 miles

The open road and 2,600 women riding the Little Red Riding Hood Tour to raise money to find a cure for Breast Cancer. Yesterday, was a day with a purpose. A day where our strength, our will, our determination was tested. As always before a big ride, excitement, nervousness, and giggling abounded. We set off on our epic ride, despite the cold, the gray clouds up above and the sure chance of rain, we took off on our ride through the back roads of cache valley.

The first 30 miles were uneventful. We all just rode at a nice, comfortable pace. Some of us paired and chatted along the way, over the rolling hills. We stopped to shed our outer layers during this time and got a drink and kept going. Small rolling hills all along the way, giving us a small test and then a quick downhill to rest.

The next 30 miles had the monstrous steep hill, the very same one from last year. When we saw it, Laurie, my riding buddy, and I just wanted to cry. We both remembered the previous year and how hard it was then, we knew what was coming, the pain through our legs, through our lower backs. As we climbed, we both focused all our attention on this hill, we kept quiet, just barely whispering to ourselves "we can do it", "push-pull, push-pull". As we climbed at barely 6mph, we felt that we could probably run faster up the hill with our bikes on our backs, but we stuck to it. We climbed and we conquered. It was a bit easier than last year, but it was still a struggle. We both look forward to when this hill can be as easy as eating chocolate cheesecake.

At mile 60, we got lunch and we saw our families. Both of them infusing us with energy. After the quick bite to eat, we geared up again and prepared for the next 40 miles. We didn't know what was ahead of us, but we knew that as long as we were together, we could conquer it. The very next 20 miles tested our power. Winds came and pushed us back. We were working as hard as we could but we couldn't go much faster than 12mph. Our legs and good spirits were being tested, even as we switched our pace line as much as possible, the wind was no match for us. It beat us and we just fought and fought. As we climbed the hills of Newton and the wind came to push us back, we realized that we had just enough to get us to the very next Aid Stop. As we crawled, to the rest stop in Newton, all of us seemed relieved to have a break from the blustery wind.

The last 23 miles, were a bit easier than the previous 20, we had almost no wind and the sun had decided to bless us with its warmth. Also, at this point our lovely Louise, joined us, and pull us to the finish line. She infused the team with energy and with her fresh legs, as soon as we saw her waiting for us, we all smiled and you could feel a surge that just went through all of us. We had been through 80 miles together, 20 of which had been through horrid weather, we were tired, our happy spirits had been trampled over by the winds, but then Louise came and she revived us.

We arrived to the finished line bursting with energy. Husbands and children were there waiting for us. Applause and congratulations surrounded us. We had done it. 103 miles. Friends helping friends achieve a goal. It is friendships as this one that bonds women together not as friends but as sisters. I love you guys...I love you all for helping me achieve this goal. For being there to pull me, to smile, to cheer me on, when I need it the most. 103 miles of success!


There is no turning back now. Eeek! Am I ready?

The goal is lofty. I want to come in at 4hrs, but I would be very happy with a 4:30 too, but a 4hr marathon would just rock my world. There is a lot of training ahead, many hours running solo. Many GUs will have to be ingested. Many songs will go through my iPod. All for one goal: to test the moxie I have. Can the Chubbette conquer this next goal?

Should the registration confirmation read: "Condolences, You are now registered for one of the most grueling events known to man. Only 10% of the world's population attempt it and although they all say they enjoyed the challenge, many of them are unable to move the next day or the next week following the event...Are you ready for the pain?"


Yarn Destash Fundraiser

You have probably heard of having one year of food storage in your house in case of an emergency. Well, I took that one too seriously but instead of storing food, I stored yarn. I have so much of it and I know that I won't be using it anytime soon that I have decided to clear out most of it. I am clearing my craft room out to make it Nyah's playroom and to also raise money to pay for my entry fees into cycling/running events for this season.

PS: If you live around here, stop by my house and pick up a box of odds & ends of yarn that I have collected over the years. If no one takes it, I will have to throw it in the garbage.

Hop on over to the Destash Page to check out all the yarns that I am destashing...I will be adding more during the day as time permits. There will also be some looms posted as well as books, knitting books.

May's Training Totals

May seemed to have been overtaken by the Ogden Half Marathon event. As I look over the numbers, swimming took a complete back step, not a good thing for the upcoming triathlons (4 miles compared to the usual 11 or 12). I will have to fix that this month, hopefully my right arm will start healing soon.


Running: 69.5 miles over the entire month
Pace: An average of 9:07minutes per mile
Feelings: I feel like I need to run a few more days a week, but cycling is taking a big chunk of time.

Swimming: 7050 yds.
Feelings: Pathetic in this department, it is the lowest I have swam in months. I am disappointed in myself and the lack of discipline I had this past month. I didn't wake up at 4:30am all month, so I had to skip swimming.

Cycling: 119.5 miles
Feelings: finally the weather got a little better in northern UT and we were able to get out a few times. I would like to average 100 miles each week over the next three months or so.

23 miles
Feelings: I am okay with a low number here as I was able to go out and actually bike rather than spinning in one spot.

Weight Training: 14 workouts. Average of 1 hr and 15minutes each.
Feelings: I am rocking the upper body weight training, I am excited about them and feel that they are definitely helping me tone up the chubs I have. I have incorporated sets of push ups in my workouts (3-5 sets of 20 push ups each). The best part, I feel that finally my arms are not just sticks poking out of my body.

I track my workouts through Buckeye Outdoors. Check out Buckeye Outdoors and sign up for a free account. You can track all your workouts in one place and then have a nifty table like the one above.