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Yarn Destash Fundraiser

You have probably heard of having one year of food storage in your house in case of an emergency. Well, I took that one too seriously but instead of storing food, I stored yarn. I have so much of it and I know that I won't be using it anytime soon that I have decided to clear out most of it. I am clearing my craft room out to make it Nyah's playroom and to also raise money to pay for my entry fees into cycling/running events for this season.

PS: If you live around here, stop by my house and pick up a box of odds & ends of yarn that I have collected over the years. If no one takes it, I will have to throw it in the garbage.

Hop on over to the Destash Page to check out all the yarns that I am destashing...I will be adding more during the day as time permits. There will also be some looms posted as well as books, knitting books.


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Yes, don't throw the odds and ends away. Schools also love to get stuff like that for craft projects :) Even bits. Snips for paper doll hair, etc. Tristan's class did self portrait paper dolls with yarn hair this year. Ask your kiddos teachers in the fall - I'll bet they could use the bits. Retirement homes might take it for craft supplies too. Or I'll claim it in November ;) Hugs!


Charities are always looking for yarn... rather than the garbage can...and it's less painful...

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