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Loom Kniting Socks Book Giveaway


The enthusiasm for the book was so great that I have decided to give away a few extra copies each week, until the release of the book, on August 1.

This week, we will have 2 copies of the book up for grabs. To win, simply answer the following question by leaving a comment below (on the blog).

Q: Besides loom knitting, what other hobby do you enjoy doing and how long have you been doing it? Do you have a blog where you share photos of this other hobby?

Two winners will be chosen on Monday, July 27th--enter your comment by midnight Sunday, July 26 MST.

Today's picture shows the lovely pair: Blooms for Bethany. It comes from the colorwork section of the book, it uses Louet Gems in white, pink, and willow. One of my favorite pairs in the book.


Winners Announcement

1. Wilma Becker

2. Mary Beach

Email me with your addy and I will have the book sent out to you the week after Aug. 1st. Thank you for entering!


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Terry Rawlinson

My other favorite addiction is Fleece Blankets. Two panels tied together. I can travel with these and get a few done on a short trip to the grandkids!


those socks are SO adorable!! I really need to try socks sometime.... You always do such cute things. Do you use the fine gage, or an extra fine? I have your fine... Dang... I really want to make those - so cute.

Dora Wilkerson

I have tons of hobbies. My husband seen a clip from some movie not long ago and the woman on it was saying she "collects hobbies." Well Jon got a laugh at that because that's what he says I do too.

I have dairy goats (milk them and make cheese, fudge, kefir, ice cream, soap, and other things.) We have horses that we ride (not much though since we moved.) I also raise English Angora rabbits which I hand pluck, spin, and loom knit (I am going to be talking about that at Alabama's Federation of Famers in August.) I sew (I still am not all that great at that but I do it.) Crochet some. I love making rugs (weave, braided, or whatever.) Did I say I loom knit too?..lol..

I love socks. I have NOT mastered them myself but have always wanted to. I have made some but never have been real happy with them for one reason or another.

I still need to buy one of your sock looms. I think that is why I am not happy with my socks (my pegs are too far apart on my looms. I think I need a finer gauge loom.)

Anyway, whoever wins your book is a lucky person.
I just wanted to say hi and jump in on this post.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Yes, I have a blog (I think you pretty much need to be ADHA to follow me on most days but the good thing is you never know what you'll be reading..lol..)


What other hobbies? well my first love is counted cross stitch,been doing that since grade school so um about 35 years (yikes!) after that is crochet, beadwork (loom & off loom beadweaving).. have dabbled in needlepoint & plastic canvas, now giving beaded flowers a try.Oh yeah, paper quilling as well...and tried leatherwork (hubby's hobby) Love the portability of crochet & loom knitting! Haven't started my blog yet, or posted anything on Ravelry, but have a lot of photos on Flickr. (crafts ablbum) I promise, I'll get the blog thing going.....soon......maybe....!

Mary Beach

What do I do for fun besides knit? Being a mommy to my five year old daughter, but I don't think that counts as a hobby. LOL I do read, I play my Nintendo DS, and ballroom dance. I don't have a blog but perhaps I should! :o)

Lisa Campanella

I just started loom knitting. Couldn't get the hang of regular knitting. I also quilt and sometimes do other sewing. I love counted cross stitch, but it takes a long time to get anything done. I've tried tons of other crafts over the years.

I do not have a blog.

Doti Roraback

Those socks look so cool. I enjoy quilting, sewing, crochet, and knitting. I do not have a blog but as I see so many things I have done I wish i had taken pictures of all of them. I have been crafting for about 35 years. I think I would learn so much by being able to see where I was and where I am. Thanks Doti


Besides loom knitting, I enjoy scrapbooking, which I have been doing about 8 years. It started as a therapeutic way of dealing with my divorce.

I have also had a love of flowers and gardening in flower beds for about 4 years. But, this is seasonal....Loom knitting can be done in any kind of weather, and is therapeutic as well, allowing my mind to concentrate on the pattern I am working on and not wandering off to worrying.

Though I do not have a blog, I enjoy reading others' blogs about scrapbooking, knitting, and gardening.

I had always wanted to crochet or knit, but it seemed too complicated. However, the loom knitting, which I began last year, is perfect. Especially with rheumatism in my hands, the loom knitting is not cramping to my fingers. And, your way of explaining the stitches makes it easy to understand. I know that if I read your pattern, I will be more successful. I can't wait for the release of the new book. Thanks!


Too many hobbies, too little time! I enjoy dollmaking, knitting, sewing, paper crafts, baking, needlecrafts, miniatures, photography. But I have three (3) little kids under age 3 and not enough hours on the day to do all the things I have in mind. Maybe one day when they all go out to college, sigh... but anyways, though it will be nice to have the time to do all these things, I only have the time to do the most important and rewarding one of all, be a wife and mommy. I'm creating memories! What else can I ask for? I did started a blog, but I have not posted anyting yet, sorry but I'm on diaper duty.

linda davis

I'm learning loom knitting so I can teach by granddaughter. She has already started her first project and has been doing quite well. She's a lefty and has found loom knitting easier than using two needles. Other than loom knitting, I like knitting socks with double pointed needles. I also design and sell patterns for embroidery on paper. I like doing greeting cards with this technique. My blog addresses are:

http://mesharingwithu.blogspot.com (my sharing site)
http://cuttinprickinandstitchin.blogspot.com (my selling site)


sarah goldstein

you asked what other hobbies i have other than looming and if i have a blog?

well with a friend of mine, i help to rescue large breed dogs and train service dogs, for the past 5 years. i crochet and have for a zillion years, i needle knit, also, though with that i am a beginner. i am still a beginner loomer. i am into working on prayer shawls for the past several years. while i read, in reality it is mostly needlework books, anyway. i do enjoy my computer, though i am barely computer literate. i enjoy my 2 dogs, an aussie type and a german shepherd, both rescued from rough situations. the last, my german shepherd that i have less than a month, was left abandoned in a back yard, at a foreclosed home in 100 plus degree weather; no shade, no food, no water.

i enjoy gardening in my back and front yard in sunny phoenix, az. i so enjoy the citrus trees (grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges and kumquats)in my yard and the figs. we thankfully had a cool day, today at only 101 degrees, typically 108 for this date.

i really would like to learn to loom socks, also. it looks hard, but isela has a way to make difficult challenges easier.

i have no blog, oddly, i am still not quite sure what one of thos contraptions are, sigh........

Posted by: sarah goldstein | July 25, 2009 at 05:51 AM

Dawn D

Well, I crochet and have recently taught myself to knit with two needles. I scrapbook as well. I also have started to garden, via the square foot method. As a stay at home wife and mom of three special needs kids, couponing and refunding are huge. My blog is www.wifeandmomontherun.blogspot.com I show off my deals, and projects there often. :)

Rhiannon Schmidt

I love to make socks - always in bright colors, preferably stripey. My patients always take a peek under my pinstripe trousers to see what my socks look like. I started to make socks on a loom as I can hold my daughter while I do it - I am a multi- tasker :-) My daughter and my clinic take up most of my time, but I also read, usually submerged in my tub - mostly detective novels. No blog I'm afraid - me and computers have a fractious relationship at best.

Kathleen Berman

I knit in addition to loom knitting.

I collect & read vintage children's books and series children's books. There are several yahoo groups where we have book discussions. Nancy Drew was a childhood favorite, but I am now also enjoying the Dana Girls, Judy Bolton, Cherry Ames, Beverly Gray and so on.

I also like to go thrift store shopping. I have found some great items for my family. I love to check and see if there is any inexpensive old rhinestone jewelry for me, and, of course, sometimes I find some yarn!


Besides loom knitting, I also crochet. My grandmother taught me how over 25 years ago and after she passed away, I feel a comfort knowing that she taught me this wonderful craft! I currently do not have a blog or website but have been taking a lot of pictures and am considering one soon. Thanks for this opportunity and I love your work!

Suzanne Langlois

I've been knitting since I first learned at my Grandma's knee when I was 4 ~ 53 years now. I made my first cardigan for my Tiny Thumbelina doll at 10 from brown wool I pilfered from my mother's stash.

I am a weaver (4 harness floor loom, Weavette), spinner, seamstress (made my wedding gown when I was 20~ the dress lasted longer than the marriage did), beadweaver, handknitter...I've been loom knitting about a year now, since being diagnosed with arthritis.

I have a blog that is way overdue to be updated at: http://knittingtonirvana.blogspot.com/

I volunteer to teach needlework to anyone who has an interest in it, knit, weave, crochet, and sew for charity.

Katie Anderson

Besides loom knitting, I have been crocheting for about 11 years. I am 27, I started when I was about 16. My friends used to, and still do sometimes, make fun of me for my craftiness. Many of the things I make end up as gifts, most people I have given gifts to lately, especially around my age, don't even know anyone who makes stuff by hand anymore. They feel special for recieving a handmade gift and I feel special for giving them something they will treasure for a lifetime!!! This year I'm going to try my hand at compitition at the Mille Lacs County Fair in Central Minnesota, so wish me luck! I also do cross stitch, sewing, and would love to learn weaving! No blog, but I do keep a photo album of everything I make.


Beautiful socks :) This is going to be a fabulous book! I can't wait to see it!

It's been so fun reading about all the neat things our loomy friends do. For me, if it's crafty - I like it :) But sewing doesn't seem to like me back, lol. Everything else I've tried I do alright with. I have a lot of practicing to do with sewing, haha.

I have my Guppygirl blog and I'm giving Etsy and Artfire a try. Hoping to help hubby in the budget area ;)


anna christiansen

i'm learning to loom knit using your primer book and so far, so good (almost done with the simple hat project). i live in hawaii so the need for wool clothing & accessories is minimal but i like to make gifts for my family on the mainland and send them at christmas. loving the looming so far esp as i'm lefthanded and haven't been able to learn knitting with sticks.

i used to cross stitch but the older i get the more impatient i am, lol. would love to learn how to crochet next. sorry, don't yet have a blog to show off my loomed projects yet.

Marsha Wells

I'm just learning to needle knit, so I've added that to my hobbies. I also enjoy digital photography (and image manipulation via software), making music mixes and making jewelry. And of course loom knitting!!

Betsy Clark

Geez...I am SO boring compared to these crafty folks! Up until last year, my 'hobby' was taking care of my sweet Dad in our home in his final years until we lost him. *That* was the most fun and rewarding thing ever, ever, ever! I am still relearning what I like to do- isn't that something (at age 54?!). I am enjoying physically becoming fitter again, I love to walk and hike. I was recently Camp Director for the young women's group at my Church and that was a pretty busy 'hobby'! Mainly, I love to cook, and am perfecting healthy recipes at this point, and I love to read as well. My passion is my pets and I spend tons of time with them. Does being the Mother of the Groom in 2 months count as a hobby? It should! lol ;-)


I have to admit loom knitting is my favorite hobby, socks specifically. I am so bad I take my loom with me in the car and on the way to work knit at the stop lights. Bad I know!!

When I am not completely obsessed with making a sock, I find myself learning to live more self reliant. You know canning, gardening, cooking with wheat all those things I wish my grandparents could teach me. I have been doing this for the past 3 years. I don't have time for a blog or anything, but the worst was canning peaches and pears at 8.5 months pregnant. AH MEMORIES!!

Great socks, I am thrilled for the book to come out!


Gosh, there are so many things I love to do other than looming. Here is a list
Etching glass, eggs etc
I do have a blog that shows some of my other crafts. Here is the website: leftycrafter.blogspot.com

Have a great day and I hope I win!


Besides looming, I sew, scrapbook and do some faux stain glass designs, embroider, and I find small projects online that would be fun to try.

I would love to do socks as well.

No website to show off my creations.

Wilma Becker

I would LOVE to win this book. I haven't been using my looms recently, but I would like to start making socks on my sock loom. :) I love to knit, spin, sculpt, stamp, quilt, bead, read....and I especially love to spend time with friends.
Thanks for this opportunity! I'm excited about this new book!

Nadine B.

Besides loom knitting, I mainly knit, crochet and spin. But to be honest I will try just about any craft once. I used to work at a large craft store and the discount was a great incentive to try new things.

I do have a blog where I post pictures of what I make. http://nadinescrafts.blogspot.com You can also find my pictures on Ravelry: KnittingKnadine


Oh, what fun it is to read all about other crafty people's passions! :D Great idea, Isela...and Jeannie, none of us believe for one instant that you're not interesting, lol!

Hmmm...for extra things to fill the gaps when I'm not loom knitting, I love to play with my camera, my techie toys, paper crafts, beading, sewing, and getting together with others who enjoy the same things. :) I share my adventures at http://gettinitpegged.com

PS: LOVE those sockies! ;)

jean sudnik

well lets see, besides loom knitting, i love to cross stitch, in the summer i raise butterflies from the egg to the butterfly, i started this about 5or6 years ago, my grandchildren love to come over and see what butterfly or catapillar i have, we have released one hundred or more, right now i am helping my husband recover from a total knee replacement, came home from the hospital yesterday so by days end i am very tired. i have wanted to loom knit socks for several years and would a copy of your book, i have knitted alot of your pattterns and especially liked doing the cable afgan.

Jennifer aka The Mama

My other hobby? I make babies!

No, seriously... I'm a mother to three kids ages three, two, and 9 months. They take up ALL of my time and energy! When I'm not keeping them from playing in the dog food or striving to maintain my own sanity, I do embroidery, sewing, and some gardening (although, I'm proving to have a black thumb).

You can follow my adventures on my blog: http://littlebittysteps.blogspot.com

Love, hugs, and blessings!

Liz Anderson

I used to obsessively tat lace -- lacemaking by hand. I've won ribbons for my work at the County and State levels. And then ------ I got shafted, got fed up with the politics and baskstabbing, and bought a set of looms to occupy my idle hands. A new love for another fiber art was born! About that same time I started a blog to show off (isn't that how it goes?) and have since moved on to needle knitting, but I'll take out the shuttles if so moved. I haven't done a big knitting post lately other than Saturday's Stitch & Pitch, but there may be a doozie by week's end.

If I were to win a copy of you book, however, I'd easily set aside the needles to do a proper loom knit pair. That's one thing I can't/haven't attempted on the needles. Hint-hint!

Kathy M

Besides loom knitting, I love to knit, and crochet, love to make my own glass beads, make just about anything that I can imagine in my own mind, Have shown my husband how to make socks on loom and make hats also, hes hooked now..My other passion is training K9 Search and Rescue dogs, so that pretty much takes up my whole day.

Tressa Smith

I love loom knitting, but I actually do some other things. I have been quilting for about nine years. My hubby and I just got a farm so we will be spending a bunch of time cleaning it up and starting a garden next year too. I have a job too, but that is no hobby. I don’t have a blog right now but I do post pics on facebook when I actually finish something (key word when). I have been waiting for your sock book to come out and am sooo excited that it will soon be here! Congrats!


Besides loom knitting I love to hand knit, crochet, and sew. I also dabble in other crafts like beading (loom and hand) and tole painting (plus cutting out my own wood). I guess you could say I haven't met a craft I didn't try.

I like to share my love of crafting with friends and family.

I don't have a blog because I am just not that interesting.


Well my true love is quilting. I've been quilting for about 4 years now. What is funny is until I retired with my dh to Oregon I had never sewn anything at all not even putting buttons on for my dh. I told him when he married me if something needed a button just toss it out and buy a new one...lol. Well needless to say I'm now hooked badly. If you would like to see some of my items I've made you can go to www.gaylesheartandsew.com.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Besides loom knitting, I bead,Loom bead sew, paint, and scrapbook. I love to go out in the desert,and find crystals.I then peyote stitch the top and make really cool necklaces. I have been beading for about 20 years. I dont so much anymore because of my arthritis and carpall tunnel. Thats why I turned to loom knitting ,its so easy on my hands. I dont have time for much blogging about beads. I tend lately to make more useable and practical things like blankets ,hats scarves and mittens.With 4 grandkids there is always someone who needs something.And I have found knitters are a more friendly group.


Besides loom knitting, when I have time, I knit, crochet and sew for Bundles of Love (they provide care packages for newborns of needy families). I also enjoy reading when I can. I haven't started a blog because I don't think I could keep it up to date yet.

Joan Davis

My hobbies include whitewater kayaking, biking, walking, bird/nature watching, photography, gardening (veggies and herbs), blog reading, making things out of junk I find, watercolor painting and trying to learn how to knit!!!!

I have thought about doing a blog, but I'm not a writer! Maybe I might try one this winter. Here is a link to some photos of me kayaking and the others are of my kitties and stuff that I took. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10726933@N05/

Thanks for the book give away contest!


Lets see,
Loom Knitting
Weavettes looming
about to jump in and buy a Rigid Heddle loom
Beading (stitchmarkers mainly)

Thats me in a nutshell. Jack of all trades, master of none,,,,,,yet.

Blog is at www.knittingonabus.blogspot.com
I dont blog as often as I should but the above content is there in one form or another!


Oh, are those ever pretty.

What else do I do besides loom knit?
I crochet baby hats & blankets for the local hospital. I do have a blog it is: loomyjulie.blogspot.com

I also am a new grandma and watch my grandson while the kids work. I love making things for him.

Christina Scovel

Besides knitting .... Let's see.
Cat Angling
Cleaning (is that a hobby?)
Hiking, biking, climbing
Getting into trouble. I believe this is a hobby. It takes dedication and perseverance to continue it at my age :)



Maybe it's not technically a hobby but I do love spending time with my pet bunny. If he had long enough fur, I'd find a way to spin it!

During the summer, I also enjoy growing veggies and flowers. Year-round, I'm a graphic artist and since I don't have a job right now, it is truly a hobby!

I talk about all these things (plus loom knitting) at my blog: http://madebytelaine.com.

Thanks so much for doing this!! :-)

Alison Mewer Cowan

Ooooo.... besides loom knitting:
Rubber Stamping
Polymer Clay
Precious Metal Clay
and generally making new and beautiful things....

In fact, I'm redoing my art studio to accommodate all these wonderful techniques by creating a station for each! I'm so excited!!!!

Yes, I have a blog: www.joyfulcreativity.blogspot.com

I'm super excited for your book to come out! I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it! Thanks!!!!

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