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The door bell rang and the DHL guy brought me the latest and newest book in Loom Knitting. What's that you ask? It is all about Socks...50 designs to be exact! Get your signed copy from DALooms! Fun, show-n-tell pictures to come.

Enter to win your very own copy by leaving a comment answering the following question:

Why do you want to loom knit socks? 

Enter your comment by Friday, July 17th. Winner will be announced Saturday, July 18th!


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Hi, I live in Western Australia, and i discovered loom knitting about 18 months ago. I love making socks, however, patterns here in Western Australia are very hard to come by. thank goodness for the internet!!

Trudy Ready

I would love to win your book for several reasons. I enjoy making socks just that simple.I don't get many made but love doing them. Looming for me makes me proud when I can give a hand made gift to someone. Looming can take your stress away on those crazy days to. I would be so lost without this hobby. Trudy

Rita Karaffa

I would love to win your latest and greatest book because ever since I have learned to loom, I have been looking for ideas for things to create that I can donate to those less fortunate. I already make shawls, hats, scarves, mittens, and toys to donate to military members who are disabled or who are struggling to make ends meet even though they serve to protect our country. If I could add socks to the collection of items I donate, that would make my day, and make things a little brighter for those servicemen and their families.

Kathy M

Hi again, I posted my comment on the wrong place, so here is my reason why I want to loom socks, its my hubby, he recently lost most of his vision, and he has learned to loom by feel, he is learning to knit socks, and I also love to loom socks, cant ever have enough patterns, and socks..


Congratulation on your new book! I have learned so much from you Isela, from your books, to your Web site and blogs, to the Yahoo Groups. I had tried to needle knit but never got the hang of it. When I saw my mom loom knitting I did some research and came across all of your wonderful instructions and was able to pick it up rather quickly.

I have not tried loom knitting socks yet, but I have two balls of self striping sock yarn and I am very anxious to get started, but I need a good book ;) to start me on my journey.

I want to loom knit socks because my feet are very narrow so I am usually stuck with having to buy boys size socks to get a good fit (you know - the plain old hum drum tube socks without a heel). If I knit my own socks, I can have pretty socks that fit while showing off my loom knitting skill along with some style.

Also, since I knit for charity, I would love to be able to get a copy of your book so I can knit a variety of socks to take to the shelters and hospitals when I donate my other loom knit goods, not to mention that I would also be able to send socks to our troops overseas.

I can't wait to get a copy of your book and start a new journey...


Tineke W.

"Why do you want to loom knit socks?"

reason #1:

Why do I want to loom knit socks? Because I live in the Netherlands, and autums here are always very, very, VERY wet... So to make my feet dry and warm again, I would love to knit some nice socks!(starting now, so they are ready when the rain starts!)

reason #2:
My brothers son turns one year old this november, and I think nice loomknitted socks would be such a great gift for that little boy!!

reason #3:
because I just love to loom knit!!!!!!!!! :-)

- Tineke from the Netherlands

Michele White

From the very first grainy video I found of your explainations on loom weaving, you have been an inspiration to me! Thank you and Sam for the gift of your knowledge!

Wendy Stevens

oooooo!! socks!! I want to knit them because I am a people person and a teacher and everywhere I go people see the looms and the things I make and want to know more! Making socks and giving them as well as wearing them spreads the joy of loom knitting!! I love to see people's reactions and the joy they get when they discover they can knit too!! Toasty heads down to toasty luxurious toes!! What a cool idea!!
Wendy in MD


I would love to be able to loom knit socks because I have lymphedema and in the winter my feet get soooo cold and sometimes store bought socks are so tight to wear around the house. Plus my mother has bad arthritis and would love to be able to learn to make them to give as gifts. What a neat way to show your love for someone to keep their feet warm :)


Melissa Oyler

Why do I want to loom knit socks? Because I'm so new to loom knitting I've only just started my first project. I think socks would be an awsome challenge. Who doesn't love a funky new pair of socks?!?!?! Plus, they're great Christmas presents.


I want to make socks because an empty loom is like a musical instrument that is never played - a voice is missing in the universe. This new book will keep my loom singing! :c)

Denise Baez

I think it would be such a warm and wonderful way to show how much I care to those I love to be able to make them pairs of socks. What's also neat is that they'd be sure to have socks that are original - no one they know would be likely to have a pair of knit-by-mom socks! We live in Florida, so hats, scarves, and mittens aren't really needed, but EVERYBODY needs socks!

April Norlem

I have 4 (soon to be 5) sons. 3 of them are learning to loom knit. 2 of them want to learn to loom knit socks. I would really like to learn more than a basic pattern. Your books are so wonderful. They're easy to follow with great illustrations that are helpful to myself and my children. I would LOVE to have this book for our library.

Jackie Altenderfer

I'd love to win your new book, especially since I have all of your others (& one signed copy)! I have yet to make socks and hoping to master it soon. Your preview of your new book looks great...look forward to September! Thanks Isela for a chance at winning one.

Scarlett Harden

I sure want to learn to loom knit socks 'cause I purchased/own the Wonder Sock Loom EFG from DALooms and have yet to give it a try.


I think it would be great to loom knit socks in addition to the hats and scarves for Carrie Tingley hospital patients. The childrens hospital here in Albuquerque, NM needs all the great hats (and socks or baby booties) they can get and me and the ladies in my church group can't make them fast enough! I think this would be a great addition to our efforts.

Diane Ederer

I'm seriously considering have all of Isela's books permanently attached to my looms because I don't pick up my loom without picking up her loom books first! Count me in the drawing!

Joan Davis

I have been waiting for this book since I first heard about it! I have been trying to learn how to loom knit socks and would really love to have this book to help me!

Stephanie Lavan

When I tell people I knit, the first thing they ask is if I'd make them socks. When you slide your feet into homemade knitted socks not only do you feel the softness of the yarn, but there is also the feeling of warmth as someone cared for you so much as to invest their time to create such lovely things. I'd love to create socks for my loved ones to enjoy.

Kelly Flaherty

I just think it would be so much fun and I love all the sock yarns!!

Jamie Winebarger

I want to loom knit socks because my wife and four year old daughter just love those knit socks you buy at Wal mart. I would much rather them be made by me because Walmart can't put the love in it that I can. Also, I would like to make some for my mother 'n law who has a bad heart and therefore has poor circulation to her feet and legs.


Guess I left my comment on the wrong page...I left it on your facebook page, duh.

Anyway....I have many of your looms and love them all. I ordered your evenknitter last week and can't wait to use it. I've always wanted to knit socks, but don't like the e-wrap...so I'm hoping to find some ways to do them with the new loom and a new sock book only would be the perfect combination.


Because maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to actually finish a pair of socks in a timely manner!


HI! I would like to win the book, because I have yet to make socks, I do so want to learn they look like a challenge though...I bought the looms from da looms just havent tackled the project yet.!!


Melanie Dahlman

the book looks great it will be a great addition to the rest of your wonderful books


I am so excited that you have written a loom knit socks book! I have always wanted to loom knit socks-hand knit socks are just to difficult for me right now. I can't wait to see all the wonderful patterns in the book-50 of them-WOW!
I would love to be able to make socks for my family-I think they are getting tired of the scarves! Thank you for writing this book!

Betsy Clark

Why? I say, "Why not?!" It's more fun, and the loom is *relaxing* and therapeutic to me, unlike dpn's. Besides, dpn's make me say words like this: *%$@ and I don't want to curse- in ANY language! I have happy, touching memories of the socks I loomed while sitting with my dear old Dad and the time we shared with Dad before he passed. I made many pairs and have 1 pair left, because to me half the fun is in giving them away and in making someone smile! :-)

Deb Elieson

Fantastic new book. I want to knit socks because...I can! I'm nearing completion of my third pair of sock son my DA 64 peg sock loom...they're the best yet. We won't mention how many times I had to rip out on the beginning socks, lol. I got the wonderloom sock loom, so I can knit a pair for my hubby, too. Looking forward to the book!!!

Cynthia O.

Why do you want to loom knit socks? I enjoy the thrill of wearing something new that I have made for myself and they are sooo pretty. and comfey


I have never knitted a sock...this could be interesting! LOL =)


wow, you have some serious loom talent.

and you are looking really thin.


OMG! I would love a copy of your new book! You know, the weather in Minnesota is sooooo cool!

Way to go Isela!


Michele Qadeer

I want to learn to loom knit socks because...you can never have enough handmade socks and they make thoughtful gifts.

The thought of dropping stitches on several dpns and keeping them organized during a family "interruption" keeps needle knit socks at the very bottom of my Ravelry queue!

Congrats Isela!

Becky Hansen

Congratulations Isela!

Your new book is on my list! I still have 3 socks on 3 different looms, just waiting for me to figure out how to finish the toes! Let's see... one is on one of Sam's first efg round looms with cotter pins, that's how long it's been!

I miss you, and although I'm not active in any of your groups, I do check in now and again to see how you're doing. I am so proud of you kiddo!

Becky (green bay)

Suzanne Langlois

Winning this book (an autographed copy, no less!) would mean the world to me.

I'm on a fixed income and as the mother of 5, grandmother of 4, (suffering from arthritis)I have dozens of socks to knit. I would love having a variety of patterns to try.

Besides, I own all of Isela's other books and they are my absolute favorite to follow! The instructions are clear, pictures and diagrams are beautiful and so helpful for visual learners...

Congrats on your new book and latest endeavor, Isela!


Try as I might I have never been sucessful with making my own socks! I have small feet but a very high arch so store bought socks never fit me! I want your book because I know if anyone can teach me it's you! LOL


I havent been looming for very long. mostly just hats to this point but I would love to branch out to socks. I've seen some that has been very nice. I love making stuff for gifts for family and friends and socks can be used by everyone:)


I would love to learn to loom socks. Everyone that I know who does it, whether it be knitting or looming, have the most amazing socks. It would be so much fun to give as gifts.

Cathy MacFarland

I would love a copy of your loomed sock book because it gets cold here in Paradise, CA and I like to wear my Birkenstocks year round to show off my spiffy socks! Thanks!

Nadine B.

I love to knit socks. They are so warm and cozy and fit perfectly. I think having this book would be the perfect opportunity to show some of the gals in my knitting groups just how versatile the looms can be. And it would be the perfect reason to cast on yet another pair of socks.


Congratulations! I'd love to win this because I am always excited to learn new things and since I already spin and have taught myself to knit socks from the toe up, this would be a wonderful next step. Thanks!

Sandi S

This is a simple question to answer. I want to loom socks because I suck at using DPNs and I really, really want to make socks that will actually fit my feet.


I love to loom knits socks because they are so portable, and it is so easy to see exactly where I left off in my pattern. I am drooling over the new EvenKnit Sock Loom, and this new book will most likely push me over the edge and make me purchase the loom. (I love that the new loom will fit so many sizes. Yeah, yeah, I know I have all the single size sock looms, but the new one is just so dang purdy!)

More loomed sock patterns would be heaven. =)


Andrea Wulff

I am new to looming and I am running as fast as I can to catch up. I have tried the round looms and was thrilled to be able to make things for my family. I tried the blue kk loomed socks and feel in love with the idea. I now have your new adjustable sock loom and this book will be a great help to me. I am on a fixed income and so it will have to wait a while. It's good to let the suspense build! Thanks for all you do for us loomers Andrea in TN

Helen J.

Why do I want to loom knit socks ?
because socks are one of those knits that is made for loom knitting, they knit up smooth and quickly in much less time than on needles and I can tailor them to fit my six children's feet sizes which range from a whopping man's size UK 15 for my oldest son right down to a toddler size UK 4 for the youngest.
Congratulations on the book Isela, cant wait to see it :)
Helen J.

Melody Hahn

I would love to make my dear husband a pair of socks. He always finds me the best gifts and I never know what to get him. I think he would love some loomed socks. Congratulations on the new book!

Carol Williams

I have always loved the beautiful patterns and texture of handknitted socks. I do not know how to knit with needles so became very inspired when I saw patterns posted for loomknitting socks. I have now bought a set of sock looms, just need to get the courage to use them!!

Linda K

Because I just received a sock loom and want to learn how to make socks!

Carole L. Kingham

I bought an EFG decor accents sock loom and have yet to make any socks with it. I have made heavier socks on the larger guage looms and although they are popular with the owners...they are impractical for Florida heat and humidity! I can't wait to try some of the new patterns, and am seriously looking forward to your new book! Congradulations on another sucessful launching of your book...I wonder what next loomed project you are going to conquer!

Lori Vargas Agnew

Why do I want to loom knit socks. A few reasons. Everyone loves the slippers but socks you can use all year round also and you don't have to make heels. My sons friend wanted a big red fuzzy pair yes fuzzy red and I'm trying to get them done in time before he leaves to go back to Indiana forgot to mention the friend he works with is a male. I could crochet socks but they leave spaces where a loom may not and I have never loom knit socks before. Thanks for listening.

Dora Wilkerson

I love socks! lol..I know that sounds funny but it's one of my favorite things to make but one that I might make the least (I guess because I need to buy a sock loom with closer pegs..lol.. I know I need to get around to doing that here soon.)

I think that's great that you came out with a new book on socks. I can't wait to see it.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I need something to get me back into loom knitting maybe a nice sock book is what I need to do that... hmm....

Wendy Stevens

I want one!!!!!!!!!! How very exciting!! I am thrilled for you. I know the feeling as I have books published also - but they are literary! Congrats to you, Isela for another job well done.

DawnMarie Helin

I love knitting socks for family and co-workers! It's such a nice treat to the same old gift.....to be able to very the patterns with your instruction would be AMAZING!!!

Linda Leffler

I would love to have your new book. I have just begun knitting socks. I am trying to knit a pair for each of my grandkids for Christmas. I can travel with the sock looms back and forth to work. More patterns mean more choices. I just finished a very simple pair for my sister-in-law. She just started Chemo and her feet are always cold now.

sarah goldstein

why do i want to loom socks? why not? i have not tried to make socks yet and i am up for a challenge! besides, my feetsies are always soooo cold. i would love to win your new sock book, because, i never seem to win anything.

(ps: i can't believe how big your kids are getting, they grow up sooooooo fast!)

Lillian Harrison

Why do I want to loom knit sock? So I can show my knitting snob friends that I can make the same things on my beautiful DA looms that they can do on needles. I also have a quirky sense of humor. I work in daycare with young children and they always get a kick out of my silly socks. Looming my own socks will open up a world of possibilities for me!

Dianne Carroll

I don't only want to knit socks I want to finally knit the other sock. I just love all the sock patterns but have 2 pair of socks that are not a pair yet (smile) because I haven't been able to finish the second sock but alas that day will come and with the publication of the your new sock book, I'm very very excited, anxious and willing to be a sock addict.

Carrie Lynn

I haven't learned how on the needles and I would love to knit some up for family for gifts instead of scarves this year. It seems like you'd have a bit more control on the looms than on the needles, too, but maybe that's just me.


Bravo Isela! You are amazing - you are a fantastic mom, incredible athelete, and you have written another book. Wow! Why do I want to knit socks? Because I never have (yet).

Munchkinelf (Monica)

First - YAY FOR YOU!! What a nice surprise!! And now: Why do I want to loom knit socks...well, in the first place I don't know HOW to knit socks any way, so having the pleasure of learning to knit socks on a loom seems like an excellent opportunity. Now why do I want to learn to knit socks...I recently joined a charity group where I live that knits (needles or looms) or crochets warm clothes for children that live in the jails. Here if a woman is arrested and is put in jail, and she has nowhere to leave her kids (from babies up to 10 years old), they live in the jail with them, they've committed no crime but they do the time with their mothers.... So, I've knit scarves, hats, a sweater or two, and I want to add socks to my repertoire!!

Sylvia Ellis

I want to loom knit socks because I love really unusual color combos, and I can't find them store bought. And also, it would give me a great sense of accomplishment to wear something that I made. Thanks for having this contest, you and your DH are great! (Not trying to bribe or anything, I really do love your websites! LOL)


I have done socks on pds and 2 long needles would love a small gauge loom to do socks on. I have loved your books -- well written.

Melody Mallory

I was so lucky to be a tester for your new book on Socks! I had never loom knitted a pair of socks before that wonderful experience!! That tells you how easy it is to learn! Now I'm sock addicted. Socks are great take along projects. I always have a pair or two in progress. Handmade socks are a great present. This year everyone on my Christmas list gets...say it with me now....SOCKS!


I would love to get a copy of your new sock book! My feet would love to get hand-made socks, and my 93 year old father could really use homemade socks. I originally learned to loom knit to make hats for the homeless and preemie babies, so adding socks would be be a good thing ;)

Karoline Filicetti

Congrats on your success! I'm very excited for you. All your books have all been excellent. I was lucky enough to be a VERY small part of it as a tester and it was truly a privilege.


Terry Taylor

I just know that this is the book that I can get the hang of looming socks! Congratulations on its launching!!!

Karen Mentzer

my sister-friend has this thing for socks and i so want to make her a pair as she loves my craft works.


Congrats on the new book! I am having an amazing time with my EvenKnit loom and would love to have even more sock patterns for kids, adults, everyone! I'm working with your Tulip socks pattern right now and it's looking pretty. :-)


Your books are such an inspiration!
I've had a fg and an efg sock loom for months and still haven't made any socks. My feet are super narrow and I'm a bit scared of making the adjustments down to the 38 peg fg and the 60 peg efg. Not the heels, you sent the 60 peg instructions to Robin and I copied them, but the pretty part of the socks. So I'm hopeful.

Tammi Duis

I would just love to learn to knit socks! I've not been able to figure them out very well based on what I have so a copy of your book would be great!


I have several of the DA sock looms and am still learning. I have ordered the book but it would be just wonderful if I had another one for my sister she is just learning how to loom knit. Isella can't wait for my copy and hope I can win one for my sister would be a great gift. I can't wait to see all them patterns.

Susan Padezanin

I want to loom knit socks because I bought all the yarn to knit them and could never master circulars or double points!


First of all are you still bouncing around!!!

I would love to have a copy because of the tough times I am trying to knit my family christmas presents this year since I have tons of yarn and I really really really want to learn how to do socks. I would love to try and make socks for my dog too!


I like your t shirt!!! hehehehe I want to see all the neat other loom knit socks you have in the book.. I only got to see one so far!! I have 49 to go!

Jeannette Pirkle

I want to loom knit socks to make different designs than just plain ones. Also, my mom needs loose socks too but warm for those cold Michigan winters. This book may keep me on my new sock looms more too and finish sets instead of one of each.


I cannot needle knit and have no desire to learn. I can loom 2-strand worsted-weight slippers, but those are not SOCKS!!!

Liz Anderson

ok, I'm going to come out of the closet on this and confess: I can't needle knit socks. I suck. I'm afraid of learning the 75 different ways to cast on and turn a heal.

And maybe I'm a little lazy, too.
Enough confessions already!


I am SO jazzed about knitting some lovely sockies for my family for Christmas! Bring it on! :D

The book looks beautiful, Isela-great job! :D

Jen Spilker

Oh!! I want this book so I can finally figure out how to make socks that fit my feet right! Thanks!

Jeni Cannon

How awesome!! I am so happy for you!
I want to loom knit socks because I just ordered my first sock loom and am itching to try it out. It should be getting here right around my birthday--and I can't wait!! What better than a book to teach me as well!! :)
Plus, we are trying for a baby...aren't booties and socks the traditional thing to knit during pregnancy? lol!!

Kelly J

I would love to loom socks for my 2 year old son. He loves socks just like his mommy in the winter. He loves to ooh and ahh at my yarn. He even has his own loom and a small ball of yarn to "I try" when ever he feels like it :)


I love your books and I wear socks out as fast as I can buy them. I have bad feet so I stay barefoot with socks. I need to start making more even thicker may be they will last longer!
Glad you have a new book out.


Oh! cool! more sock designs!! sooo great!!! Tanks!

Dot McEvoy

I have a wonder loom and am trying to learn to make socks for my 89 year old mum as she does not like them tight at the top. I have tried your pattern with the blue kniffty knitter and she loves them, but would like some thinner and in the UK it is very hard to fine anything to do with looms.

Karen Anderson

How exciting !!! I love expanding my knowledge of knitting. I recently purchased several sock looms and am hoping that the looms will not bother my arthritic hands like the needle do.
You are an extremely talented lady and share so much with us. What a pleasure to have your book.
It would be put to good use.


At last...I can't wait for a copy...I've been looking at my beautiful DA Sock Looms just waiting for new patterns to make socks for the grandkidlets...in addition to hubby and moi!


I would love to be able to loom knit socks because I am too klutzy with knitting needles! And because I bought a wonderful efg Wonderloom to make loom knit socks on!

Megan Ieronimo

I haven't tried socks yet because I'm still saving my pennies to buy a wonder loom so I can make socks for me and my 2 year old son. I think of socks as a fun accessory. I have socks for all different occassions, like Halloween, Christmas, etc. Being able to create my own socks to coordinate with outfits would be a blast!


I live in Quebec and I have all your books.
I would also like to have that one because I would like knitting socks for giving gifts to people in need and add it to my collection of books.
I used a translator online.

Dawn D

Thanks to the Loom Knitting primer, I am brave enought to try other projects. I would love to have a guide to just socks.


ohmygoodness! Now THAT will be an awesome book! I would totally love to be able to loom socks for all of the kids and my friends. (Now that I've got a group of people that barter with me for my candles and crocheted wash cloths - in exchange for homemade laundry soap, goats milk soap, free range organic eggs, and more - would LOVE to add socks to my "outbound" abilities!)

Mary Beach

I want to win because I've never learned to loom knit socks yet!


Super cool! It looks great <3 How exciting! Hugs!

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