Loom Knitting Socks Book
Loom Knitting Socks: Book winner

Loom Knitting Socks, Sneak Peek

Many of you want to see what's inside the book...here is a little sneak peek of two socks.

IMG_8358 092 

First, a look at about 90% of the socks that went in the last package...lots of pretty colors and lovely yarns.

The first sock comes from the Basic section of the sock patterns in the book.


It uses the lovely yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Chocolate Amargo.

Our second preview is of one of my favorite socks, it comes from the Fancy & Cables section of the book. Check it out:


You may remember the Hourglass hat I designed awhile ago and I told you that it was as a test for something else, well, this was the something else. Aren't these cool. I love them! Yarn used: Berroco Comfort. Superb yarn with awesome stitch definition.

More sneak peeks next week...stay tuned.

PS: Don't forget to leave your comment on the previous post to win a copy of the book.


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Kim C.

Wow! Those are all loom knitted? I so want your new book! I'm just starting, and this is just too fun and addicting! Thanks!

Diana Bloom

I would love the new sock book, cause i work at a nursing home and think these would make wonderful gifts for the people i take care of!
These would put a lot of smiles on some wonderful peoples faces!

sarah goldstein

you asked what other hobbies i have other than looming?

well with a friend of mine, i help to rescue large breed dogs and train service dogs, for the past 5 years. i crochet and have for a zillion years, i needle knit, also, though with that i am a beginner. i am still a beginner loomer. i am into working on prayer shawls for the past several years,

i enjoy gardening in my back and front yard in sunny phoenix, az. i so enjoy the citrus trees (grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges and kumquats)in my yard and the figs. we thankfully had a cool day, today at only 101 degrees, typically 108 for this date.

i really would like to learn to loom socks, also. it looks hard, but isela has a way to make difficult challenges easier.


Congrats on the new sock book. I love to loom socks because of the funky color sock yarns that I find in the store.

Angela Johnson

I want to loom socks because they are so much more comfortable and warm compared to purchased socks, + I could make them in all manners of colours and patterns...I'm an individual when it comes to socks!

Joyce Ross

I would enjoy a copy of the new sock book because it would give the pleasure and the pain of learning new techniques.

J Ross


I'm new to loom knitting (two dishcloths), but am enjoying learning a new skill.


Looks like a nice book and great patterns.


Beautiful! You did a great job. I can't wait to see all the designs.


Terri Martin

I would love to learn to loom knit socks and this book looks perfect. That hour glass pattern looks gorgeous by the way!

Melissa Wylie

I would love the new sock loom book because 1. I love to loom knit and have made many of your patterns that I absolutely love. I am currently making all of my bridesmaids for my October wedding the felted tote from the Loom Knitting Primer. They are all turning out fabalous 2. My soon to be sister-in-law knits (on needles) as well and is always making socks and I am always jealous that I haven't made socks on the looms yet. We always say how we want to make a sock business together. So I would love love love this book and put it to very good use. Thanks so much for all you publish and getting me hooked on loom knitting. I love it!!


The socks are beautiful! I hate to buy socks...they never fit right...too tight...too big...it's always something. I wlove being able to make my own, the way that I want them...color and style that suits my taste.

Eva Pedroza

I would love to have a sock loom because I am raising 4 of my grandkids ages very 15 months to 10 years and oh my goodness one on the way in Dec. They say god does not give us more then we can handel but at age almost 52 in Aug., well its sure a hand full, but they keep me going maybe that is what gods plan is, and with all the grandkids socks get lost and missplaced daily so having a sock loom and patterens would be a blessing come true to the end of having to buy socks all the time, also having a sock loom is a very loving a personal touch to give as presents to your family and friends that will leave a lasting love forever.


I've been waiting for this book FOREVER, I think. I visit its picture on Amazon sometimes, waiting for it to actually exist.

Socks are the whole reason I started loom knitting. Loom knitting is how I discovered Isela, and DA Looms, and the loom knitting groups on Yahoo. In fact, loom knitting and socks have made a huge impact on my life. I'm hardly ever without a loom and pick in my hands.

My goal is to never buy socks again, since I can loom knit my own (and my family's), prettier, of better quality yarns, and they fit better!

This is all your fault, Isela!

Well, yours and socks...

Linda in Orlando

I would love a copy of your new book! I think the little socks with the hearts are especially cute.

Kathy M

Would love to have a copy of the book Looks GREAT, I am so happy for you, My husband has taken up looming socks, hes recently lost his vision, and this is a good keep busy project.


Oh, how pretty.

Linda Wilson

I sure hope I win the socks book!! I would love to try to make socks!!

Barbara (Scooter) Collins

Socks would be interesting to make since I like interesting socks like no one else has.

PS the book looks excellent.

Yasir Saeed

Lovely socks, yarn, color, texture of socks

Debbie Clark

Why would I like to have a sock loom?
I would love one because this is a new hobby for me. I am soaking up as much information as I can right now. I want to make one of everything! So far I am very basic, but trying new things daily.

Helen J.

congratulations Isela really looking forward to this book :)


So fun :) Pretty, pretty socks! Can't wait to see the whole book. Hugs!

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