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A little something I have been working on for the past two days. Since Sam started school I have had a bit of time in the afternoons with nothing to do, so a little loom knitting has been going on.

Little Nyah had a lot of fun posing for these pictures. She really loves the camera, I just wished I had better lighting for her.

Watch for the pattern over at in September for the free monthly pattern.  

What you will need:

  • Loom: Knifty Knitter Long Blue Loom or any other loom with a peg gauge of 1/2" from center of peg to center of peg. 
  • Yarn: 200 grams of bulky weight yarn. Sample was knit using KnitPicks Swish Bulky in Flamingo

Little Vest

Help me choose a name for the little vest. I am thinking something cute and child-friendly. Do you have a suggestion? Drop it in the comments :).


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Jessica Thompson

I can't seem to get the link to the pattern to work. I would really like to try this pattern. Thanks

Jessica Thompson


You guys are all so awesome. Thank you for your help in finding a name :)


Haha - I thought of another name to throw at you: Vestside Story (tee hee)

Nadine Jones

I love your site,, I am fairly new to loom knitting and was having some trouble and was told to check out your site and I think I found the answer to what I was doing wrong,,, great tutitorals.....
thanks again,,,, Dean

Brenda GA

Since children are always learning alphabet associated words, I thought this one might be appropriate for a back-to-school Vee-neck sweater vest: "V-for-Vest"


She is so adorable! (The vest is cute, too!)


The vest is so cute on Nyah, and she is just the most adorable model.

The name Nyah (n-yah) is a variant of Nia (Gaelic, Swahili), and the meaning is "lustrous; goal, purpose".

I suggest you use "Lustrous" as the name of the pattern.



"A Hug From Mom" Vest

Your daughter is darling, and looks so cute in the vest. Will you have a version for a older girls? My two wear ladies smalls....


I speak very bad english because i'm french but "Rosy vest" seems a pretty name. Your daughter is very very nice and her smile is charming.
Thank you a lot for all and for this "purling sprite".
Kisses. Bye

Liz Anderson

All I can think of is kids going back to school - even if it is knit is such a happy pink color.

How about "Hittin' the Books - Back to School Vest."

Jeannette Pirkle

I too thought of 'cotton candy' like Mary already posted but this could be a vest for boy or girl so then I would think 'Back to school vest'.
Look how professional Nyah likes to pose. She is growing up fast Isela, what a cutie. I love the whimsical funny face she made. That is what childhood is all about.


This is such a sweet vest, Isela! :) Nyah is a wonderful model...I remember when my own were so anxious to pose for it's like pulling teeth, lol.

Vest name idea: Prep School Pullover...that way it can be used for both guys (most likely in a different color, lol) and gals!

Mary Beach

It looks like cotton Cotton Candy Vest. :o)

Linda Jones

Nyah Sweater Vest or Sweet Simplicity Vest

Your daughter is so adorable!

Karen "Keggy" Mentzer

pink parfait vest...yummy :-)

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