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Loomy Button Winners

Button Thank you all for your wonderful and inspiring stories. It is great to hear of your achievements in life. The loomy buttons are on the way to me and they should be here by next Monday, if not sooner. You will be able to put your button on your knitting bag and display proudly your love for looming.

Our winners are (thanks to the number generator)...


14...Carrie P.




Congratulations to all the winners!!! Please contact me as soon as you can. You have until midnight (MST) Wednesday, Sept. 9th to claim your prize. Prizes not claimed will be given away to another participant (using again, the number generator).Again, congratulations for participating.


Didn't win one, don't worry. You can get your very own by clicking on the sidebar link and buying one or two or ten! The new button design says "I *heart* Looming".



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I am SO excited to have won a button! I never win anything. I'll e-mail you with my mailing info. Thanks so much!


what a cute button!
might have to more of those! I have emailed you my info.
Carrie P


Hi Jeannette,
I have gone in and updated it to an Add to Cart button where you can input the number of buttons you would like. I think this will work better. Thank you in advance for the purchase! If you follow the link below, it should take you directly to where you can purchase them.



typepad@sixapart.com wrote:

Jeannette Pirkle

Isela, I clicked to order a button but with shipping I would like to order more than one. It won't let me. Do we have to order it one at a time?


Wow, I so wasn't planning on winning one. Do you still have my addy? Or do I need to send you a private message with it? Also, I sent you a schematic for socks for the LKC last... Tuesday, I think, and didn't hear back from you. Was wondering if you got the e-mail or if I needed to re-send it. :) THANKS for the button. I'll wear it proud!


Yahoo! I love looomy bling! :D That is so cool that my little # was picked...I love that numbers generator, lol. ;) Thanks, Isela...I can't wait to wear that sweet little sheep and tell everybody who's logo it is...the maker of my absolute fave looms. :D

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