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Something is a-Foot...Part Uno

It seems that every year around this time, I am involved in mysterious projects. I disappear for a few days weeks and then I spring a surprise on you. This year, I totally was not expecting to have any surprises and then I got a couple of emails, exchanged a couple of phone calls and next thing I knew, my knitting looms and I were down in Salt Lake City for a loomy time!

The folks at Provo Craft, makers of the Knifty Knitter products are putting together a superb infomercial to promote the knitting looms and their ease of use to create knitted items. I was in the company of designers: Bethany Dailey from GettingitPegged.com and Shannon Erling author of Loom Crafts Book. Armed with my pink knifty knitter loom and a last minute project to showcase during the mini-interview/testimonial, I went down there and like a deer in front of headlights, I choked and babbled about the knitting looms and how terrific they are to get started in the knitty world.

BethanynMeonset2As I got to the set, I knew that I was going to meet Bethany and I was excited to see her for the very first time. Although we have worked together on couple of projects this was the very first time I was meeting her in person. As I got out of my taxi, I right away spotted her. We got to the set at the same time!!! Her getting out of her ride and me getting out of the taxi! What are the odds! As soon as I saw her, I just had to hug her. She welcomed me with a huge smile and although I live in Utah having her at the set made me feel more at home and at ease. She is so warm and friendly! Like a friendly butterfly she went around meeting everyone and chatting with them and talking about the looms and the loom knitted items that were being showcased during the infomercial.

The entire day was spent at the set, we were pampered and fed fairly well. They had the most delicious BethanyMenBeauThai food, freshly made! I had to eat doubles of everything...you never know when you will get fed next, so you might as well eat it while it is out there, hahaha. Seriously, I do eat a lot, Bethany is right, but I love food. As you can see my day revolves around food. At one point they told us at 11:30am that lunch wasn't going to be til 1pm, I about died, which made Bethany giggle quite a bit. Once 1pm came about, I was one of the first to get to the yummy food. While Bethany chatted with Shannon, I stuffed my face, not once but twice. So satisfying!

Being on the set meant makeup artist and hair stylist--being a princess for a day is fabulous! I got my make up done twice! One time in pink because I was wearing a pink shirt then the producer decided that green would look better so we took the pink off and threw some green on. It seems that I have two big brown eyes and they are hard to hide from my face...they take half my face and the other half is taken by my big mouth! ha!

MyInterview  Once on the set, the deer look comes on (remember the big brown eyes, well, they don't help in this situation!). I can talk about looms til the cows come home, I can, believe me! If you ask me about them you can probably write a book from my responses. However, when you put me in front of the camera, I tend to forget everything, even my name (I think that is the reason why they ask you to state your name before they start the interviewing process). As I babbled about loom knitting, Bethany was on the side snapping pictures and as I stumbled through my answers, Beau, our wonderful producer, kept smiling and giving me the thumbs up. Even when I stumbled or said the wrong word he would just laugh and encouraged me. After the little interview, it was time for my no-talk session...easy peasy.

Flower  Then came time to show my little project and my mini-step outs. To tell you that it is a last minute project is an understatement. I basically found out the day before that I had to have a flower for the interview. I sat mid-morning with yarn, loom, and a piece of paper. I drew a gazillion flowers on my sketchpad. I had to follow the "keep it simple" strategy and a few went down the no-no path just because I kept making it too difficult. At the end, I came up with a cute little petal made with a combo of previous tutorials on my blog. Added a little bead, beads make everything prettier, at the center and I had my flower. I don't know what I love the most, the cashmere that I used for it or the many uses that it lends itself to, so far, it is sitting at my desk, looking pretty, like a sea star.

Picture 016 After recording my little blurb about the looms and showing my little project. I waited for Bethany so we could go out and have dinner with lovely Jenny from GuppyGirl. We met Jenny and her hubby Troy at our hotel and we headed out for a little dinner (what! I am eating again, yeah, I am). We decided to go to the Olive Garden in the middle of SLC and it was a good choice for all of us. Troy kept us laughing non-stop with his great stories about our lovely Jenny and I kept eating (ha!). Amidst food and laughter we shared lots of stories and bonding moments.

We ended the night back at the hotel, we said our goodbyes to Jenny and Troy and I headed up to Bethany's room where I forced her to watch The Nanny. She was so tired that she just laid on her bed while I laughed and snapped pictures of her with my cell phone. By this time we were both so exhausted that we seriously were laughing about every silly thing, even if we said the word "loom" it set us off in another wave of giggles. Great friends are made while watching The Nanny, hahaha, and eating of course.

Oh, so I guess you are all wondering when the infomercial will air. We have a date of December 1st...we still do not know what channel, however, we will have copies of it, so as soon as I get my copy, I'll pop it on the bloggy for all of you to see.

Our little story doesn't end just yet. We have Part Dos coming your way.

Read more about our story over at Bethany's blog! Hers is more fun and has a spectacular picture of my favorite hat--yes, I am modeling it!


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Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see the infomercial.

You are a loomin' rock star. Can I have your autograph? =)


That's awesome! I can't wait 2 c it :)


You guys were such great sports to wait for us for so long. This time around we need to take Bethany around Temple Square and show her around. I dont know anything down at Spanish Fork...I wish we had a car....


Jenny Stark

So fun :) I told hubby that was one of the best times I've had in a long time. It was fabulous to hang out with you and Bethany and get away from 'it all' for a few hours.

Isela, you are just absolutely gorgeous. And that flower is so pretty :) Very nice work on such short notice.

I think a butterfly is a perfect way to describe our fabulous Bethany :) Sunny and lighthearted and she probably loves flowers too, haha.

Hugs and loves!


It doesn't surprise me you eat so much Isela, you burn like a million calories every day with all of your running and weight lifting ;)

I am so excited, this is just too cool! Congrates to you and Bethany, I am sure you were both extremely professional and no one will be able to tell how nervous you were!


I will make one felted...promise :)... I will have to enlarge the pattern first :).


hahaha, the Hispanic in me always gets In and On confused...what can I say, old habits are hard to get rid off.


hehehe...I loved watching the Nanny with you, lol...and giggling...hehehe...more giggling..

And for the record, I was ON my bed, not IN it, lol!

I really enjoyed reading your version of events, Isela. :) I had no idea you were nervous during your interview, as you seemed so cool and professional. No one would have known, I'm sure!

It really was fantabulous to spend the evening with Jenny and Troy, wasn't it? A perfect top off to an already memorable occasion!

I love your flower, too...just have to make one of my own! It would be so cute on a felted bag, wouldn't it? ;)

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