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New Moon Fans


Nine pm couldn't come fast enough for us!  I have a little group of friends who just love going to the movies, the six of us had  gotten tickets about a month ago and we were all super excited for Nov. 20th to arrive. At the last minute, one of our friends couldn't come so we had an extra ticket. I told Jenny  to come see it and she came all the way from Roy to see the movie with my friends and I. Going to the midnight premiere shows is a thing we all have in common. We love sitting outside the theater and just getting some "mommy" time to talk and dream about the movie.


They let us inside the theater around 10:30pm and we were able to watch about 1/2 of the Twilight movie before New Moon started. Before New Moon came on, the theater personnel came in to have a raffle. I sat through the raffle, waiting expectantly at the edge of my seat, then the impossible, they called my number! I won a baseball hat and a button. Then two numbers later, they called my friend's Jenny's number, she was so awesome and gave me the t-shirt she won. I couldn't refuse it, I wanted the entire set so badly. She is just too awesome. 


(My friend KeKe and I...we are both wearing the Cullen Crest wristbands but we are huge Jacob fans ;) )

The movie itself was fantastic! The production was so much better than the first one. The action effects definitely less "cartoony" and the skin color and eye color not so crazy as the first movie. The movie stuck to the book quite closely, as closely as a movie can get unless they made a 12 hour movie (which by the way, I know a bunch of crazy women would be willing to sit through a movie of this length). 

Something is a-foot...The Finale

In our last installment of our mysterious project for Provo Craft, our trip took us down to Spanish Fork, UT,3ofus not very far from home but far enough that I needed my chauffeur aka hubby to drive me there. We picked up lovely Jenny on our way down then we were going to meet up with Bethany at the hotel. We were all staying at the same hotel, hubby bunking with me and Jenny and Bethany having a slumber party in another room.

The mission this time around: to present 2 or 3 projects in camera for future use in a DVD! The DVD will be given as a freebie in a Knifty Knitter Loom package.

After arriving at the hotel, we headed to the Provo Craft warehouse to pick up Bethany and head out to dinner. We got a tour through the warehouse, lots of crafty stuff all over the place. Afterwards, we headed to dinner. We were all starving! After driving around we only found a TGI Friday' is food so we went in. We all ended up ordering the same dish--Chicken-Steak Fajitas. They were delish! I specially enjoyed the steak. 

BaggyGetting to know the girls was quite delightful! Over dinner, we kept teasing Bethany about her fun PT Cruiser car, hehehe. She loves that car! After dinner, I joined the girls and went to their room to get a nails are always a mess and the next day required nice pretty nails. Bethany told us all about how her and her hubby got hooked up, true sweethearts from quite young! He loved her so much he kept bugging her all throughout their school years. Jenny all the while kept loom knitting away, finishing the last minute things, giggling at Bethany's story. They are truly wonderful gals. I am so glad to be counted among their friends. I had to go get some Z's so I said goodnight and my goodbyes to Bethany. She was flying back home at 8am in the morning. Jenny and I still had a few more hours together the next day.

 The next day brought work for Jenny and I. I went in first early in the morning. At first I was nervous, butScarf Cameron, the producer, was wonderful. He kept everything simple and low-key. He made me feel comfortable and not at all nervous. I presented my three projects, beginner (the scarf done on a knitting board), intermediate (the Arellis Bracelet) and advanced (the little pink baggy) and a short little introduction. The introduction was the hardest of the three, you would think I would know what to say about myself, the usual doesn't work in this situation "Hi, my name is Isela. I am a mother of two, wife to 1. I have a passion for running, swimming, weight lifting and that order too." Yeah, the usual doesn't work. But, we worked something out and I came up with something of use.

At the end of my taping, hubby and Jenny arrived at the set. Unfortunately, I had to get back home to be  with the kiddos so I didn't get a chance to see Jenny for much longer :(. She looked fabulous in her purple top! Her hair was all pretty curls too! We had a quick lunch together and then Sam and I headed home.

The entire project was fun and I hope the DVD finds its way into many of your homes. The infomercial should be coming out after Thanksgiving. It will be aired in most networks, keep your eyes open and let us know if you see it.

Joys of Staying Home

Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to stay home from work and besides getting caught up with work around the house, I also have the chance to reconnect with my little ones. 


Today, Nyah had one of her little friends over, from all things they could do, they decided they wanted to have "brunch" LOL. Nyah cooked for them: chicken nuggets. They even had dessert! Nyah had made Turtle cookies on Monday with her Grandma: chocolate cookies with mint stuff in the middle. They were so excited and I just loved seeing them and hearing them have brunch.

Some of the conversation was about the chocolate cookies and went like this: 

G: "Nyah, your Mom makes great cookies"

N: "oh, she didn't make them. I made them with my Grandma. Mom doesn't like to cook cookies because she eats them so I go to Grandma's to make them.

G: "What did you do to make them"

N: "I spread the green minty stuff on them"

G: "Are you sure it is mint? It looks like frosting!"

N: "It is not frosting, it is mint stuffing"

G: "Stuffing? I like stuffing"

N: "Me too"

The conversation then moved to the fact that I was on the computer

G: "Your Mom works on the computer a lot, just like my Dad"

N: "No, she is not working, she is texting on Facebook!"

G: "Oh, my Dad works like that too"



Oh yeah, did I mention that her little friend is a HE...yeah, it is one of her favorite friends. She is usually day dreaming that one day she and him will get married. One afternoon, she kept saying her name along with his last name. Quite cute and funny that she is already thinking along those lines. I always joke around with his Mommy about us being related in the future. Chances are that we won't but it is nice seeing our children being such great friends! I love my neighborhood :)

Thankful Thoughts

Over on Facebook, a friend sent me the following:

Let's see how many people can do this. Every day this month until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status. "Today I am thankful for..." The longer you do it, the harder it gets! Now if you think you can do it then repost this message as your status to invite others to take the challenge, then post what YOU are thankful for today.

I started doing it and I thought it would be great to have it on my blog as a way to look back and remember what I was thankful for during this month. I will update this same post every day with my Thankful thought :)

It has to be one Thankful thought per day, so here we go

Day 1. My husband

Day 2. My children

Day 3. My job at the school

Day 4. My iPod and the Eclipse

Day 5. The mailman who brought me my great new running skirt

Day 6. Our friend Spencer who came over to hang out with us and our kids

Day 7. My friend Kela who invited me to hang out with her and go out around town to shop

Day 8. Tyson and his great talk at church

Day 9. Thankful that my hubby came with me to Provo for the Knifty Knitter project DVD

Day 10. That I am able to be home today with my children

Day 11. Is Thankful for all who serve and have served our country.

Habitat Hat

When the white fluffy stuff comes down from the sky it sends a subliminal message to my brain saying: it is time to knit some hats! Last week, we received our very first snowstorm, the mountains had been covered for awhile but it had not come down to our elevation yet. However, when I woke up one morning, snow was all around, in one day we received close to two inches of snow, all of it melted but not before it send me searching for my yarn and needles and thus my first Winter 2009 knitted item came to life.

Out of lovely Malabrigo and size 7 and 8 needles, my second Habitat hat was born. The Habitat Hat is an original design by Brooklyn Tweed, he has some other gorgeous designs that I want to knit! The beige/cream/tan color one was the one I made last year, the blue one is the one I finished this week. I have some more Malabrigo coming my way, hoping to make another Habitat in a dark Navy.