The Testimonial and Infomercial is Out!
Dreams of 2010

Loomy Christmas Giveaway


All you have to do is show me some finished little Christmas Tree Ornaments and you will be entered to win one of three Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Purple Looms! Yep, I have three of these wonderful elusive looms to give away. All you need to do is show me a picture of your finished little Christmas Ornament. Get your free pattern and get going, hurry, hurry!


The last day to show me your little finished item is Friday, Dec. 18th, so I can ship the loomy on Monday the 21st just in time for a last minute Christmas present. 

How to enter: 

  • Knit a little Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Drop me a comment and let me know where to find your picture or send me a picture or add it to the Flickr pool
  • For every little ornament you make, you get 1 entry!
  • If you knit 10 or more you will be entered into a special Gift Certificate Giveaway. Value $20


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Greetings Isela,

I have a large graph, that I would like to knit (flat panel) but too big for one loom. I'm not really good at joining either. What can I do? Thanks


Got my tree posted on my website and on the flickr group. I just got 1 done. Thanks for the great pattern.

Hannah J

Im sorry I couldnt get my pictures up, we dont have the best internet connection. I tried e mailing you but the pictures didnt upload on my puter :(

Susan P

I made little glass bulb covers with the flower loom!



Just found your site...and to let you know that I am enjoying reading to check out your store..

I would to make those adorable tree ornaments..but do not have any looms cant enter your contest..sigh...My daughter and I would love to be able to get into loom knitting..I used to "needle knit" moons ago..but wow..these looms like a lot easier and fun as well...

Thanks again..have a great holiday!

Hannah J

I have finished 6 and will get the pictures on my blog asap! Thank you so much I am going to give them away as Christmas gifts!

Hannah J

I am so excited, i have already made 3 and a half of ur adorable christmas trees!!!!! Thanks so much for the pattern. I will post the pictures on my blog when i get them on my puter!!!

Maria Tovar

Dearest Isela,
I love the Christmas look of your site. Congratulations on the informercial. You look beautiful. How proud I feel for you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love. MARIA

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