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Bounce Free

Maybe that should read Bounceless...but apparently Bounceless is not a word, hmm! Today, I want to talk about a very important subject to all gals out there, be it a cup size A or a DDD. We all want to run around, jump around, and not get a black eye in the process.

The other day, I was in spin class and I don't know how or why but my sport bra was not cutting it. Each time I pedaled, I just felt everything just bouncing up and down. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful they are bouncing up and down but there is a place and a moment for everything and this is definitely not the place nor the moment when you want to have your wares bouncing free. Wardrobe malfunction is the worst, especially when you are trying to get a good workout. You could run or bike or jump holding them in place with your hands but it is really not so enjoyable nor safe, especially if cycling outdoors. 

The culprit sports bra from that evening has left the building. I am one of those who loves to shop so I am quite good at replacing my sports bras every six months. I wear them a lot, when you exercise 2-3 times a day, that means 2 or 3 sports bras a day, if you only have 3, that means you wash them every day. Total, that may mean 5 washes a week per sports bra and about 120 washes in its lifetime. With these numbers, I have come to realize that I need sports bras that I can count on. Sports Bras that will support, not chaffe, and most of all protect the girls from the bouncing.

In my search for the perfect sports bra, I have found the following reliable products and brands: Moving Comfort and Champion.

Moving Comfort, my favorite brand, hands down.  As a runner with C cups, I need something that will hold and support not only for 30 minutes but for the entire 3 hours that I may be out there running. Some sports bras once they get wet with sweat, they get soggy and they don't support anymore. Moving Comfort bras are not like that, they are breathable (don't get me wrong, the bra will still get wet, soaking wet if you are a heavy sweater) but the fabric will hold its form under the wetness. Not only do they have the most support but they also provide with two different types of support: encapsulation or compression. Encapsulation allows each breast to have its own cup, rather than one piece of fabric for both. It provides a more natural, sexier look. Compression, well, it is the opposite of Encapsulation, you end up with the uni-boob look. My favorite styles in the Moving Comfort line:

Fiona--I wore this style when I was a DD and it saw me through those days, now that I am a C, I still love its support and it is my number 1 sports bra. What I love about this bra: the eye closure at the back! Love it. When I am soaking wet with sweat pulling the bra over my head gets a bit tricky, not with this one, I can just reach back and take it off easier. Also, when you are putting it on, you can just bend down and close it at the back allowing your breasts to sit comfortably and more naturally in the cups. Another wonderful feature: the straps are adjustable, not from the back like most bras, but from the front! I highly recommend this sports bra to all my friends. It is the most reliable sports bra I have found in the past 3 years. It works great from running to cycling to even Turbo Kick. Also, I have found not to chaffe at all when wearing this bra. However, when using it during races, I always put a bit of glide around the band and the shoulder straps, just in case.


Cameo--The support in this style is compared to the Fiona style I mentioned before, so it is also my second favorite sports bra. Once I lost the weight and I was able to fit into C cups, I relied on the Cameo style sports bra. I love the encapsulation feature and the sleek lines, give me a more flattering look. While I wear it to all my weight lifting activities: Body Pump and weight lifting days, I try not to wear it when I know that I am going to sweat buckets as I have a hard time pulling things over my head and this one doesn't have a back closure, so if I am soaked from head to toe, I need to have hubby help me get out of it. A feature that I love and the reason why I wear it for weight lifting, the racer back style. The racer back style allows me with free movement of my lats when lifting weights, no rubbing of material, no chaffing.


The third bra on my list is the Champion Seamless bra. I love the seamless feature of this bra. It is soft against the skin and the no seam itching or bothering is wonderful. I wear this bra interchangeably between my short runs and my weight lifting days. I wore it a couple of times on my long runs and I found that the support diminished after my sweat got the fabric soaked. However, not all my training days have long hours of cardio, so it is a great sports bra to have around for daily activities. 

BTW: Champion website seems to be having a sale right now, a lot of their sports bras are $19.99. 

Your turn: What sports bras have you found that you like for your activities?


Disclaimer: The review is a personal review of these products. No company or individual has provided me with products to review them, nor was I compensated in any form to review these products. They are solely my opinion as a consumer and as you know, we are all different and we prefer/like different things.

Donate to Knitters Without Borders and Win a Pair of Socks

Light Bulb moment!!! I know what to do with the socks!

Let's help those in need by donating to Doctors without Borders! Doctors without Borders is an organization that goes and helps all around the globe. Right now, they are working hard in Haiti to alleviate the pain and devastation. Let's help!!!

Knitters without Borders was created by the Yarn Harlot in an effort to raise funds for Doctors without Borders. Knitters can make a huge difference in this world. So far, knitters have raised $834, 217!!! The goal is $1,000,000! Let's reach the goal and help those in need.

Donate to Knitters Without Borders, any amount (scroll to the middle of the page to get to the link to donate, or just click on this link MSF United States to donate).

Let the Yarn Harlot know by dropping her a note at her email address (kwbATyarnharlotDOTca) that you donated so she can update the tally, then come and tell me in the comments section that you donated. I don't need to know the amount, but if you want to tell me, please go ahead.

Deadline: midnight February 15, MST.

Go donate. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 

On February 16th, I will write your name on a piece of paper and let one of my children draw a name out of a hat. The name that is chosen will win the pair of socks.

Now for the sock specifications.

They fit a size 6.5 US women foot, will probably fit a size 6.

Yarn used: Sweet Georgia (one of the most sought after yarns!). Color: It has a little cream, green, blues. 

Knitted on size 1.5 needles.




Training was supposed to kick off on Monday, I was good and started the week off right. I lifted weights, did my spin class and a Body Pump Class. Tuesday came and I was good again, I knew I had a doctor's appointment at 9:30am so I woke up early went to the gym to put in 2000 yards at the pool, I was a good trainee and put in 2150. After my swim, I went for a 5 mile run which was completed at a pace of 8:45min/mile.

My training was on track, then 9:30 arrived and I got to my doctor's appointment. It was just a check up on this dumb cyst I have had on my back for a year. She looks at it and says "well, we can take it out right now, it will take 15 minutes tops!" The dilemma was presented: take it out now or wait a full year and get it out during off season. I calculated and figured that season is just starting and I prefer to get things done sooner rather than later. So under the knife I went and I got my first stitches. 32 years old and my very first stitches.

My back hurts like hell and I can move very little without making it hurt. It feels like a truck dumped a ton of rocks on a single little spot. I am sure I have a bruise the size of Texas. The worst is yet to come though,  I have a big @$$ band-aid back there that needs to come off and I am sure tears will be shed when I tell hubby to rip it off, perhaps I should call my doctor for a sedative before I rip it out.

Anyways, my training is now on hold for 10 days. I am not allowed to swim for any reason whatsoever, less I risk infection. I cannot lift weights, this by itself is killing me as I love lifting weights. I can bike and run but I have to take it easy for at least 48 hours to allow the cut to heal a bit and I don't rip out the stitches. Taking it easy is difficult. How do you take days off without feeling guilty and feeling the training slip away? To pass the time, I have been hanging around in Tri forums and websites trying to learn as much as I least in theory.

Another way to pass the time, knitting! I pulled these sockies out and I finally finished the second sock. (I know, it took me almost a whole year to finish the poor mate). Now, I don't know what to do with them. I don't wear any of my knitted socks....weird, but I don't want to ruin them and frankly I can't wear them to run or to train so I'll have to see what I do with them...any ideas?

Workouts, Fears and Knits

Since I signed up all I can think about is the long arduous 70.3 miles: the swim, the bike, the run. I keep finding bumps where I may break and not be able to get up. The run which I thought would be the easiest, now I am thinking that it may not. I can run 13 miles, I know I can, but can I run 13 miles without music, especially after being alone for 4+ hours on the bike. I think I may turn into one of those loony bins who will be singing at the top of her lungs just to keep moving forward. Now the bike, how about if I get lost. I have never ridden by myself, I always have a friend with me. The swim, crap, this part is where it gets scary. How about if I get hit in the face and I get a bloody nose, or worse, I get clunked out, will I drown. Then the next big thing, a wetsuit. I don't own a wetsuit. I have to start looking into getting one and practicing open water swims. In the Utah tundra that's going to mean freezing my butt not to mention looking like a whale in the process.

So many things to think about that I didn't have a chance to think about before. I am double thinking this entire issue...I can't back out now. I am just going to have to buckle down, strap myself to the horse and ride until the show ends. Gosh, I am not feeling at all secure at this moment.

To distract me, my KnitPicks catalog came and I can finally show you one of the knits that I completed a few months ago. It was a fun distraction, the picot cuff, then the gorgeous purples! The colorwork repeat was a bit tricky to remember but once I got the first sock done the second was easy. The little flowers are easy and they truly make the sock! My lovely socks are on page 19 of the Colorwave catalog.

KPSample DSC07762

Lastly my weekly workout report: 13 total workouts. Not bad for an off season week.


The breakdown is as follows:

46 miles total

Run: 10

Cycle: 36

Lifted weights 4x this week, three times on my own, 1 Body Pump class, 2 Turbo Kick classes.

Goals for this week: hit the pool at least twice, preferably three times. 

Another goal: quit pushing myself down about the 70.3. I need to start believing that I can do it.

Ironman Boise 70.3


I think I am about to die! I just registered for the Ironman Boise 70.3!!! What the heck was I thinking? I have the chills just thinking about it (and no, it is not from that stupid spicy salsa I ate 20 minutes ago, although I am sure it is not helping). I think I am going to pass out. I wasn't this nervous last year when I registered for the marathon...I mean I was but not to this degree. I have only a few months to brush up on my swimming aka improve my technique or get a technique, my cycling sucks so I need to definitely learn more in this area. Oh my! I haven't felt the butterflies this hectic in a very long time...I am so scared!

Of Fireflies and Pink

I got this one shirt over the weekend which I love dearly, not because it is fancy nor because it was something that I have always wanted rather it is simply because of its color.It is a hot pink-purple color long sleeve shirt.

The moment I saw the shirt, I knew I had to get it and bring it home with me. The color brings back so many memories of my childhood, especially one dear to my heart. I was about eight or nine years old and my mom had gotten me a gorgeous blouse, it must have cost her a full month's meals worth. I loved the blouse. It was all buttoned up and it had a pretty collar and the short sleeves had a little button at the end of the cuff. On the right side by the heart it had an embroidered rose. I loved the shirt and even now 20+ years later I still love it.

One evening, shortly after my Mom had gotten me the blouse, we were running outside barefoot. The dusty clay would get between our toes and as we ran the dust will fly around and get our legs all pasty. Momma would always come out and tell me to get shoes on because worms will grow in my belly if I didn't. Eventually I did get worms but I highly doubt it was because I ran barefoot in the dirt. This one evening was a magical one. Dusk was beginning to set and just over the hill to the left of our house the sun was starting to set and the mosquitoes and all sorts of little insects were starting to come out. As we ran and twirled little bugs with light on their bodies started to come out and all the children in the barrio started chasing them. I wanted one of my own. I wanted to be bright and shiny just like those little bugs. As I ran after them, I was picturing glowing designs on my skin and my new pretty shirt, making it even more beautiful.

Blaze As I chased the little bugs around, I could hear my Mom in the background telling me something but I ignored her and kept the chase. Finally, my grubby little hands got a hold of one and I ran home to show my Mom. As I was rapidly babbling what I was about to do, my Mom tried to stop me, but I was much too quick and the little bug found its way to a better life as I squished it onto my shirt over my little rose design and then over my arms. To my dismay, I finally heard my Mom explain that it wouldn't work and my idea was only harming the little bug and its luminescence. A few years later, I learned that the little bug was called a firefly and its luminescence was used to either warn predators or attract possible mates, I guess that evening they were all blinking off and on to warn us that they were bad tasting bugs but kids do not know that we just saw their pretty tiny bodies glowing like little lamps and we all wanted one.

Til this day, I am still in love with fireflies and with the pink-purple color. It is amazing the memories that a color or a scent can bring up. As I was telling my hubby this story, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss for the time that has gone by. I am probably half way through life and I don't remember much of my first 30 years on this earth. Maybe if I keep buying shirts this pink-purple color, I will add more memories to my color box.

It Pays Off!

I have been working out so hard this last week that every day come 8pm I am ready to go to bed. Usually my schedule only includes a couple of hours of workout a day but I have been going to the gym and extra hour here and there. Why? Well, I have been eating like a piggy and my philosophy is that if I put it in the tank I should workout even more.

Remember I told you that I started a few new classes, when I started, I didn't know if they would help out in slimming me down. I mean, I workout consistently and my weight has been the same for about a year now but then the other day I decided to measure myself, the last time I measure was at the beginning of December and I thought that due to the holidays and all the chocolate oranges I ate that I would be bigger. Big surprise when I saw my numbers down all around. I went down a whole inch around my belly button and around my natural waist. I am so stoked!

Anyways, if you are like me and are on the fence about trying something new in your workout routine, don't hesitate, try a new class and shake things up a bit. You may get a big surprise next time you take the measuring tape to your waist!


Weekly totals

59 miles

Running: 10 miles

Cycling: 48 miles

Total workouts: 12 (Body Pump, Turbo, running, cycling, elliptical, weight lifting)

Ramping it Up

Winter is always such a bad time for me, I don't like the cold very much, yet I live in the coldest part of Utah, some friends even call it the Utah Tundra. It is January and I know that we still have three long months of Winter and then our Spring is never really Spring, we still get snow til mid June, it makes for gorgeous green mountains all around but it makes for a very sad Isela. I grew up in the coast where the sun was out everyday and the scent of the ocean came to me with the breeze of the wind. I need the sun to survive, I need the sun to be able to run faster, to tan my skin, yep, I already look pale and although to many I am still a nice chocolate color, I can see my "chocolaty" appearance fading. Winter sees me pulling out books from the bookshelf and cozying up to the couch and reading for very long hours, in a way, I am like a bear going dormant for the Winter. But, I don't want to be dormant, I want to feel alive!

I have found a way to feel alive during the Winter months. I have found that if I go to the gym and put it more time in there my seasonal depression stays at bay. Yes, I am still crabby but not as crabby as I usually get during the Winter. I have found two extra classes at the gym that I love, Turbo Kick and Body Pump.

My first time at Turbo Kick, I wanted to die. I thought I was in shape. I mean I had just ran a marathon just a month or two before and I was still running at least four times a week, cycling and swimming. Boy! I was so wrong. The class is 1 hour long, just 60 minutes. Well, 20 minutes into it, my heart wanted to get out of my chest, 30 minutes into it, I stopped for a drink and looked at the clock and I thought I was about to pass out. I still had 30 minutes left. Punching, kicking, jumping, and finally abs. Sweat dripping down my back, down my elbows, my chin, I made it, 60 minutes and stronger for it. As the class ended and I went to the corner to talk and joke around with my friend, I realized that I was definitely coming back to the class. A workout like this one cannot be passed out, nope, not by me. It has been now three weeks since that first class. I am getting the choreography down and now I am able to follow more of the moves. My legs have gotten stronger, I have felt my waistline tightened up, and my arms are getting a bit more defined. A success in my book. Here is a little preview of the class.

Body Pump was another humbling experience, I have lifted weights on my own for over a year. I don't do barbie weights either, so I thought, yeah, I can do the class. I will be good at it. Not much weight is put on the bar so I thought, heck I can do it. Did I take a piece of humble pie the afternoon after my class. During the class, I was great, I was packing the iron and learning the format and the proper technique. Again with sweat dripping down my elbows, the middle of my back, down my chest, I knew this class was just for me. I loved it. I love the pain that comes when I am doing lunges and the shaking on my leg that tells me that I am working those muscles. The feel when doing the bicep work out to the tune of New Divide by Linkin' Park and how that last rep is pure pain yet as you look at yourself in the mirror and you see the slight appearance of the bicep muscle is enough to push through to the end of the song. Amazing! I love how the body responds to what you dish it. Body Pump has been changing my body, reshaping it into a tight little bundle. I am looking forward to one year from now and what my body may look like as I continue with all the different workouts.

Last years totals are in and the info is pumping me up to ramp up my mileage and numbers for 2010.

The first half of the year was tracked with Buckeye Outdoors.


The second half of the year was recorded with


It is so neat to see everything in one spot, makes me want to keep working out just so those numbers go up higher and higher.

A New Year, a New Decade, a Whole Lot of Fun!


Our December was full of fun that started with Nyah's birthday, then quickly followed by my brother-in-law James moving from New York back to Utah, then a visit from my Texan brother-in-law Leland, then Christmas, then the cherry of our December, a wedding!!! My brother-in-law William got married the day after Christmas! Let's not forget the last celebration, New Years!  We were never alone during the entire month, family and friends came by our house almost every day and filled our house with love and laughter. Lots of delicious food was consumed and probably more sweets than a person should legally be allowed to eat in one sitting. Overall, our December was wonderful!


2010 is full of promises and most likely changes that I am not prepared for but as long as we are all together, we should be alright. May your 2010 be wonderful and full of love, health, and the very best of life. 

ps: the January Freebie has been posted over at