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September 2010

St. George Marathon Here we Go!


In about 36 hours, I will be participating in my very first St. George Marathon. It is going to be my 4th marathon but it is my very first one where participants number 6000+!!! I hear it is the bomb! Better than any other marathon in the state...I am excited yet scared of getting trampled over. Please, if you see anyone under your foot, pick them up, it is probably a short little Mexican named Isela!

If you want to keep track of where I am out on the course, I am bib # 5896...yay! That digit alone tells me that I am one of almost 6,000 people! Crazy to think that there will be that many runners all in one single place, all with one single goal in mind, to complete a dream, a 26.2 miler.

The other day, I was knitting away and thinking and next thing I knew I was laughing out loud. You know how some people have in their bucket list to skydive, I was telling myself that it was just a crazy idea--why jump out of a plane where you might splatter all over the ground. Then it hit me, I would willingly and in heartbeat sign up for a a full, I guess I am more crazy, why give an adrenaline rush once when you can have it 3 times all in one single day! With that in mind, wish me luck on this 26.2!

As for goals--I have only one. I want to beat my last marathon's time: 3:39:50...I don't care if it is by just 1 second or 2. However, if it doesn't happen, it really doesn't matter, I am already qualified for Boston so right now St. George marathon  is just about having fun and enjoying the process .



Zumba Playlist

Zumba 011 I have gotten a few playlists going now and I want to keep them all in one spot so I have decided to post them on my blog so I can come back and review them/look at them in the future.

Have I mentioned that I love teaching Zumba? I do! It is one of my favorite things to do now--well besides participating in triathlons and running. I love to dance! Back in the day, I loved going to clubs and to dances up at the university so Zumba is just my thing. I know I have a lot to learn still but what I know so far allows me to have fun and I think the members like it too.

I try to change one or two songs every other week so that the class doesn't get stale and I can keep up with the new music.

Playlist for 9/27/10

  • Tik Tok
  • Que Te Mueve
  • She Wolf
  • La Patilla
  • Fuego
  • La Muchacha Turca
  • Que Te Pica
  • Waka Waka
  • El Sonidito
  • Where is my Coconut
  • 5 Letras
  • I Know you Want Me
  • Alejandro
  • Rude Boy
  • Stand by Me
  • Zumba Lluvia

The sky is falling...

Alright, so it is not falling, but I did grab some yarn and put something together! I have had this pattern done for a few months now and I have been putting it off and off until finally I decided to get off my duff and finishing it up. Actually, I have been tapering so I have had a little more free time on my hands.

So just like that, I have added a  new pattern  to, the soft and cozy Moss Stitch Pillow. It is a quick project that will bring satisfaction and a little extra to your home decor! (click on the picture to be taken to see more pattern information).


And...since I am still tapering for my next marathon, I have been knitting another pair of socks to go with the other  60+ pairs that I have around the can never have enough knitted socks!

Sock 004

Aggie Football Day

Aggie 012

Aggie 010Each year, I like to take the kids to at least one USU football game, we would go more often but at $15 a  pop we can't really do it. Anyways, this last Saturday was their first home game against Idaho and I wanted to be there really badly. I love supporting Utah State University--yes, I feel strongly affiliated with it, I think it has to do with me graduating from there and getting to know my hubby there. Hubby was awesome enough to take the day off from working (putting looms together) to take us to the game.

Aggie 020 We had a grand time! We got there early for the tailgate party--which meant lots of chances for free stuff for the kids. They came loaded with stuff, ranging from candy to USU gear.

The greatest moment was when Boyo stopped at the ROTC tent trying to get a little football, the Recruiter asked him how many push ups he could do and Boyo right away responded 50! The recruiter couldn't believe him but Boyo insisted that he could (I knew he could, he had done 50 at the fair just a month ago or so). The Recruiter went to get one of his Cadets to do push ups with Boyo to see how many Boyo could do. Boyo dropped down and got ready in perfect form, he went 1, 2, 3 soon enough he was up to 30, then 40, at this point all the Recruiters and Cadets that were there from the Air Force, Army and ROTC were surrounding Boyo and the Aggie 018 Cadet counting for them. Boyo continued on to 50, then 60, he just kept on going at 63 the Cadet looked at Boyo and Boyo just kept going, at 65 the Cadet got up and Boyo kept going to 67!!! His little arms were shaking but he had earned his little football. Little 8 year old Boyo did 67 standard push ups!!!  All the Recruiters came and gave him a little something, the Cadet came and gave Boyo a special pen. It was the greatest moment for my Boyo! He had earned his little presents and he was beaming! All the Recruiters and Cadets just kept talking about him and his energy. Even minutes later, the Recruiter was still retelling the story of Boyo going down and doing 67 push ups! I am kicking myself for not having my camera to record this moment for him--I sure have had my video going or at least the still camera, but I didn't :(.

Aggie 008 During the game, besides watching the game and screaming and cheering, we ate lots of junk--caramel  popcorn, cotton candy, chips and salsa (by the way, Chillis Chips and Salsa rock!), and a burrito. I was going to have Aggie ice cream, one of my favorites, but it was a cold evening. Still, the food was awesome, hahaha, just junk food!

The kids had friends at the game, our lovely neighbors the Cole's. It is great being in Aggie 022 a small town, you get to see everyone at the city events. While the kids played and watched the game, we just had a time to ourselves to just watch the game or eat (in my case). I think I shoved chips and salsa during the entire game. I even bought a bag to bring home--I had to, Chilli's was donating all the funds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital cause and I couldn't help myself (plus it was a great breakfast the next morning-yep, I had chips and salsa for breakfast). 

Loved cheering for USU! Until next time Aggies! May you have the force with ya the entire season!

Aggie 005

Apple Days 5K

  Apple days
The River Heights town was celebrating their "birthday" and as part of the celebration they held a small 5K & 1 Mile Children's Race. I had plans of having us all participate but little Nyah decided the night before not to run so I had to arrange for babysitting for her, thankfully, my neighbor Jill was going to take part on the race but not in the 5K so she could watch NyNy while Sam, Bryant and I ran. 

Race morning came early and with a chilly wind. Each time I run in the cold air I suffer for it the rest of the day with an awful cough and with a chill that just stays deep in my bones. As we lined up for the race, Bryant went to the front with this friend Quinn. I wanted to keep him in my sight just to be sure he crossed the roads okay but then Quinn's Dad told me that he would be watching them so I was "free" to just run. As they let us go for the run, I took off with the front of the pack, I was one of the first women in the pack but I hadn't paid close attention to see if there were any others girls up there with me. Race 001

My Garmin beeped at one mile and I saw that I clocked a 6:53 pace! Wowza! I was rocking it and I was feeling it in my lungs--the cold air was making me hurt so I pulled back just a little to allow for the cough to subside, men with strollers were passing me by this time but I was still at the front of the pack. A little downhill came and I savored it as I knew that the next 1/2 mile or so was going to be uphill. In the uphill section, I dug in with my toes and gritted my teeth but kept going, I passed one of the gentlemen pushing a stroller. Uphills are usually my crummiest but I wasn't going to walk, I kept pushing and kept telling myself that 3.1 miles is easy and I should be able to keep the pace going. As I neared the last turn of the race, I dug in a little deeper and with my throat aching from the cold air I crossed the finish line.

Race 007 Gasping for air and yet not being able to take it all in due to the cold and the cough that came at that same moment, they handed me a little paper plate that said 1st place W. I looked at it and they told me my time: 23:04. I had been fast enough to come in 1st place in the womens! I was stoked despite the ache in my throat and lungs.

Hubby was already there, he had finished in about 22 minutes--he doesn't remember his exact time as the organizers started talking to him and he forgot to stop his watch.

My boyo had not finished yet so I sent Sam, who was feeling a bit better than I was to go run back to get him and help him. I didn't have it in me to run back, I needed water and a rest to let my throat feel better. 3.1 miles is a bit far in my eyes for an 8 year old to run non-stop but Boyo aka Bryant really had his heart set on it.

Boyo came in at 27minutes! He is freaking fast for an 8 year old! He placed second in his age group. He wanted to come in 1st so he was a little disappointed but we made sure to tell him how stellar his time really was. I mean, I know a lot of adults who would love to run a 5K in 27minutes.

After the 5K the 1Mile race started and Nyah decided at that point that she wanted to run, so hubby went with her. She just ran for fun, no pressure, just running with her friends from the neighborhood.

After the race, they gave all the little kids a ribbon and we all got apple pie and ice cream.

I got my 1st place medal EVER! My kiddos won a pair of socks and a gift card to Zeppes, an Italian ice cream place. Overall it was a fantastic family activity! 


Welcome to Kindergarden & 3rd Grade


My little ones went back to school last week, usually it is only one that goes to "regular" school while the other one stayed home and went to play at preschool three times a week. However, this year, both of my little ones are in regular school. One was very excited and the other not so much...can you tell which one was the excited one?


Can you see a pattern from last year's pictures? He has decided his favorite color is red. He also has decided that this year he wants to wear "skateboarder" shoes. Oh yeah, and gel is definitely a no-no for him "MOOOM, that stuff is nasty!" And unfortunately for me, he no longer wants to have pictures of when he goes back to school :(.

Nyah, well, she is a little social butterfly. Whatever social skills her dad and I have, she got them all plus a lot more. She can make friends so easily and goes out of her way to make others happy. She is a little "momma" in the making. She has been waiting for Kindergarden for a full year now. She wanted to go last year but she was just four months shy of making the cut off. All during the summer she was planning on buying her school wardrobe and getting shoes. About two weeks before school started she chose her hair style for the first day of school. She wanted her hair down but didn't want it all over her face, so she decided on having little french braids that will hide behind a cascade of her hair in the back. Oh yeah, this was kindergarden, imagine how she will be in high school :)