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October 2010

The Shawl that Almost Wasn't

Shawl 034

It didn't start as a shawl in my head, it really wanted to be something else but I ran out of yarn and I did my math wrong--yah, I did my math wrong, I can honestly admit that I completely forgot how to get the circumference of a circle by having just the radius. Ah, you know those pesky thoughts that you had back in school "where and when am I going to need this crap!" well, I am here to tell ya, better memorize it because the hat that you want it may not turn out as a hat if you don't remember your math correctly. You may end up with half circle that would be of no use unless you have a cute 5 year old running around. 


Shawl 029

However, I think the Shawl that Almost Wasn't turned out quite well, in fact, I like it more than my original hat idea. Obviously, I believe my model makes it look tons better than it actually is :). She is so freaking adorable that girl! She pouts, she smiles, she jumps and she even steals the Hacky Sack from her brother all while being photographed!

Pattern to come soon over at, the Oops turn out quite better than the planned projects ;)


It was 8:40am, I was getting ready to go drop the kids off to school. I went up the stairs to tell hubby that I was leaving so that I could come back to register for the Boston Marathon right when it opened.  He yelled down the stairs and tells me that I got my Eastern Time and Mountain Time confused again! Boston registration had been going for 1 hour and 40 minutes already! Crap! I run down the steps to the computer and try to log on to the site. By this time, I had completely forgotten about the kids getting to school and the boatload of kids that I had to carpool.

Nyah in the background keeps saying something about her shoes. I keep answering, not now, not now, I have to register. Bryant asks something about some box I have in the car and that it needs to be taken out so the carpool kids can fit. I just nod and say "not, now, I must register! I am going to be late!" I felt like the rabbit in that movie that keeps on saying "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

Hubby feeling my frustration and probably my shaking from the floor above runs down the steps and saves the day by taking the kids to school.  I just mumble something like "okay, let me be! Stupid computer is not working, is not letting me sign up!". Dreading the worst--SOLD OUT, I keep trying and trying, open a different browser and keep on trying. Nothing, nada, broken! Wanting to kick the computer out the window, hubby comes back and I tell him that I cannot sign up. I run upstairs to get dressed for a 9am meeting, dreading that it will sell out while I am at the meeting...heart pounding I run out the door and get in my car to get to my meeting.

Meeting over, I run back  to the car trying to get home as fast as possible, see my phone flashing, hubby had called. He was able to get on and sign me up! My entry was in! Finally!


Season highlights

My racing season came to an end two weeks ago, actually it was supposed to be Oct. 16th but I got injured doing some regular workouts--my calves kept cramping up and that turned into very tight calves for about three days. After much thinking, I came to the conclusion that it was best for my body if I gave it a rest and pulled out of the race. Thus, my last 1/2 marathon went out the window and my season came to an end. However, I have such great memories from this year's races.

BoiseIronman First, my most memorable race and my accomplishment of the year: Boise Half Ironman. Although I didn't have a stellar performance, I loved it! It was a dream come true in every sense of the way. I loved the swim, the bike portion sucked due to the wind and I got horrible tummy cramps during the run but overall the entire experience was amazing. Racing alongside some of my friends from SARC made it even better!

TOU 2010 169Runner up: Top of Utah Marathon. Why? I qualified for Boston!!! It was an amazing race,  really, really amazing organization and support. In my book, this is the most organized marathon I have participated in. Plus this time, my hubby ran it with me. Having him at the end to hold me means so much to me. He is my rock and the person who got me started in this wonderful hobby.

StGeorge Marathon3 The last runner up: St. George Marathon. What a gorgeous course. I loved the views. I loved the runners, all so friendly, and the pacers rocked! And, I guess I qualified to go to Boston again in 2012 bumps into into my favorites.

I loved every single one of the races I participated in, they were all amazing. They all pushed my body and each and every single one of them reinforced my love for what I do: running, cycling and swimming. I am looking forward already to 2011 and all the races that it may hold for me and my little body :).


My achievements for 2010:

  • Smithfield Health Days 10K: 48:07
  • Ogden Marathon: 3:41:11
  • Little Red Ridinghood: 6:17
  • Ironman Boise 70.3: 7:37
  • Wasatch Back Ragnar: Team took 28hrs to complete
  • 15K Freedom Run: 1:13
  • Newton 5K: 21:22
  • Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon: 1:17:20
  • Spudman Olympic Triathlon: 2:33
  • Apple Days 5K: 23:04
  • Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon: 1:41:25
  • Top of Utah Marathon: 3:39:50--I qualified for the Boston Marathon 2011!
  • St. George Marathon 3:39:27--I qualified again! I can go in 2012 too!



Hurdling CartoonGif

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming.”  Frank Shorter

Hubby and I have signed up for our next marathon: Ogden 2011! Yes, I am going to go down and conquer the beast that gave me awful blisters this year. I have but one goal in mind to finish with a smile on my face not tears and feeling sorry for my poor foot like this year.

In a few days, Oct. 17th,  I will be turning 33. I never thought I would make it past 23 so 33 is a big thing for me. Growing up I had it in my head that I would die at the age of 23--why? No idea. I just always had that in my head. In a sense, every year after I reached 23 has been a "gift" to me. 33 is going to be big. I want it to be big. I want to live each year to the fullest. I want at the end of each year--Oct. 16th to look back at my previous year of life and say to myself "yep, I gave it 100% and I held nothing back."

A Decorator in the Making

Nyah 021 Nyah 014

Two days ago, I woke up and went downstairs to get some clothes to iron for the kids to wear to school. As I was walking down the steps, with my eyes still semi-closed from sleeping, I saw all these little things on my table in the living room. It was a bit dark and from far away I really couldn't make out what the "little" things were. As I turned on the light and got closer I couldn't help but smile. Little Nyah had taken all her itty bitty dolls and placed them all over the table as decor! I still haven't taken them down, they all look so cute and it seems that she put such an effort into it. I love it! My little girl is growing up and helping me around the home and putting "her" touch all over our home :).

Nyah 018

This week we had a special visitor at our home--baby Cory came by and little Nyah again played babysitter. She loves that little boy so much!!! She hugs him, plays with him, feeds him, and even runs to get the diaper when he needs changed. It is wonderful to see her play with him. Some days, she asks "Mom, if I stop crying and whining will Heavenly Father give us another baby?" I simply respond "I don't know, maybe" ;). She is truly a wonderful little girl.

Nyah 022
Last night at prayer, she was very serious and said a special prayer for those people without a home. After her prayer she sat down on her bed and asked me why there were people without a home. She wanted to know where they slept and what they ate. It was a little sad to explain to her that they sleep outside under the stars and that they depended on people's charity for their nourishment. After our little talk, she simply said "Mom, I hope they all find a warm place to sleep tonight because it is windy and cold outside." I don't know what made her think of this topic but it touched my heart to hear her pray for those who need help.

Nyah 026

St. George Marathon Done!

StGeorge Marathon 2 3:39:27, PRed by 23 seconds!!!

The course is beautiful! Just beautiful views all the way down. Definitely made it my favorite course so far.

The heat was awful though, very, very hot conditions. Dry heat from the desert, the kind that makes you feel like a chicken inside an oven. I drank and drank at each chance I had...I had my little Nathan water bottle with me but even like that I could feel the heat getting to me. I am sunburned--it went through my clothes so I am sunburned everywhere! Wearing black was not the best thing for this marathon.

Bad things that happened: I took some nutrition with caffeine. Not good for my system. I had the most horrid evening of my life...let's just say that I had to use the throne more than usual. Getting to the car almost made me pass out from the heat--I am a Mexican that cannot handle hot weather. After I got to the condo, I took a shower and although my body heat was high, I got super cold and I could feel that my body was going into shock from the heat.Things learned: no nutrition with caffeine. Drink more fluids or perhaps have an IV after being under the heat for so long.

I went into it afraid of the crowds but it was actually kind of nice to have that many people around. Getting started was a little crowded but the crowds thinned out quite fast.

Unexpected: the trash everywhere! I got a little bit of water at the second aid station. I kept holding on to my little cup to put it in the trash cans/box and it never came. I kept seeing people just throwing their cups right by their feet and I didn't know why. Well, I soon realized that there were no boxes to put the trash! All the cups were all over the ground--not very impressed with this system. It is dangerous and it looks filthy! Something else that bugged me a lot: at the Finishers' corral, I wanted water to drink and they had lots of little cups filled with coke and Dr. Pepper, nothing wrong with that but there was no water. I had to wait and wait to get a cup of water--not cool! Especially in the heat we were having :(.I like how the Ogden marathon does it: cross the finish line and you get a medal and a bottle of water :)

Overall, it was a wonderful event. I loved the course and the other runners were so awesome. I would love to be able to do it again next year...I will enter the lottery and cross my fingers that I am able to get in.

By the way: this was my 3rd marathon for the year and my 4th one so far!