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The Shawl that Almost Wasn't

Shawl 034

It didn't start as a shawl in my head, it really wanted to be something else but I ran out of yarn and I did my math wrong--yah, I did my math wrong, I can honestly admit that I completely forgot how to get the circumference of a circle by having just the radius. Ah, you know those pesky thoughts that you had back in school "where and when am I going to need this crap!" well, I am here to tell ya, better memorize it because the hat that you want it may not turn out as a hat if you don't remember your math correctly. You may end up with half circle that would be of no use unless you have a cute 5 year old running around. 


Shawl 029

However, I think the Shawl that Almost Wasn't turned out quite well, in fact, I like it more than my original hat idea. Obviously, I believe my model makes it look tons better than it actually is :). She is so freaking adorable that girl! She pouts, she smiles, she jumps and she even steals the Hacky Sack from her brother all while being photographed!

Pattern to come soon over at, the Oops turn out quite better than the planned projects ;)


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Knitting Looms

she look so pretty....I like your blog! I check it once in a while and always find interesting reading.


cute need it in adult size. :)

Brenda Myers

I've always heard (and proved it a few times myself) that "accident is the mother of invention". Your accidental design is beautiful, as is your lovely model.

sarah g

i can not believe how much nyah has grown! she looks just like you! she truly enhances your shawl and shows off your looming talent! the shawl is beautiful, also, by the way! :-)


I have to agree with Bethany, Nyah has such beautiful hair and she is such a doll :) I think the shawl is fabulous. Great work, Gorgeous!


Your sweet model is just perfect. She wears it well.

Mari (Angelbeader)


Nyah is growing into a beautiful young lady before our eyes. But you must realize we don't get any older.


This shawl is a very interesting (and of course adorable) design. Love those times when an oopsie can turn into a WOW! :D

Nyah is so vivacious, gorgeous, and has THE best hair! What a cutie doll! She's the perfect model...hmmm...maybe a future career?? ;)


Circumference equals 2 times Pi times the radius, lol. But I'm glad you forgot. This shawl is simply gorgeous! And the model is even more so.

Tammi Duis

From out of lurking, I just had to agree, she has grown so much since I started reading your blog! And she is absolutely adorable! As is the almost shawl! Love it!

Oh and CONGRATS on Boston! I'll be rooting for you!

Maria Tovar

She is so beautiful and natural. She is the greatest model. She is getting to look so much like you.


I vote for having the adorable five year around instead of remembering math. LOL! (Very pretty model!)


I love this one Isela! Beautiful!

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