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November 2010

Basketball Time!

You know how some kids just have that one sport that they really love, the one where they prefer to skip meals and computer time and tv time as long as they get to stay out there for 5 more minutes. Basketball is it for my Boyo! He has loved shooting hoops since he could grab a ball to dribble it. Making it into a high school basketball team is one of his dreams. He takes every opportunity he can to be outside shooting hoops. He practices his dribbling all during the summer and is always playing "pig or horse" with his Dad (don't ask me what those games are as I have no idea!).

Basketball Camp

When we found out there was a basketball camp sponsored and led by the USU Aggies Basketball Team he had to be there to learn any tidbits he could. He came home that week so stoked, full of ideas and new knowledge which he put to practice right away the following month when Basketball season commenced.

Basketball and Snowstorm 014

Los Lobos, meaning "the Wolves" is his team this year, I told him it was a sign that he was in the "wolf pack" just like Jacob Black, he didn't think it was funny, LOL.  His coach this year is focusing more on technique and teaching them how to play the game as opposed to last year when they were free to double dribble and just shoot whenever they felt like it. Boyo is thriving under the new guidance. He loves to have a coach and goes out of his way to please. He practices so hard at each practice and it is not happy until he has everything perfect or until he is soaking wet from sweat!

Basketball and Snowstorm 037

Game time usually means his serious face comes on and moving from one side to the other as fast as lightning. He has fast little legs that can carry him from one side of the court to the other in a very short time, all while dribbling the ball! He is definitely in the short side compared to all the other 3rd graders however what he lacks in height he makes up in heart and dedication. He is the kid that comes home after a game and even if it is snowing or freezing cold outside, he stays out there practicing until he has his "new" trick figured out. He makes this Mamma proud!

Basketball and Snowstorm 021

Thanksgiving 2010

We had another awesome Thanksgiving at my in-laws. I have to say it again, I have the most awesome inlaws ever! Grandma spoiled us all with a great meal. We truly left her house stuffed and content! Boyo went back three times to get ham and Nyah had a few servings of the sweet salads. My favorite's this year: the yam dish my sister-in-law Catherine made, it was delicious! It had a crust made out of brown sugar, coconut and walnuts and other spices, it was excellent! The ham was another great dish. The turkey was nice and moist and of course, dark meat for me :). The rolls, yummy homemade sweet rolls! And saving the best for last--the awesome pumpkin rolls! Seriously, I can finish one entire roll by myself and if I didn't have to share with my kiddos and hubby I probably would!!! Grandma of course sent a roll home with us--she so rocks!!! (No pictures of the food, I forgot my camera at home :(

Hair 014

In between the main meal and the desserts, my sweet niece Sharon gave all the girls a hair makeover. I had to also join in the fun and got my hair curled :).  All of my nieces are getting older now, where once they were 3-5, now they are teens and it is so much fun to just sit and listen to their conversation which always seems to revolve around boyz! I love them all and I feel so great knowing that they feel comfortable talking about "boyz" with me and around me.

Hair 021


It is rare when classes are canceled here in Cache Valley but today for the first time in many, many years, we had a short-day at the schools and many businesses closed early due to the snowstorm we were about to receive. I got the day off from work and Hubby was working from home that morning and the kiddos only had 1/2 a day at school. I told hubby that unless he was back from work by 2pm that his rights of going to work were being revoked for the day, so he stayed home the entire day.

Basketball and Snowstorm 048

The kids arrived from school and 3 o'clock rolled around then 4, then 5 and no storm, it looked like the snowstorm wasn't going to come after all. Then, it started, it seemed that we got about 8 inches of powder in a matter of minutes! It was lovely! Big fluffy, white flakes all around. The kids couldn't contain themselves, they had to go out and play. We got them all dressed and they went out to the backyard. I figured the fence will keep some of the wind away and they would be okay playing there while we supervised. After watching them roll the biggest snowball ever, I couldn't resist but to get all bundled up and join them.


We build some little snow castles in the back and tried to make the snowball bigger and get a big snowman going but after awhile the snow wasn't packing much so we ended up with a big snowball and no body nor head. But, we had ball of fun. Little Nyah had her hair down and we started laughing when we saw that it was all frozen and her little cheeks were hot pink and Boyo's cheeks and nose were bright red. We went inside the house and finished off the evening by drinking hot chocolate and apple cider while we watched a movie on the tube. I love it when my family gets to be home with me :)