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Happy Sixth!

A Gift for Myself

Hippo Each year, I try to get something special for myself, last year, I went ahead and got myself some personal training sessions and I loved it, so this year, I decided to do the same. It is something I love and wish I could have it all the time. My trainer is an amazing and supportive trainer but he makes me  hurt all over.

Today was day number 1 and I am so sore and it hasn't even been 24hrs yet, I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring. Some say I am crazy, yet, I think I am getting exactly what I wanted.You know it is quite pathetic when they put you to do some lat raises on a cable machine and you can barely lift the 5lbs on each side, yah, I was laughing so hard because I can run 26.2 miles yet I cannot do more than 10 reps with 5lbs on each side. Sad.

Although I am super psyched, I found out my measurements and weight and fat percentage and the BMI...yah...I wasn't ready for all those numbers. I love numbers, especially when they are high and in the back account, however high numbers and in the red in respect to my body, not a good thing. It can only spell something--P-O-R-T-I-O-N-S.  Today's numbers just reinforced my post from a day or so ago, I must really control my portions. Sigh, something so simple yet so hard for me to do. Maybe if I didn't have to cook, or maybe if I just made exactly enough for 4 people for 1 meal.

Goals for this session, to see if I can finally work on my portion control and clean eating and consequently reach my goal in both weight and fat percentage. Time to eat healthy to train at my best.


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