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Although I keep a quite healthy diet that includes everything under the sun, lately, I have been thinking that perhaps I can do a little better. Yes, I can always decrease my portions, I admit, I suffer from portion-control disease. I always feel that I am not going to get enough to eat so I put enough in my belly to the point that I have to sit there for a few minutes after dinner just so that I can get the energy to get out of the chair.

Truth: I just love food. I love to eat! I have wanted to change my diet to include more greens, less breads and less tortillas with cheese (despite their wonderful taste they keep going to my love handles area) however cooking with greens is not my strongpoint.  Since I am not very good at including them with my meals, I have decided to create my shakes with them.

Experiment 1:

  • Orange juice
  • 1 scoop of protein (20grams)
  • 2 cups of baby spinach

Tasted: Just like orange juice! I loved it. Despite the green color of it, it was quite delicious.

Body: It did well for a few hours, however, all afternoon my tummy was upset-just making too many growling noises, I guess it was too much green all at once, hahaha!

A Few Hours After: Despite the tummy noises, I had energy for the rest of the day, more than usual.

Experiment 2:

  • Papaya Juice (100% natural), one of my favorite fruits
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1 cup of alfalfa

Tasted: Alfalfa!!! That stuff is strong! I guess I better use Orange Juice instead to try to cover the alfalfa taste. It was a gorgeous green color though, really, really nice! It was still passable so I just drank it with my eyes closed.

Body: Surprisingly it did great!

Felt: Quite awake and again energized.


No pictures, but I'll try to get some at some point to go with these notes.


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Isela - Can you please share which brand/flavor of protein you use? I am new to the protein shake world.
Thank you :)


It's great that you're experimenting with different flavors! Those greens and veggies are great in that concentrated amount. We have a juicer, which grinds everything and anything down to just it's juice. We found the best items to blend for this are: apples, carrots, spinach, cucumber, beats, and a bit of ginger root. :) Pretty good!

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