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My baby princess is growing, it is sad to admit but she is no longer the baby that I insist her to be. I can still pick her up and I can still rock her to sleep, but I can see the days going by so fast. I can still remember as if it was yesterday the day she was born, the first day her big brother saw her for the first time. I can remember her very first Christmas with us and how tiny she was and how despite all the presents around, we knew that the best Christmas present was her! Her big brother wanted to hold her at all possible times and her little squeaks would grab our attention from the start. The day she started walking and moving around touching everything. The love she had for the Christmas tree and how she spent most of the time that 2nd Christmas by the Christmas Tree mesmerized by the lights and the ornaments. Til this day, Christmas is still her favorite time of year. She ensures every year that we take out the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and that we take out all the decorations.


Since she was born, she has always brought into our home sunshine. She is the child that wakes up happy no matter how early it is. She is the one that runs around singing and trying to make us all laugh by doing something silly. She still loves to come to our bed and jump in next to me and give snuggles. She loves babies, almost as much as I do. She much rather babysit a baby than play with her friends. She loves holding them and feeding them their bottle and then she is not afraid to get down on the floor and crawl around and sing and tickle them until they are happy. She has a heart of gold and one day she is going to make a wonderful Momma. However, despite all the sugar in her, she has sassy! Lots of sassy in her! She is sugar and spice and everything nice all in one little package. We love you baby girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Princess Nyah




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Holy cow, I can't believe she is six! I remember when she was just a squishy little newborn with, like, three inches of black hair! Happy Happy, Nyah!


So cute :) Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girlie!

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