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December 2010

Loom Knitting Booklet--Blogger Reviewers & Contest

Loom Knitting made easy

Bloggers Reviewers Contest Winners!!!

It is time my dears to choose the winners for the Blog reviews, there were 5 with blogs who entered their names into the hat and I have exactly 5 copies to give away for bloggers. Their names are...drum roll!

Jenny, Bethany, Tanya, Chris and Diana!

Please contact me privately and send me your mailing address. I just barely received the package with the little booklets.

Reviews can include questions to me too, please no more than 5 questions :).

CONTEST, CONTEST, CONTEST for non bloggers and bloggers!

I have 5 extra copies to give away, you can win a copy by doing the following, an entry for each social media blip! Facebook about the contest=1 entry; Tweet about the contest=1 entry; and last but the most imporant comment on this post by sharing with me one of your Goals for 2011 =1 entry, in the same comment give me the number of entries you have earned. You can win a total of 4 entries! Contest entries must be entered by midnight Wednesday, January 5th, MST.

Wrapped in Lace

A picture of my favorite project in the book :). Wrapped in Lace.


My Favorite New Top!

Santa noticed that I was quite good this year and gifted me with this awesome new running top...can you say Dreamy, thank you hubby :)!!! It is buttery soft and super light weight. The neckline crosses at the front for a nice "cowl" look. But the best part of it...the logo!

Top copy

Close-up of the logo: yep! Boston Marathon Qualifier...thank you darling for such an awesome gift!





Christmas Celebrations 2010

We love Christmas time at our house. We look forward each year to decorating the house and  Christmas 2010 117
making lots of yummy goodies to eat and share with our friends and family. Mexican tradition calls for a big part-y on the 24th with the 25th being reserved for spending with family either at home or visiting them at their home. I love this tradition as I am able to see a lot of my favorite people on the 24th and we are able to share on some good food.

The menu this year consisChristmas 2010 123ted of Pozole soup, beef tacos, and some out of this world tamales. I have made tamales before but never have they come out as tasty as this time around. In addition to the regular pork and salsa that I put in them, I decided this year to add some shredded Poblano an anaheim peppers and Cotija cheese--it made for some amazing, moist, and super tasty tamales. We made over 100 tamales and as of Monday we have about 12 left...yes, we are piglets, LOL. In our defense, we had 18 people at our home and we shared some of the bounty with them as they were going home.I am planning to make more for New Year's cuz my waist is not big enough just yet (ha!)

 Christmas this year was one of my favorites ever! I saw my kids actually take their time with their presents and admire each and every one of them. My son who has always loved remote control cars was looking forward to getting one and to his surprise he got two, one from Santa and one from Grandma Silvia. He is hog heaven! My little Nyah gave us the biggest smiles when she opened the littlest box and inside she found 3 pairs of clip on earrings. She couldn't believe it and right away she knew that it had been Mom not Santa who got them for her. She has wanted her ears pierced since she has been able to speak. The clip ons will keep her happy until she turns 8 and is able to get the "real" thing. Sam and I got a couple of things but nothing is as special as wrapping the presents together the night before and then sneaking downstairs to put them under the tree as we say "HO, HO, HO" for the kiddos to hear Santa.

Christmas 2010 121 Our Christmas was overwhelmingly special, our family and friends came to visit and we were able to spend the time together as a family. Love this time of year when I get to spend it with my favorite people in the world :). Happy Holidays to all! 



New Loom Knitting Booklet!!!

Hot off the presses! I just received my complimentary copy of the latest little booklet! It is so cute, so tiny(8.5 x 5.5 inches) and I love it! The pictures are wonderfully clear and the projects are greatly photographed for you to see the project at its best.

Loom Knitting made easy

Check out the projects, there are 5 easy ones and 1 advanced one at the very end.

Loom Knitting Back

CONTEST: Come back next week and I will be giving you a chance to win your very own copy: 5 copies to give away!

Reviews: If you have a knitting or loom knitting blog and would like to review a copy, drop me a note in the comments and I will choose 5 random bloggers.

Find the booklet at your local craft stores!

PS: Late in getting those Holiday presents, don't despair, may I suggest a gift certificate from for your loom knitting friends.

Christmas Letter

My little Nyah wrote her Christmas Letter to Santa...I can't help but smile and try to save it forever! I think I am rubbing off on her BIG time :).


  • Ipod
  • Hanna Montana wig
  • Zumba Pants
  • Zumba Headband
  • Polly Pockets

Santa needs to get cracking on this list :)

Christmas Letter 007

Shake, Shake, Shake It!

Cheesecake and shake 007 It is not about dancing, it is about my last shake. I know you are all dying to know what I put in this time. Experimenting is fun, except when it comes to tasting the stuff. This time around, it turned out quite well.


  • 1 Full orange (peeled, LOL)
  • 1/2 cup of alfalfa
  • 1/2 cup of broccoli (just the tops, not the stems)
  • 1/4 of orange juice (I only use enough to give it a nice consistency, btw, I use Tropicana, you can add more juice if you need to)
  • 1 scoop of whey protein (20 grams of protein)

Put it all in the blender and enjoy!

Tastes: quite a bit like orange but the alfalfa taste is still quite matter what I mix it with, the taste always surfaces.

Hand blender About blenders: I use a hand blender by Cuisinart. I have had it now for 2 years and I love it! It was one of the best purchases I have made. If you have a regular blender, those work awesome too, I just like the convenience of the hand blender.

And I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous and delicious Cheesecake that my friend Sarah made for my birthday (back in October). Her cheesecakes are the most delicious I have ever chocolatey!

Cheesecake and shake 003


Meet my Sister

As you know, I haven't seen my sisters since I was about seven years old. A couple of years ago, one of them, Carmelita Arely, contacted me and since then we have been in touch. Recently, Arely got a Facebook account and after a month or two, she finally was able to load up a picture of her and her husband. She is younger than me by one year.It felt so great to see her in person.


I couldn't help but put a picture of her and me together to see how much we resemble each day, perhaps we will meet each other in real life.




Happy Sixth!

  Nyah 6th 032

My baby princess is growing, it is sad to admit but she is no longer the baby that I insist her to be. I can still pick her up and I can still rock her to sleep, but I can see the days going by so fast. I can still remember as if it was yesterday the day she was born, the first day her big brother saw her for the first time. I can remember her very first Christmas with us and how tiny she was and how despite all the presents around, we knew that the best Christmas present was her! Her big brother wanted to hold her at all possible times and her little squeaks would grab our attention from the start. The day she started walking and moving around touching everything. The love she had for the Christmas tree and how she spent most of the time that 2nd Christmas by the Christmas Tree mesmerized by the lights and the ornaments. Til this day, Christmas is still her favorite time of year. She ensures every year that we take out the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and that we take out all the decorations.


Since she was born, she has always brought into our home sunshine. She is the child that wakes up happy no matter how early it is. She is the one that runs around singing and trying to make us all laugh by doing something silly. She still loves to come to our bed and jump in next to me and give snuggles. She loves babies, almost as much as I do. She much rather babysit a baby than play with her friends. She loves holding them and feeding them their bottle and then she is not afraid to get down on the floor and crawl around and sing and tickle them until they are happy. She has a heart of gold and one day she is going to make a wonderful Momma. However, despite all the sugar in her, she has sassy! Lots of sassy in her! She is sugar and spice and everything nice all in one little package. We love you baby girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Princess Nyah



A Gift for Myself

Hippo Each year, I try to get something special for myself, last year, I went ahead and got myself some personal training sessions and I loved it, so this year, I decided to do the same. It is something I love and wish I could have it all the time. My trainer is an amazing and supportive trainer but he makes me  hurt all over.

Today was day number 1 and I am so sore and it hasn't even been 24hrs yet, I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring. Some say I am crazy, yet, I think I am getting exactly what I wanted.You know it is quite pathetic when they put you to do some lat raises on a cable machine and you can barely lift the 5lbs on each side, yah, I was laughing so hard because I can run 26.2 miles yet I cannot do more than 10 reps with 5lbs on each side. Sad.

Although I am super psyched, I found out my measurements and weight and fat percentage and the BMI...yah...I wasn't ready for all those numbers. I love numbers, especially when they are high and in the back account, however high numbers and in the red in respect to my body, not a good thing. It can only spell something--P-O-R-T-I-O-N-S.  Today's numbers just reinforced my post from a day or so ago, I must really control my portions. Sigh, something so simple yet so hard for me to do. Maybe if I didn't have to cook, or maybe if I just made exactly enough for 4 people for 1 meal.

Goals for this session, to see if I can finally work on my portion control and clean eating and consequently reach my goal in both weight and fat percentage. Time to eat healthy to train at my best.

Experiments on Shakes

Although I keep a quite healthy diet that includes everything under the sun, lately, I have been thinking that perhaps I can do a little better. Yes, I can always decrease my portions, I admit, I suffer from portion-control disease. I always feel that I am not going to get enough to eat so I put enough in my belly to the point that I have to sit there for a few minutes after dinner just so that I can get the energy to get out of the chair.

Truth: I just love food. I love to eat! I have wanted to change my diet to include more greens, less breads and less tortillas with cheese (despite their wonderful taste they keep going to my love handles area) however cooking with greens is not my strongpoint.  Since I am not very good at including them with my meals, I have decided to create my shakes with them.

Experiment 1:

  • Orange juice
  • 1 scoop of protein (20grams)
  • 2 cups of baby spinach

Tasted: Just like orange juice! I loved it. Despite the green color of it, it was quite delicious.

Body: It did well for a few hours, however, all afternoon my tummy was upset-just making too many growling noises, I guess it was too much green all at once, hahaha!

A Few Hours After: Despite the tummy noises, I had energy for the rest of the day, more than usual.

Experiment 2:

  • Papaya Juice (100% natural), one of my favorite fruits
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1 cup of alfalfa

Tasted: Alfalfa!!! That stuff is strong! I guess I better use Orange Juice instead to try to cover the alfalfa taste. It was a gorgeous green color though, really, really nice! It was still passable so I just drank it with my eyes closed.

Body: Surprisingly it did great!

Felt: Quite awake and again energized.


No pictures, but I'll try to get some at some point to go with these notes.