My Favorite New Top!
Ballband Dishcloth on the Looms!

Loom Knitting Booklet--Blogger Reviewers & Contest

Loom Knitting made easy

Bloggers Reviewers Contest Winners!!!

It is time my dears to choose the winners for the Blog reviews, there were 5 with blogs who entered their names into the hat and I have exactly 5 copies to give away for bloggers. Their names are...drum roll!

Jenny, Bethany, Tanya, Chris and Diana!

Please contact me privately and send me your mailing address. I just barely received the package with the little booklets.

Reviews can include questions to me too, please no more than 5 questions :).

CONTEST, CONTEST, CONTEST for non bloggers and bloggers!

I have 5 extra copies to give away, you can win a copy by doing the following, an entry for each social media blip! Facebook about the contest=1 entry; Tweet about the contest=1 entry; and last but the most imporant comment on this post by sharing with me one of your Goals for 2011 =1 entry, in the same comment give me the number of entries you have earned. You can win a total of 4 entries! Contest entries must be entered by midnight Wednesday, January 5th, MST.

Wrapped in Lace

A picture of my favorite project in the book :). Wrapped in Lace.



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Okay thanks! LOL I subscribed to any comments or updates but nothing ever came through and I kept coming back here checking like some others. Glad you are okay.. I was thinking something happened. :-)


Everyone was picked already. The post is right here:



Has anyone been picked for this or was it forgotten? LOL!


I've been coming back to the site several times a day for the last week, Lori, to check for a list of winners. LOL! I guess we all have our hopes up. :-) I sure hope all is well with Isela!

Lori Rolison

Forgive my impatiences but, I was just wondering if there has been a winner chosen for this contest yet?

Kim Johnson

How do I get this booklet??? I LOVE the Wrapped In Lace and want to make it for my secret sister! :)

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Resolution for organization. A place for everything and everything in its place!

I linked via facebook and tweeted! (so that's at least 3)

sharon wilson

My first new years resolution for the year 2011 is
to finish what I start. From the first step of brain storming,planning,buying materials,learning new patterns, new stitches, and techniques, to casting on, all the way through to finishing, and gifting the item. this makes two entries into the contest for me.


I would love to get into doing stuff for myself and Looming is away for me to relax and think only of "me time". It is hard to get Looming stuff in Canada and would love to have a copy to add to my library and to try new patterns.


hey isela!
i was generously gifted a certificate for an intense boot camp at a nearby gym (the class starts next week!), and i just finished knitting a pair of thighwarmers i designed. i can't wait to use them for the class, as i'm very proud of them! for the new year, i plan to re-launch my (currently defunct) etsy store loaded with a few of said thighwarmers as well as some other design ideas brewing in my brain! hopefully the new year will bring some new looming techniques and some amazing sales. i've been looming for about 8 years now, and am still amazed at the things that you and other loomers create!! i'm tweeting this as well. thanks for offering an awesome contest! happy new year!

Tracee Stewart

Love the booklet! Want to win one! I want to craft more and loom more in the New Year as well as spending time with my family more. I have 4 entries now. I reposted on FB sent a tweet and did this! Love your blog too and everything you do! i have been looming now for 7 years!

Nancy Morrison

What a great way to start the new year - one of my goals is to learn lace and pattern on the loooms and boards. After a difficult 2010, one which I am still recovering from, this would be a welcome distraction.

I have also shared the link on Facebook.

Lori Rolison

Thank-you for this opportunity to win a new Loom-knitting resource. My overall goals for 2011 are for better nutrition, physical fitness,sleep habits,& organization. With these things in tact; I hope for more knitting time, FINISHED projects and added skills! This is my 2nd and final entry; my other is on FB!:)


I FB'd it, and Tweeted it.

My goal for 2011 is to move beyond basic hats and keep learning!

Three entries

Karen Mokas

One is to have all of my Christmas gifts done by summer of this year.
next I want to get at least 2 new classes started. I teach at senior housing places and always get new helpers to make hats for my charity.


Well shazam, throw my name in the hat! :)

One of my goals for 2011 is to spend more time knitting. I love to loom, but nursing school is such a time suck I only made a hat and a scarf all year.


My goal is for this coming year of 2011 to learn how to do different stitches on the looms. I want to try my hand at leather soled booties,cables and also some pretty bags to felt.
I would love to win one of your booklets... Your instructions are so well written and easy to understand thank you . I posted on facebook also.hugs from South Texas,,Birgit


I definitely want to do more looming in 2011. It has taken a back seat these last few main goal is to do my first pair of socks!
I posted about your give away on FB and on my blog.


As a newbie this year (2010) I want to increase my knowledge of the different stitches, such as cables and make more than just hats and scarves and little totes. I'd like to try a sweater this new year.. with cables!


Would love a copy too! My goals for 2011 are to become more active in the autism community, help other parents who are recently thrown into the world of autism, and of course MORE KNITTING! I also posted on facebook!

Linda Robbins

One of my goals for 2011 is to continue to challenge myself with new projects and to double the number of hats donated to chemo patients.


i want to learn more about looming.and would like to learn more on sock looming


Woohoo! I'm so excited to review the booklet for you! :D hmmmm...I'm going to have to think up some good questions to ask, lol. ;) Thanks so much for the fun and the opportunity!


Being in Canada locating all the wonderful Loom books is no easy task but I have resolved to get myself a copy of each of them in 2011! LOL Since I don't blog, tweet or use Facebook this is my only shot at this lovely book! Thanx for the opportunity Isela!

Stacie W

I would love to win a copy of this booklet! My goals for 2011 are loom more, spend more time with family and to drop a few pounds. I also posted a comment on facebook. Good bye 2010 and Hello 2011!

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