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Meet my Sister

As you know, I haven't seen my sisters since I was about seven years old. A couple of years ago, one of them, Carmelita Arely, contacted me and since then we have been in touch. Recently, Arely got a Facebook account and after a month or two, she finally was able to load up a picture of her and her husband. She is younger than me by one year.It felt so great to see her in person.


I couldn't help but put a picture of her and me together to see how much we resemble each other....one day, perhaps we will meet each other in real life.





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Wow, Isela. I didn't know that. Someday we need to do lunch and I'll pretend I'm a reporter and get your life story out of you. That's great that you can be a part of each others lives now, even if it is just by correspondence. We'll have to throw a big party someday when you have your face to face meeting.


Neat! I hope that someday is soon. Hugs!

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