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New Loom Knitting Booklet!!!

Hot off the presses! I just received my complimentary copy of the latest little booklet! It is so cute, so tiny(8.5 x 5.5 inches) and I love it! The pictures are wonderfully clear and the projects are greatly photographed for you to see the project at its best.

Loom Knitting made easy

Check out the projects, there are 5 easy ones and 1 advanced one at the very end.

Loom Knitting Back

CONTEST: Come back next week and I will be giving you a chance to win your very own copy: 5 copies to give away!

Reviews: If you have a knitting or loom knitting blog and would like to review a copy, drop me a note in the comments and I will choose 5 random bloggers.

Find the booklet at your local craft stores!

PS: Late in getting those Holiday presents, don't despair, may I suggest a gift certificate from for your loom knitting friends.


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laura lok

cool new to loom knitting this would come in handy


I am offering to those with loom knitting blogs so that the reviews
can be read by others who may be interested in the book. If the
person doesnt have a blog then chances are their reviews wont be

There was another contest for those without blogs to enter.


Ruthann Rhodes

pamphlet looks interesting but am curious why you're only offering to those with knitting blogs? The booklet is clearly for beginning loomers. Shouldn't they be the ones to review this product?

Carole K.

Well, I am sure that you already have given away all of your copies...and I don't have a do you have any idea when or where it will be available for the "rest of us"? I own (and love!) all of your books and use them for reference anytime I need any info about my projects!
Thanks for all of your hard work!




I am still new to Looming and would love to try this as a newbie. I think the patterns are lovely and want to try them all!!

Aurora Chancy

Id love to have this book also, my journal is

Celes Mickle

Hello, I Would Love To Win The Loom Knitting Book. I Love Knitting Hat And Scarf Sets. I Started My Own Business In Knitting Hat And Scarf Sets. Please Select Me For The Loom Knitting Book For This Contest Giveaway? This Book Will Most Definitely Help My Hat And Scarf Set Business. Have A Safe New Years.

Angel R

would love to have this! great contest!


Love the booklet, please add my name to the hat!


These would be great to try! Please add my name to the hat!

Kathryn Collier

These patterns look great! Please add my name to the hat!

Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year


great patterns! can't wait for the contest :)

Cherryl M

This is great...I'm now retired and I use my loom to make all kinds of things. I'm teaching my granddaughter and grandson to loom knit. I would love the chance to win a copy of the new booklet. I really like the lacey wrap. I'm a shawl fanatic!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Thank you Helen! The wrapped in lace shawl is one of my favorites!



Thank you Chris. I will enter your name in the hat for the bloggers!



Thank you Melissa.
I will enter your name in the hat!



Excellent Tanya, I will enter your name in the hat for the bloggers!



Thanks Diana. A blog about book reviews sounds like an excellent
idea! I will enter your name in the hat.


Helen Jacobs-Grant

love the look of wrapped in lace, congratulations Isela this looks like a fab addition to the loom knitting publications :)
Happy Christmas
Helen x

Chris Ledder

I would love to review it for my blog.

I have people searching for new ideas all the time and I have promised myself that once the holiday projects are done it is time to conquer the looming.



Hi Isela, Those projects look like great fun! Loom knitting is my new obsession so I'm looking for easy patterns. Love these.
Put my name in the hat for a free booklet please.


Hi - I'd love to do a review on my blog. In fact, I'm considering starting a new blog in 2011 for book and pattern reviews specifically. This would make a great entry for the new blog.


Hahaha, I sleep, probably too much. This publication was a joy to
do, I love the editor and the easy projects allowed for so much
freedom :) not to mention they were quick.

I will add your name into the hat!



Thank you Sandi :). I will add your name to the hat!



Thank you Mary, we will add your name to the hat :).



Sweeet! I would love to have you review it! :)


Jeannette Pirkle

Great job Isela, do you ever sleep? You are always coming up with something new. Congratulations on this newest publication.

Sandi B

Wow, I can't wait to have my hands on this book!!!! The Nine-patch throw is inspiring.

Mary Thornhill

Awesome Isela!! I have 2 of the DA Looms and absolutely love them. I hope stores here in Florida carry this one. Sometimes they are a little sparse down here on supplies for knitting and crocheting. I'd love to review a copy but if not I will definately have to search for one of these.

Thanks for your awesome work on the DA Looms instructions, patterns and everything else. Your books are wonderful.


The patterns looks fun! I want to try the easy lace one. :-) And I'd love to do a review on my blog!


Very cool Isela! :) This looks very neat...what a good set of projects for any loomer.

I'm not sure exactly what you require for a review, but I'm game! ;)


Looks good, Gorgeous! Way to go!

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