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I shipped the last of the boxes. I am now free to do whatever it is I do with my free time between the hours of 10pm and 3am in the morning. Yes, I know some of you lucky people out there sleep during this time but unfortunately for me that is the time when I usually work on my 4th job...yes, I am a sucker!

But the good news, it is over for awhile and I can now breathe in and out without having a heart attack each time I look at the calendar and say to myself that I still have a gazillion projects to finish. Remind me next time they ask me to publish to think about these late nights and the sleepless nights.

Bryant Birthday small copy While I was loom knitting my fingers away, my first born turned a year older--he is now 9 years old and reminds me almost everyday that I am going to be 34 this year...yes, just what a mother wants to be reminded of each and everyday. Yes, he is the same child who told me a few years ago that I looked pregnant (while I wasn't) and the one who actually pushed me out the door (just with his comment about being pregnant) and turn my potato couch life around. I love him to pieces and he is the second man in my life. He is the sweetest little boy (but just to his Mom), and he is truly an intelligent little guy, he tries his best at everything and without fail he succeeds at every new thing he tries.

Boston number Also, while I was busy doing the loom knitting, a few things happen. I decided to not run the Boston marathon and skipped more than a handful of workouts due to the ever growing list of projects that needed knitting. And then decided after they sent me my Bib Number through email that I just HAD to run it and call it my reward for sitting on my plump a$$ all these months knitting away each night. So, I booked plane tickets and a hotel room and quickly started back up on my training. I will be a bit undertrained but at least I can tell myself while I am running Boston "it was my dream, now run it fool!"

Lastly, the Loom King is no more the Loom King, Sam aka hubby, has sold his company, To tell you that we were sad would be lying. We were looking forward to changing our lifestyle for about two years now. Although everyone dreams of being their own boss, we quickly realized that when you own your own company you are not your own boss--all your customers are your boss. Although we spent a lot of time together, it was always a time of work. Hubby was always answering emails or the phone or putting looms together. Even when we went on a 3 day vacation (could never take off more than that due to the high demand for the product) he was still working. The stress level on his side was getting to be too much for one guy to handle and it would spill into our lives. I was with him for awhile at the beginning but the questions coming my way were always endless and ever present that I stepped back a few years ago, but even not being in the frontline with him, I still had over 100 emails each day to answer.  He build this company from scratch and he truly made into one of the strongest loom knitting manufacturers in the nation with quality that was unsurpassed and products that met the customer needs. Now that he is no longer doing the loom business, he can now focus on what he really wants to do with his life--LSAT and then law school. Definitely some major, exciting changes coming our way.

Cory 037 What else....oh yah, my 6 year old NyNy had to have four of her baby teeth pulled out. Two of her grown up teeth were growing behind her baby ones (blame it all on me, I had to had it done too when I was her age). She was a trooper and although she was scared before getting to the Dr. (thanks to my Son's horror stories of his teeth being pulled out), she did amazingly well.  She is now our newest Chimuelita :)


Wildlife on the Run


We truly live in a wonderful area of the world, despite the awful long winters we have, I have to admit that it is always gorgeous. During one of our runs, hubby and I spotted this family of elk. We wish we had our camera with us at the time and we continued running, two days later, the elk were there again, two days later, they were still there, so on Sunday we took our kiddos to see them and to snap a few pictures of the lovely creatures.