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Easter Fun at Grandma's

Grandma Phelps put together a little Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids this year, my kiddos were super excited to go and search for eggs. I was a totally lame Mom and completely forgot to get them a basket, although, they both have beautiful knitted baskets but I forgot them at home.

Easter Hunt 041

I also get the Mother of the Year award for not getting them a little basket or egg for Sunday. I felt terrible about it but I was feeling so sick and still so exhausted from the traveling that I completely spaced it. I tried to redeem myself by going early morning to KMart and buying them a stuffy and an egg filled with candy--I scored, I got it all 40% off (perhaps, I am not totally lame).

Easter Hunt 002
One of my favorite pictures--little Nyah, although she is 6 years old, she still needs her Daddy next to her to feel safe and protected :). I wonder if she will always feel like that towards us.

Easter Hunt 012
Boyo and one of his cousins decided to join efforts and search for as many eggs as they could find and then share in the exploits! Little bandits had a bag full of eggs.

Easter Hunt 020

Gradma's house and surrounding land is the perfect place to hide eggs! They have little barns/houses, chicken coops all around the area. We, the adults, had a fun time hiding the eggs for the kiddos.

Easter Hunt 021

Boston Marathon report part I


The entire event was more than I ever imagined. People told me of the spectators but I never believed it until I saw it and experience it. It was an amazing race and it was mostly due to the spectators out on the course cheering for all the runners.

Boston 008 Starting from the beginning, I was afraid of missing the bus so I woke up at 5am which is usually quite late as I am used to getting up at 3am to board a 5am bus but this time around I had to be on the bus by 7am. As I woke up and got ready for my big day, I was surprised that I felt calm and ready, despite my single long run of 18 miles. I knew what was ahead of me and in my head I knew that if it came to it, I was okay with walking the last 5 miles. I wasn't there to set a record, I was there just to have fun and enjoy the experience. I taped myself up--KT Tape on my legs always since I overpronate so much and my shoes don't do the trick on their own. I decided while taping my legs to also tape my right ankle, no idea why I felt the need but I went ahead and taped it (little did I know that it would be my saving grace later on in the marathon). As I was getting ready, I turned the TV on to the local news and the marathon was everywhere, all the news was about it and about the weather and how it would affect the runners. Quite exciting to see the race on national news!

Boston 011 Hubby walked me to the bus loading area where I was expecting to get there and wait on the line for a few minutes but when we got to Boston Commons we were presented with thousands of runners waiting in this super long serpentine line. I wish I had known my wait was going to be almost an hour as I would have gotten breakfast and ate it while waiting in line. I was lucky to have taken my winter coat with me as it was a cold morning and as we waited there in the park it got colder and Boston 013 colder. Runners were there wearing their short shorts and they ended up taking their friends jackets/sweaters to wrap them around their legs just to keep warm. I have to remember that 50 degrees feels a lot different in Boston than it does in Utah. 50 degrees there still means you need a coat. After a little wait, I was able to board the bus and leave my hubby behind--I always find climbing on the bus on my own a little scary, I wish I could take him with me.

Boston 010 In the bus, I sat next to a guy who qualified on his first marathon and his family insisted he did Boston...I told it was really awesome :). His entire family was in Boston to cheer him and see him at the finish line. After chatting for a few minutes, I closed my eyes and I slept all the way to the starting line. I got to the starting line around 9am and my starting time was 10:20 so I hurried to the porta potties and waited my turn with all my other fellow runners. I made a few friends there from all over the world. It was super neat to meet so many runners from all different parts of the world. As always, almost when it was my turn, the toilet paper ran out and all of us were scrambling around for TP...I must remember to take a roll with me to the starting line. Thankfully someone thought ahead and brought extra.

After taking care of business, I hurried and went to food section and picked up half a bagel and some water. Drank a full bottle of water and ate slowly. Then it was time to get serious and get going. I shed my layers, it was terribly sad leaving my coat and my sweats. I didn't want to be cold so I wore a long sleeve layer and short sleeve. I dont' like carrying extra clothes but I didn't want to be cold. I made my way to the starting line with plenty of time but there were so many people to weave through that by the time I got to the starting line my wave and corral had already left. I ended up at the tail end of Wave 2. I had missed the Start :( sad.

Stay tuned for part II....the race


Boston bound...I am going on an airplane...weee! I am so excited to see from afar some of the best runners in the run the same streets they have ran down, to perhaps even see them up close at some point.

I shall be in Boston by Sunday morning..the worst part about the trip is the whole red eye flight but hopefully it won't affect me so much. I knew that I wasn't going to sleep much anyways...never do before a race...must take some Tylenol PM the night before just to get a few hours in.

My lucky number of the day 15856...may it bring me to the finish line in one piece and hopefully that my feet cross the finish line without any blisters or if there are blisters that at least I'll be conscious to realize the pain :).

Wish me luck! A dream come true for mantra as always "once upon a dream, now I am making it a reality"