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June 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Water slide 034 We have spent the first few days of summer doing almost nothing which is pretty amazing in this house.  Usually our days are packed with activities or work but not this summer. I decided at the end of the school year that we were going to keep everything minimal, no joining any teams, no big events, just relaxing and having some fun around the house.

We have visited the splash pad a few times and the kids have spend hours and hours getting wet there and playing at the adjacent playground, all while I sit and read a magazine or a book. I haven't had this much down time since well, I can't remember. The other day, Nyah was playing with her Poly pockets and I was just sitting on the couch watching her and talking to her, we spent about 2 hours doing just that, it felt wonderful! I tease Sam everyday with comments such as "yep, I stayed home and watched Oprah and ate bonbons all day", it always gets a laugh out of him. Seriously, I don't remember ever just doing house work and calling it a day, typically I run around doing a thousand other things but not this summer and guess what, I am loving it!

Water slide 021

Even Sam has gotten to enjoy the freedom that a regular job provides. He is able to come home and enjoy time with the kids without having to worry about answering emails/phone. For the first time since we got married, he has his afternoons and weekends free! It is so wonderful to count on him for different family activities or to just stay home with us. Him and Bryant have been able to go on bike rides together and they can play soccer in the backyard or mow the lawn together. It is so wonderful to finally "have" him around just for us.

Water slide 015

Grandma from NY sent some fun summer things for the kiddos and they have been enjoying them to the fullest. We throw the water on and they just go to the backyard and play for hours. They come in and out of the house to eat, play a bit and then they go back out. I am loving it! We are enjoying the simple life right now, and loving the time with each other and some down time.

Water slide 003

I love having the free time to enjoy my children. To see them play and goof around with each other.

Water slide 017

As I sit around and observe them, they must think me crazy as I just stare at them and dreamily remember the days gone by.

Water slide 027

But, I know that the years ahead have wonderful memories in store for us.  Summer days are the best!

Cache Valley Classic Triathlon

Cache Valley Triathlon 001
1:41: 04

The first tri of the season is in the bag! First open water swim of the season and first time on the bike this year.


Cache Valley Triathlon 008 The swim was brutal. The water was 55 degrees and it felt cold, really, really cold. Even with my awesome BlueSeventy Helix wetsuit I was freezing my butt off. The day was dreary and cold with raindrops falling every now and then. We were scheduled to start our swim at 8:30am and I had gotten to set up my stuff around 6:45am. I wanted everything ready and in its place.

As I was puting my wetsuit on, I realized that I hadn't purchased any of that spray to be able to slide it on/off easier and I wanted to kick myself. Hubby helped me stuff my body into the whalesuit--seriously, I feel like a whale in it, although I am not that big :(. My neck fit really tight this year, everywhere else was okay but my neck was tight--not a good thing. Finally, I was stuffed inside it and I headed off to the water to see the Olympic distance take off. I was freezing just standing there and looking at the choppy water didn't help my enthusiasm at all. Usually, I am looking forward to the swim, I am not super at it, but I can hold my own. However, it looked like an ocean out there with all the waves the wind was causing.

They called the Sprint wave in and I was surprised to see that both men and womeCache Valley Triathlon 016n were going in at the same time. I am used to Men waves and then Female waves going in. As I got in the water, my wetsuit kept me fairly warm but there is only so much the body can take, I felt my body tense up right away and I could barely breathe from the cold. They started us off and I went in the middle of the pack--BIG mistake! I was doing great for about 200 yards then some big dude decided to use me as a floatation device and held/push me down on my left shoulder and I went under. I panicked. I tried to come up and I couldn't. A thousands thoughts came to my mind, my brain was screaming, you are going to die here, today, this is it. I wasn't down long at all. I know I can hold my breath for at least 30 seconds while swimming from one end to the other at the pool but I wasn't prepared for it. I repeat, I panicked and when I was finally able to come Cache Valley Triathlon 057 up  I lifted both arms out of the water and found the first kayak. She came right away and I held on for my life. I was hyperventilating and I was scared. I started doubting myself and what I could do. She asked me if I wanted to go to shore aka QUIT. I shook my head, I couldn't go to shore, that meant telling my kids that it was okay to quit when you were scared/afraid. I told her I just needed time to compose myself. By this time the middle of the pack had gone and there were only a few swimmers left behind. I let go of the kayak and I started swimming. I kept telling myself that I could do this, I knew how to swim, I had done this before for Cache Valley Triathlon 064 twice the distance and I didn't have a  problem at all. I got into a rhythm and took off. The water was murky for the rain the previous days, so no visibility. Finally, I made it back to the first buoy and I came out of the water. I didn't take a look back but I knew that I was one of the very last ones if not the last one. I had messed up my swimming time by panicking and I knew my chances of placing at all had gone out  the moment I held on to that kayak. But, I wasn't going to quit and I was counting my blessing for being able to breathe.


Cache Valley Triathlon 067 I ran the .2 miles to transition...well, I wobbled to transition and tried to peel off my wetsuit. The arms and torso came out okay but my footies were stuck and they didn't want to come off and my hands were so cold that I could barely open my fingers to pull them off. It took me forever to get them off and get the wetsuit off.

It took me forever to get my stupid cycling shoes on, I had forgotten how to put them on (I got new ones last year and I had only wore them a couple of times). I guess I should have reviewed how to put them on/off the day before. My helmet is stupid and I hate it--it fits dorky but I put it on and went out. It took me a bit to clip in (again, new clips from last year).


Cache Valley Triathlon 090 Once I got on the bike, I was okay. I did remember how to ride and I didn't fall of my big fat a$$. Yes, I was riding like a grandma but I was riding. I caught up to a few people but not that many. I was one of the very last ones out there and it made me feel sad. I was cold for a bit but I soon warmed up and my legs got into the cycling motion. I rode a lot slower than I usually do, I average only 15mph...which really stinks for me. Last year, I was riding close to 20...blah, I guess I have to get on that bike more often. If only the weather around here was better and if only I wasn't so blooming scared of all the cars that want me as a hood ornament.


Cache Valley Triathlon 103 Moon walking! I always find it super funny the way my legs feel after I try to run when I get off the bike. My legs still want to do the same circular motion and I feel like I am about to step up on a step and then my leg has to go a bit lower and I feel out of balance. T2 went alright, except for the parts where I forgot how to take my shoes off. Seriously, I felt like such a moron! I didn't remember how to open up my shoes at all. I spent about 30 seconds trying to see how I could take the bloody things off my feet! Then finally I took them off and I took off and I forgot to grab my bib number. I thought I had put my race belt through my visor and I didn't. It was okay, I was marked on my shoulders and that was good enough, not like I was about to place anyways.


Run The Finish
It took a few yards for my feet to get used to running but once I got used to it, I was set. The first half was all uphill, talk about keeping the race true! I was grateful for my two previous weeks of uphill running. I went up the hill, huffing and puffing but I didn't walk one bit. I averaged 8:39 on that first mile--all of it uphill. I passed a few people and I was glad that at least I could count on my legs to be there for me. I knew that I could finish the tri with a decent run. I took a water at the aid station and kept going. Near the finish line, I picked up the pace and passed a few more people, I wanted to give it my all to the end. At the last turn around almost to the finish line, a young man in a red shirt was running and was giving up, and I know that there is nothing that gets a man going than a woman passing him so I picked up the pace, quickly he picked it up and push it and in turn pushed me. As he ran faster and I tried to stay by his side. We both hit the mat at the same time. It is always awesome to finish a race pushing it to the limit!  As I looked down at my Garmin, I was super stoked. I had finished the run in 24:23, considering that it was half uphill. In my enthusiasm, I forgot to stop my Garmin but it was okay. I had finished and I had a smile on my face and my heart was pumping :).

CacheValleyClassic elevation

Overall thoughts

First, I want to say thank you to my little family for coming out to support me. It is always a sacrifice as they have to get up really early and then wait for me forever. I really appreciate their love and their support. I also want to thank all my friends, and my coach Janet who was there cheering us on. It was so fantastic to hear my name from a lot of my friends. Thank you, thank you!

At first, I was disappointed with myself at the way I panicked in the water. I should have let my training take over but my brain won and I was scared. It is okay. I didn't quit and I kept going and I did finish the tri--which in my eyes is what counts at this point. I ended up being 5th in my age group and 19th in the womens. Then I came home to find out that my Run split was the fastest in my age group (24:23:05)--this made my day! :)


ps: I came home and broke down in tears in front of my husband...that stupid swimming did shake me up and I was scared. I don't remember ever been scared in the water...ever!

Ogden Marathon 2011

OgdenMarathon2 My 6th marathon!!! I am so happy :). I never thought I would make it to even the first one and now I am done with number 6.  I love this distance, there is something about getting to mile 20 and reaching deep within for the next 6.

The day was a perfect day for running, perfect sunshine, perfect temperature. Unfortunately, my body wasn't perfect that day. I had stomach cramps starting at mile 3 and they didn't go away til the very end. At mile 19, I had to stop and finally get some ibuprofen for the pain.  The ibuprofen worked, my tummy got feeling better and I was able to push through to the end.

The race was truly a wonderful race, if it hadn't been for my tummy, I would have had the perfect race. I crossed the line with a full heart and it is the first time that I didn't want to cry while crossing the line, I was actually so happy and still had so much energy in me, I really felt that I could have gone for at least another couple of miles.

Personal log of the marathon:

Miles 1-5: Took my first GU 15 minutes before the race. Hubby, my brother-in-law and I lined up with the 3:30 group. Everything was alright, it was a little chilly so I wore my sweater and arm warmers. I had to shed my sweater at mile 2. I saw a few of my friends running and I chatted with a few of them for a little bit as I continued on. At mile 3, my tummy started cramping, I tried to ignore it but I kept going. It slowed me down a little but I continued on. At mile 5, I took my second GU and downed some water. It made my tummy feel worse. The pain felt like a rock was pounding in my tummy over and over. I wanted some crackers, something to make me feel better but there was nothing of the kind around.

Mile 6-10: Around mile 8, I felt lonely, last year at this point my hubby and I were running together in that area and this time around, I was all alone and my tummy was aching and I really wanted him around. I wanted someone to talk to and tell him that my tummy was not feeling well. I took a little bit of powerade to see if it would help with the tummy. It didn't.

Mile 11-15: The half mark! I was in pain. My tummy just wanted me to stop and I wanted to stop but I am too stubborn or rather my head is too stubborn and I kept going. A little slower but I forged forward. The small incline is at this point and I told myself that if I went up it without walking that I could stop for a bit and see if my tummy felt better. I ran! I ran like my life depended on it and I climbed the hill. Then I saw the Blue Gods--the blue plastic outhouse! I decided to make a stop. As I came out, I saw my awesome friend Lee, she was there to cheer us runners on and she will never know it but she was Heaven sent. I needed her at that moment. I needed her words of encouragement, her smile, her positive energy. She told me that my hubby was just up ahead and made me realize that after cresting the hill that it was all downhill from there....I had this in the bag. She waved good bye and sent me off and I ran up the rest of the hill. I took a GU (the last one I took), downed some water. My tummy burned as I downed the GU so I knew I didn't want anymore of it. I ate some oranges to settle my tummy--they worked.

Mile 16-20: It started to get super hot. I wanted some water on my head. My arms felt like they were on fire from the sun--yah, I forgot to put sunscreen and I could feel the sun burning me. Went around the reservoir bridge and then I saw him. I saw my hubby from far away and I wanted to be next to him. I wanted a running buddy, my legs just took off down the hill.  He was still far away, about 1/2 a mile away. I kept turning the legs....eyes on my target, a 5'5" blue eyed blonde hunk! Then, I finally caught him  but I wasn't happy, he was in pain. He had to start walking as his calves were cramping. I waved him goodbye and I kept going. My brother-in-law was up ahead and I wanted to see how he was doing. I kept on running and my tummy started hurting me again. I needed something. I needed some meds! The next aid stop had a medical tent and I asked them for some ibuprofen, it took them about a minute to find it and record my number, there was no water around, the water was before the medical tent and no I wasn't going to run back to get water, so I took the ibuprofen with me and kept running. At mile 19, I got some water and downed the ibuprofen.  I saw my brother-in-law next and we talked for a second, I told him Sam was behind and having a few troubles with his calves.

Ogden2011 Miles 21-26.2: The ibuprofen started working and the tummy cramps diminished. I ran, I ran like I have never ran before at the end of a marathon. I looked at my garmin and realized that I couldn't come close to my desired goal of 3:35 but I could still finish close to my time from last year. I felt strong, my legs were not tired, my arms were not tired, my feet were feeling great and thanks to the ibuprofen my tummy was feeling better too. I ran and I kept going and going. I have never passed people at the end but this time around, I was passing people from mile 22 on.

The end, I love the end of this marathon, a straight chute for the last 1/2 mile or so. I pushed and pushed and kept going, my Garmin read close to 3:40 and it was close enough to my time last year (3:41:12). At this point, I just wanted to come as close to last year as possible. I pushed to the end and finished in 3:40:57, official time 3:41:07.

Ogden2011Medal The finisher's corral, my favorite spot, lots of goodies to eat exactly when you are starving. I loaded up on some bread--heavenly bread, then I downed about 6 smoothies, oranges, banana, more bread, more smoothies, then more bread. I got a massage, I then iced my left ITB, stretched and kept eating. I waited for my hubby and for my BIL. My BIL came through and we chatted, we waited for my hubby but he didn't come so I went out of the corral to find my niece who was watching my children. My kiddos had a race at 12:30 so I needed to get them to the start of their race.

After I got the kiddos to their race, I came back to the corral and I saw my hubby. He was there and he looked great! His calves had hurt him from mile 17 on but he wasn't about to stop, instead, he took it easy and walked when he needed and ran a little here and there. He says it was one of the most comfortable marathons ever :).

Bryant Ogden marathon We walked over to the kids race and we got there just as they were taking off. The organizers gave us some bells to cheer the little ones and we were ringing them for all we were worth. We rang the bells as the little ones came through. My son was one of the first 10 to come through. My little Nyah did awesome too and came in with a bunch of kiddos her age.

The marathon and the 1K were awesome! Our little family participated and we all had fun and gave our all. We are not too big and not too tough but when we work together we got the right stuff, go Phelps family!


My splits

Ogden marathon splits
Ogden marathon elevation