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July 2011

Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run 15K Report

Summer! It goes by super fast! One of my favorite seasons just because I keep super busy doing the things that I LOVE to do.

One July 4th, we went and ran the Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run 15K. It is my second year running it and I really wanted to go out there and give it all I had. It is just 9+ miles so I knew that I could push my body and see if I could place--yes, I admit it. I went to the race with high hopes on placing.

Freedom Run

Hubby, my niece and I went up and gave it our all. It was my hubby's second time running it and my niece's first. It was actually the longest run she had ever ran to that date! She did so awesome too! I love her to pieces! :)

  Sam Freedom Run
Hubby was ahead of me the entire time, I could see him but his pace was a bit too fast for me to keep up. About mile 6.5 he had to use the Johnny so I was able to catch up and pass him. At this point, we have the only uphill of the course, it is a killer after going from all downhill, definitely a shocker for the quads.

  Freedom Run1

I came in at a time of 1:10:04 and for the first time ever, I placed in my AG--4th (they go 6th deep in the awards). My very FIRST ribbon! :)

Cache Valley Sprint 001

Blacksmith fork

Five Socks Sampler

Socks 010

My last sample test knit included making 5 sockies. At first, I thought to myself 5 socks, who would want only 5 socks, but it works great for me as I have about 6 socks downstairs waiting for a mate to be knitted. I loved knitting these as it provided me with a little bit of everything, including knitting socks from the toe up. I don't know why but I find knitting them toe up to be a weird way to knit socks, it was a challenge at first but by the time the second toe up sock came along I had the technique down, except I realized a little too late that it called for a swirl toe, so I had to rip it out again, and again, and again. I love doing sample knits, it allows me to learn new techniques that I wouldn't try on my own and it also allows me to simple sit down and knit :).