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September 2011

Lunge This...

Ever wake up and say to yourself today I am going to do 400meters of lunges. Nope?!? Well, me CFST Logo neither but today I had to do just that at CrossFit SouthTown and that's the main reason why I joined, cuz my coach makes me do things that I hate yet are great for me.

Today's WOD

400 meters lunges

Every 2 minutes: jump rop 40x (or 20 Double Unders)

Gah! It took me 17: 34

And my legs were jelly after and they shook at every move. Tomorrow by butt is going to hurt...oh ya!

10-100 WOD

Ever touch your toes to your hands while hanging from a bar? Wowsers! What a thing Toes to CFST Logo Bar...who came up with this? My awesome coach!

10 Toes to Bar
20 Push-ups
30 Med-ball squat cleans
40 box jumps
50 burpees
60 Kettlebell swings
70 Jumping pull-ups
80 Overhead squats with pvc
90 Dbl unders (360 for me cuz I do singles)
100 sit-ups

Time: 30:04...slow as molasses

WOD catch up

I have been a slacker and forgotten to post my WOD...naughty girl! CFST Logo

September 2
30 Clean & Jerks 55lbs

Time: 3:56


September 1 WOD
As Many Reps Possible in 15 Minutes
Max Effort of wallballs (27 in a row)
Everytime you stop or drop the ball , you have to row 400 Meters
Score is on Wallball Reps only

Score 107, wall ball 10lb

August 31
50 Dbl unders (200 singles for me)
Barbell Lateral Jumps
Kettlebell Clean & Press--26#
Hollow Rocks
50 Dbl unders (200 singles for me)