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Canyonlands Half Marathon

Canyonlands big picture

On March 17th, I had the chance to participate in a spectacular race in Moab, UT, Canyonlands Half Marathon. The views on this particular half marathon are outstanding! I wanted to stop and simply take in the view various times, and it wasn't because I was coughing up a lung cuz I was so out of shape, no, the beauty of this magnificient area is just lovely! The beautiful red rock and the rock formations are a beauty to the eye.

Canyonlands view

This was my very first Canyonlands Half and I didn't know what to expect. I knew it was down the canyon and I have ran down canyons but not this particular one. As we made our way up to the start line, we didn't know what to expect. It was a little chilly and I was wearing shorts. What we didn't expect was the wind, lots and lots of wind with small particles of sand all around. I remember breathing at one point and getting a mouthful of dirt in, hahaha, I quickly learned not to run with my mouth wide open on this one.

The course is pretty gentle downhill, beautiful views, and a very, very small little uphill, nothing to be afraid of, then it flatens out at the end.

I did however find the last 3 miles of this particular half to be the hardest, not because I was tired, rather due to the wind factor. It was fierce out there! I always wear sunglasses and this was a day that I was truly grateful for them, the dirt was flying everywhere! The wind was so bad that at points I felt I was running backwards. Thank goodness for my spare tire as it helped kept me on the ground, 10 pounds lighter and I am sure I would have been flying like a piece of candy wrapper. At one point, I found a taller gal than me and I just ran behind her, everything was cool until she decided to spit and well due to the wind, I got a big chunk of it on my arm and my shirt--serves me right for trying to hide from the wind behind her.

It was my first race of the season and the wind factor was brutal, and although I should take those two things into consideration, I still felt badly about my performance, it is one of my slowest marathon to date in my short racing life. I clocked in at 1:47:58. I know, I know, I shouldn't beat myself up about it as I did give it my all but still, one always likes to perform better not worse. My kids just tell me that I am getting old...and I guess they are right, hahaha.

Moab 2012 001

My awesome little cheerleaders were waiting for me at the end with big smiles and hugs and ready to tell me that I was a "stinky" mom and needed a bath fast! Aren't they adorable? Yes, I keep them cuz they make adorable cheerleaders, especially when one of them wears tiny little socks that have St. Patty's days all over!

Moab 2012 063

Overall, I loved this race. The views alone make the entire 13.1 miles worth it! I will definitely do it again if I have a chance.

And another picture because it just shows my awesome muscles, alright, I just want to show you how spectacular my little treasures are, one of them on each side of the road just waiting for me to give them high-five :). I sure love them both to pieces ;).

Moab 2012 034


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