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Moab 2012 095

We don't get out much, we pretty much stay around our house most of the time. Our trips consist of going to the park or going for a little hike around our area. We are blessed to be surrounded by great trails where we live so we do not really see the necessity of going far to have fun. However, since we were already in Moab for the Canyonlands Half Marathon, we decided to stay an extra day and take our kiddos around to see the beautiful arches. Our friend, Adrian Toledo, was with us and that just made the entire adventure even more fun for the kids--we adopted him as "uncle Adrian".

Moab 2012 217

The kids had a blast going to all the different sites. Even today, they still talk about the "Delicate Arch" that is going to fall down and they hope they are around when it does. Silly monkeys!

Moab 2012 219

Here they are being "birds on flight!"

Moab 2012 148
Oh, wait, that is "uncle Adrian" demonstrating how to do it. Here is Bryant, showing him how it is actually done, "Crossfit Style!"

Moab 2012 153

And Nyah giving us some of her sassy! Yes, I do allow my child to dress herself, hahaha. To replicate her awesomeness, you will need: a pair of shorts that used to belong to your older brother, a pair of long crossfit socks, and a hoodie, and of course, lots and lots of sass!

Moab 2012 138

Although lots of fun was had at the sights, I even have to admit that the most fun was had at a pile of sand! Talk about exfoliation for your tootsies! Especially heavenly the day after a 13 mile run. It was all Uncle Adrian's idea!!!

Moab 2012 177

Here are my little rascals going up and down and up and down and up and down...well, you get the idea.

Moab 2012 173 Moab 2012 196
Moab 2012 170 Moab 2012 191

Ah, so much fun! It was a wonderful adventure and the kids loved it! They are already asking us to take them to another national park so they can see more "cool stuff". 



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