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The Pink Series 5K


I had a dream! A dream that I will run a 5K around 20 minutes. I never thought I could be that fast, thus it was a dream. I am slow, remember, I was the Chubbette for awhile, the one that ran 13minute miles and puked a lung each time I had to run more than half a block.

But my dream became a reality on April 28th at the Pink Series 5K event. I am a big fan of the Pink Series events, they surely know how to make a gal feel special. From packet pick up to the welcoming "hunks" they keep at the Finish Line waiting eagerly to place our medals around our necks, to the awesome awesome food at the other side of the Finish Line. If you haven't had a chance to do one of their events, take a day and sign up for one and run it, you won't regret it ;).

The course was all downhill and when I say downhill, I truly mean it. 400 feet loss in 3 miles--it is sweetly fast! So fast that my legs couldn't keep up with the turnover. Heck yeah! Being a marathon runner seriously makes me appreciate short runs like this one even more.

One of the funnest parts about this race was our "token" runner, Pleasant Grove City Fire Chief Sanderson, anyone who crossed the Finish Line before him, would receive a gift card as a prize. I didn't think I stood a chance, he is an ultra runner and superb runner all around, so when I made it to the Finish Line just a couple of seconds before him, it made my day. I think he was just being nice and let me get there before him so not to break my heart so close to the finish line.

The race was over before I could realize that I was getting tired. 20:34, my fastest 5K ever! And the course was actually a little longer, many garmin's clocked it at  3.21.

5k top 5
Here we are, the top 5 and Fire Chief, Sanderson.

Thank you The Pink Series for an awesome time and an awesome event!



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