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My favorite races of 2013: Bolder Boulder

One of my favorite races in 2012: Bolder Boulder 10K


We went to visit our dear friends in Denver and it happened to be the weekend of Bolder Boulder. We went without any running gear and as we arrived my friend told us all about the race and was showing us his race packet, I couldn't resist but run it. Last minute decision, we went to TJMax and picked up some running clothes and some shoes to run with. Love last minute decisions, flying by the seat of my pants, hahaha. Registered the day before and picked up a cute visor that reads "Sea Level is for Sissies" :).

The race was awesome. Tons of people, as in 40,000 people! The course was very nice and it was the perfect temperature. The best part--finishing inside the stadium, I felt like a rockstar! hahaha! At the end of the race, we were able to see some of the elites run, and boy that was exciting! Not my best time but surely had the best "running time" of any 10K race. We are planning on going in 2013.

Boulder Bolder


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Well, if you come again in 2013 we live in Louisville (maybe 10 minutes away fom Boulder) and would be delighted to come cheer you on!

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