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Utah Valley Marathon

My Track Star Girl


My sweet NyNy stepping out of her comfort zone. She loves track and field, she enjoys everything from it, except the pressure that comes with competing. She doesn't like to lose so she prefers not to compete. I completely understand the feeling. She feels that with losing it means she is not good enough, she feels less than everyone else. We are doing our best to teach her that not winning doesn't mean that she didn't do her best.  She is so little compared to everyone else in her age group that she has to work twice as hard as everyone else--that in my eyes shows me a true winner :).

The above photo is one I took of her 50 meter dash. She was so excited! Look at her beautiful long stride. She gave her very best. She came in 5th with a time of about 9 seconds :). She is a great runner and I am looking forward to seeing her run more and when she sees her potential I see, it is going to be marvellous :).



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