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Weights Ratios

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go and talk to a knowledgeable coach. He was explaining to us how imporant it was to know our Back Squat as that we can tell you more or less the weights for other lifts. I have never heard of this before so I was very interested in this knowledge and wrote as much as I could down. Now, this is only for my benefit and reference.

For reference purposes: I was about 115 lbs when I last maxed out my back squat. I could be heavier now, but I don't own a scale.

Back Squat: 165 lbs  (Dec 13, 2012)

Deadlift: 125% of Back Squat

Front Squat: 85-90% of Back Squat

Power Clean: 70-75 % of Back Squat

Overhead Squat (OHS): 65-70% of Back Squat

Snatch: 90-100% of OHS

Bench Press: 50% of Back Squat (truth is, I got lost writing it all down)

According to those percentages. I should have the following numbers, minimum

Deadlift: 206 lbs

Front Squat: 140 lbs

Power Clean: 115 lbs

OHS: 107 lbs

Snatch: 96 lbs

Bench Press: 82 lbs

Now, the coach did mention the Snatch but the truth I couldn't remember. I know that he said something along the lines of not snatching more than you can overhead squat, which makes complete sense.

Once you have the numbers, you can see where you fall short and work on those areas that need work. I know for sure that I need to work on my OHS and the Snatch. Both of which, I suck at.

Mantua 5 Mile Race

Saturday, I tagged along for a 5 mile race. A few of my friends were going down there to run it and I wasn't planning on doing anything on Saturday, just staying home and doing absolutely nothing. So at almost midnight on Friday night, I decided to just go and run the race.

We ran around the dam, just a beautiful, peaceful morning. It was so much fun. Typically, I worry about my placing and how I will perform, not this day, I just decided to go and enjoy myself. I truly enjoyed the morning with all my friends.

Mantua Race

It was such a special day! It was my friend Jo's very first 5 mile run. She did AMAZING!!! I feel so proud of her :). I was able to run beside my friend Angie who recently came back from a back injury. Her energy was so strong and I felt so happy running next to her--indiscribable feeling! I love runners!!! I can say a gazillion good things about each one of these people :).

And completely unexpected, I got 1st in my AG! I was very happily surprised :).

Mantua 1st place AG copy