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Mantua 5 Mile Race

Saturday, I tagged along for a 5 mile race. A few of my friends were going down there to run it and I wasn't planning on doing anything on Saturday, just staying home and doing absolutely nothing. So at almost midnight on Friday night, I decided to just go and run the race.

We ran around the dam, just a beautiful, peaceful morning. It was so much fun. Typically, I worry about my placing and how I will perform, not this day, I just decided to go and enjoy myself. I truly enjoyed the morning with all my friends.

Mantua Race

It was such a special day! It was my friend Jo's very first 5 mile run. She did AMAZING!!! I feel so proud of her :). I was able to run beside my friend Angie who recently came back from a back injury. Her energy was so strong and I felt so happy running next to her--indiscribable feeling! I love runners!!! I can say a gazillion good things about each one of these people :).

And completely unexpected, I got 1st in my AG! I was very happily surprised :).

Mantua 1st place AG copy



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