World, meet our darling Eowyn Ann
Mt. Charleston 2018


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Valerie shaver

Okay!! I've been dying to find a way to message you. I am new to this world of creating on a loom. I have watched several of your videos and have tried to get comfortable with the abbreviated meanings. But I tried to make the last minute slouchy beanie and I had to restart and I messed up again!! You can see how this would be frustrating but I love watching your stuff because you break it down well. So if I could please borrow some of your time! I do excellent up until this portion "Move stitch marker one peg over to the left" so I moved the stitch marker 1 peg over.. after I finish my yo k2to, and then do the ewrap method. So I move the stitch marker to the 2nd peg, does peg 1 get skipped for the yo k2to or the ewrap or do you go back around and peg 1 is the end of the round? Because when Ive gotten down the line and have created x amount of rows and my stitch marker is on peg 16 does pegs 1-15 still get yo k2to they just become the end of the round? Because I skipped yo k2to and the stitched were just knitted and didn't match the rest and I also ended up with many holes on one section. It's very confusing because it doesn't specify why you are moving the stitch marker over it just says that's your first peg and to go behind the pegs and behind your yo k2to on the first peg so you end up skipping 15 pegs and have a long string behind? Is that right.. I'm so lost!! If you can explain what I do with pegs 1-2, then 1-3 and 1-4 and so forth once 5,6,7,8,9 peg becomes the "first peg" I hope I'm explaining this so you can understand go help me understand. I just want to make this darn beanie and I've spent alot of time just to have to throw it away... Please please get back with me I would greatly appreciate it and am very inspires by your work.

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