Halloween Watch Bracelet

The colors of this one make me happy! The combo of purples and orange with greens are just so perfect for this time of year. Add a little bit of black and some criss cross connectors and we have the perfect spider legs to go with the theme. But let's not forget about the black cat to complete the Halloween ensemble! This watch bracelet is so puurrrfect!


Red & Black Polka Dots Bracelet

I couldn't stay away from the beads for too long, this time around, I created a colorful and cheerful watch bracelet. The red and black polka dotted were the focus of this bracelet. Once I picked up a light blue, I knew that I wanted the red and blue to sit next to each other for a bright, eye-catching combo. I am in love with this watch--the cheerfulness of it makes me want to wear it all the time to bring some color to my drabby clothes.

Black and Red Watch Bracelet

Interchangeable Watch Bracelet Tutorial


All I know from my watch bracelet making, I owe to my dear friend Sarah. I called her one morning telling her that I wanted to visit the bead store so I could make a watch bracelet. I didn't have a clue of what to do, I was just going to get there and make one. Thankfully, Sarah knew exactly what I wanted and she taught me. I will share with you the knowledge that that was passed on to me. 

You will need the following: 


1 watch face: you can find them at the bead store or at your craft store. I also found this great online source, eWatchWholesale, I haven't purchase from them but the price seems fantastic. (Expect to pay around $14-$16 at a local store). The faces come in three sizes: small, medium and large. I have a medium sized one. My wrist is small--5.5 inches and the larger face didn't complement my small wrist.


2-3 connectors: these serve the purpose of keeping the two sides of the bracelet connected to each other. If you have a small to medium sized wrist, use 2, if you have a larger sized wrist, use 3. 


Beads: Enough to go around your wrist twice. I prefer to have more on hand than to end up short at the end. I prefer stones, glass beads and lampwork beads, but you can use whichever beads/pearls/stones you like, the sky is the limit--or in this case, the bead store inventory.


Elastic: There are various thickness of elastic available. I have a roll of 1mm and a roll of .75mm. The thicker the elastic the less flexible it is, however, I think it is stronger, whenever possible, I use this thickness. The aperture of some beads are quite small so you may need to use the .75mm instead. Elastic can be found at your local craft store or at the bead store.


Lobster Claws: 4 of them in a 12mm size. These can be found at the local craft store or bead store.

Clear nail polish: to secure the elastic (optional)

Desire to create: Have fun with the project, arrange the beads in different configurations and do not be afraid to mix colors and bead shapes. 

General Directions to Create Interchangeable Watch Bracelet

1. With the elastic, wrap loosely around your wrist three times. Cut the elastic at this point. You will use this piece of elastic to thread your beads.

2. Slide one  lobster claws through the elastic. Slide 3 smaller beads. Then slide another lobster claw. These three beads will hide the elastic that sits by solid bar of the watch face. The space from lobster claw to lobster claw should be the less or the same width as the solid bar of the watch.


At this point, pull gently on the elastic so you have the same length coming out of both sides of the lobster claws.

3. Now it is time to slide your beads for the bracelet. Place them in whatever arrangement you like best. I prefer to do both sides at the same time, so I slide some beads down one side of the elastic towards the lobster claw, then I slide some beads on the other side. Once they match about an inch of distance from the lobster claw, I slide one of the connectors in place. The connectors will keep your bracelet from dangling too much and also it will keep the weight of the bracelet from breaking the elastic.


4. After placing the connector, slide more beads down each elastic. Once you have about 2 inches of beads down each side of elastic, slide the other connector in place.


5. Once the second connector is in place, it is time to slide more beads down each of the elastics. You will need to match the same length as the other side, so you only need about 1 inch of beads. You can use the same beads as you did on the other side (by the lobster claws), or you can put a completely different configuration, whichever way you go, it will be beautiful.

6. Slide one of the lobster claws, be sure that it is facing the same direction as the previous two. Slide the three small beads that will rest along the solid bar of the watch. Slide the last lobster claw, making sure it is facing the same direction as the previous three. 


7. Grab both ends of the elastic. Make 2 square knots or any other knot that you know will hold the elastic securely. Place a small dab of clear coat nail polish to give it extra security.


8. Jump up and down in joy! Your watch bracelet is done! Attach it to your watch face using the lobster claws.

9. Run to the bead store and get more supplies to make another one.

10. Repeat from 1-9 :).

Polka Dot Blue

IMG_9872 016
I couldn't resist any longer. I had to make another bracelet to go with my jeans, you know, something blue. I found the perfect beads too--handmade polka-dot light blue and dark blue. The moment I saw them, I knew that they were supposed to be for my bracelet. I sure love it!

Polka-Dot Blue

The polka-dotted beads are handmade out of glass (my pictures do not do them justice). I don't know how they do it, but I love the uniqueness of them and I wish I could learn to make my own beads (idea coming up in my head!). I was visiting this evening with a friend and I had to admit to her that I made another bracelet, it appears that although I am not knitting/loom knitting right now, my mind still wants to design/create something. I am glad I found the watch bracelets as an outlet for the creativity bug.

Bead Me

You have probably seen them, cute watches with lovely beaded bracelets. I saw them at work and I immediately wanted one, obviously my first thought was to buy them, but then after close inspection, I realized that I could make them and save myself a few dollars.

Beaded Watch Bracelets

On Saturday, I called my lovely friend Sarah, and asked her to go on a girl-date with me. We first went out to lunch and then headed to Beadles, a lovely beading place here in Logan. I went into the store with the idea for one watch but at the end I came out the door with three bracelets! I love all three and I am looking forward to going to Beadles again and making an all green one and a blue one.

Hip to Bead Book and my Beading, plus prizes giveaway

Hip_to_bead The baby shower went terrific! I had about 95% attendance and the Mommy was very, very happy. Personally, I had a great time. The most fun activity: the binky necklace game. It was a riot listening to all the many "cutes" and seeing the necklaces go from person to person.

I gifted my friend with a baby blanket--sorry, I didn't get a picture, when baby comes I'll take a picture of it :). It is a nice dark teal blue.

Now for prizes for my dedicated blog readers. Thank you for giving meBluenecklace  a shout-out. Sometimes I think I am all lonely...I think most bloggers like to see comments...what do you think? Anyways, thanks for dropping me a hello and for cheering me on for the baby shower. It is the first party ever that I throw and I am thankful for your support!

Anyways, for prizes, I gave all the comments to Monday's post a number and threw them in the random number generator. The prizes will go out as follows:

1. Starbucks $10 giftcard: Alwen

2. Set of stitch markers: my friend and neighbor Tina (totally random, lol, lucky Tina--maybe she will come visit me and I can give them to her in person)

3. Set of stitch markers: Danielle, whom gave me the idea of the babies in the ice

Orangenecklace_2Top Picture: Katie Hacker's: Hip to Bead book. She sent me an autographed copy of her latest and so-inspirational beading book. Now, I only wish January was here so I can have some downtime and start beading. She sent me a few little things to get me started in my journey: bead stringing wire, a polyester chain (soooo way cool), Japanese Glass beads (sooo beautiful, I will put them in a bracelet) and crimping beads (must get a crimper tool). Thank you Katie...enabler! hehehe.

Other pictures: necklaces I have created with my beading skillz. Granted a necklace takes me about 2 hours to make but they are so worthy of the time put into them. There are two of them: one with blue swarovski beads and one with orange beads. The other beads are ceramic (green) and the black with white spots are glass.