Tooth Fairy Duty


She has lost 2 teeth! Last week, she pulled one off and then this weekend, the second one! The second one was wiggly and we kept telling her that we were going to pull it off.  She wouldn't have it. She didn't want anyone in the house to pull it out. She wanted to do it herself. Then on Saturday, I saw her with a towel and an ice in front of the mirror. I told her to just keep moving it and numbing it with the ice. I went in to get a shower and by the time I was out, she was proudly smiling up at me, showing me that she had pull it out herself!

Tooth Fairy duty came that night and I won mother of the year award by forgetting. Sunday, she was in tears because the tooth fairy had completely forgotten to stop by and pick up her tooth. We made up a little story and thankfully, she believed it.

The amazing part is that we called Grandma in NY on Sunday to tell her that NyNy had lost another tooth. Grandma quickly responded by saying that the Tooth Fairy had stopped at her house the night before and looked for NyNy's tooth there and when he couldn't find it, he left the money and a note telling Mom and Dad to save the tooth. My wonderful Momma, although, I didn't tell her that I had forgotten, she saved my butt and my little darling was super happy that the tooth fairy had not forgotten about her.

I only have a few years left of this wonderful stage with my children and I am cherishing each and every moment. They are my life!


2011 Highlights

I am a little late but I wanted to write something down about 2011 and all the different things we did. The year was full of adventures, trials, and more work than I would have ever imagined.

2011 included a wonderful gift to me: Boston 2011. It was an amazing experience that I would never, ever forget. Hubby and I traveled there and although it was an adventure getting there with our Flight from NY to Boston getting canceled and having to rent a car to get to Boston, I would not change it at all. I loved it. I want to go back. I got into Boston 2012 and I am crossing my fingers that I can go once more.

The jacket

2011 was a big year of races for me. I ran a total of 4 marathons: Boston, Ogden, TOU and St. George. I ran a couple of halves: TOU 1/2, Pink Series 1/2, and Halloween Half. I also raced a few 5K and 10Ks and 15K as well as participated in a couple of small triathlons. Even did Ragnar, although I wasn't planning on doing it in 2011. It was my first year placing: got 3rd in AG in a sprint triathlon, 4th in AG in a 15k, and 3rd in a 10K. It was a fabulous racing year. One of my strongest for sure. I don't know if I can replicate it due to the high amount of fitness classes I am teaching and the lack of time/energy left for training.

Races 2011

In 2011, my fitness classes took off. As a spin instructor, I have now 4 regular classes. They are super fun and I love the atmosphere of them. My Zumba classes have a life of their own! I love to teach this format, it is freeing to the soul. I have 7 Zumba classes weekly on my schedule. It gets to be a little too much when combined with the Spin classes but I sure do love it.

I had two little books published, one a tiny little booklet, Loom Knitting Made Easy, and Loom Knitting Scarves, Hats & More.

LoomKnittingMadeEasy LKA

My lovely children have gotten so much bigger and they are so responsible. My son turned 9 and with that it seemed like he got the personality of a 12 year old. He has always been a responsible little one but now he is even more. He can cook rice, he can do dishes, he can vacuum and  clean the entire house if you let him. One day, it was his day off from school and I decided to sleep in. Both him and my daughter had cleaned the entire kitchen and living room. They are amazing little individuals

Christmas 2011 006

In all, it was a wonderful year. I was with my family and I love spending time with them. :)



Lazy Summer Days

Water slide 034 We have spent the first few days of summer doing almost nothing which is pretty amazing in this house.  Usually our days are packed with activities or work but not this summer. I decided at the end of the school year that we were going to keep everything minimal, no joining any teams, no big events, just relaxing and having some fun around the house.

We have visited the splash pad a few times and the kids have spend hours and hours getting wet there and playing at the adjacent playground, all while I sit and read a magazine or a book. I haven't had this much down time since well, I can't remember. The other day, Nyah was playing with her Poly pockets and I was just sitting on the couch watching her and talking to her, we spent about 2 hours doing just that, it felt wonderful! I tease Sam everyday with comments such as "yep, I stayed home and watched Oprah and ate bonbons all day", it always gets a laugh out of him. Seriously, I don't remember ever just doing house work and calling it a day, typically I run around doing a thousand other things but not this summer and guess what, I am loving it!

Water slide 021

Even Sam has gotten to enjoy the freedom that a regular job provides. He is able to come home and enjoy time with the kids without having to worry about answering emails/phone. For the first time since we got married, he has his afternoons and weekends free! It is so wonderful to count on him for different family activities or to just stay home with us. Him and Bryant have been able to go on bike rides together and they can play soccer in the backyard or mow the lawn together. It is so wonderful to finally "have" him around just for us.

Water slide 015

Grandma from NY sent some fun summer things for the kiddos and they have been enjoying them to the fullest. We throw the water on and they just go to the backyard and play for hours. They come in and out of the house to eat, play a bit and then they go back out. I am loving it! We are enjoying the simple life right now, and loving the time with each other and some down time.

Water slide 003

I love having the free time to enjoy my children. To see them play and goof around with each other.

Water slide 017

As I sit around and observe them, they must think me crazy as I just stare at them and dreamily remember the days gone by.

Water slide 027

But, I know that the years ahead have wonderful memories in store for us.  Summer days are the best!


I shipped the last of the boxes. I am now free to do whatever it is I do with my free time between the hours of 10pm and 3am in the morning. Yes, I know some of you lucky people out there sleep during this time but unfortunately for me that is the time when I usually work on my 4th job...yes, I am a sucker!

But the good news, it is over for awhile and I can now breathe in and out without having a heart attack each time I look at the calendar and say to myself that I still have a gazillion projects to finish. Remind me next time they ask me to publish to think about these late nights and the sleepless nights.

Bryant Birthday small copy While I was loom knitting my fingers away, my first born turned a year older--he is now 9 years old and reminds me almost everyday that I am going to be 34 this year...yes, just what a mother wants to be reminded of each and everyday. Yes, he is the same child who told me a few years ago that I looked pregnant (while I wasn't) and the one who actually pushed me out the door (just with his comment about being pregnant) and turn my potato couch life around. I love him to pieces and he is the second man in my life. He is the sweetest little boy (but just to his Mom), and he is truly an intelligent little guy, he tries his best at everything and without fail he succeeds at every new thing he tries.

Boston number Also, while I was busy doing the loom knitting, a few things happen. I decided to not run the Boston marathon and skipped more than a handful of workouts due to the ever growing list of projects that needed knitting. And then decided after they sent me my Bib Number through email that I just HAD to run it and call it my reward for sitting on my plump a$$ all these months knitting away each night. So, I booked plane tickets and a hotel room and quickly started back up on my training. I will be a bit undertrained but at least I can tell myself while I am running Boston "it was my dream, now run it fool!"

Lastly, the Loom King is no more the Loom King, Sam aka hubby, has sold his company, To tell you that we were sad would be lying. We were looking forward to changing our lifestyle for about two years now. Although everyone dreams of being their own boss, we quickly realized that when you own your own company you are not your own boss--all your customers are your boss. Although we spent a lot of time together, it was always a time of work. Hubby was always answering emails or the phone or putting looms together. Even when we went on a 3 day vacation (could never take off more than that due to the high demand for the product) he was still working. The stress level on his side was getting to be too much for one guy to handle and it would spill into our lives. I was with him for awhile at the beginning but the questions coming my way were always endless and ever present that I stepped back a few years ago, but even not being in the frontline with him, I still had over 100 emails each day to answer.  He build this company from scratch and he truly made into one of the strongest loom knitting manufacturers in the nation with quality that was unsurpassed and products that met the customer needs. Now that he is no longer doing the loom business, he can now focus on what he really wants to do with his life--LSAT and then law school. Definitely some major, exciting changes coming our way.

Cory 037 What else....oh yah, my 6 year old NyNy had to have four of her baby teeth pulled out. Two of her grown up teeth were growing behind her baby ones (blame it all on me, I had to had it done too when I was her age). She was a trooper and although she was scared before getting to the Dr. (thanks to my Son's horror stories of his teeth being pulled out), she did amazingly well.  She is now our newest Chimuelita :)


Camera Outing

I dont' know if I am the only Mom who has a hard time getting their kids to dress up for pictures. It seems that each time we have family pictures scheduled something happens that makes us all have grumpy faces during the actual photos.

We had a chance a couple of weeks ago to go to a family baptism and for the first time in months I had a chance of getting pictures of my kids with their less grungy clothes and cleaner faces. I couldn't pass it up. I dragged my camera along and right before the baptism, I propped them agains the beautiful rock facade of one of the buildings and started taking pictures.

Boyo as always didn't want his pictures taken but I told him the faster we could get them done the sooner he could put his coat back on. Nyah on the other hand, well, you take out a camera and she starts posing right away :).


Hubby and I ended with this picture...courtesy of Boyo! We are lucky in this one that our head wasn't cut off. I have decided that before our 10th year anniversary, hubby and I are having some pictures taken! Exciting prospect!

  Family pics 022 copy

AFAA Group Certification

I am writing this mainly to help others who are planning on taking their AFAA group certification. I tried to find resources online about the testing date and really came up empty, I hope my brief narration of the day helps you a bit on your big day.

On Dec. 3rd, I went onto the next step for my "on the side  fitness gig", I took the AFAA Group Certification test. 100 questions on all the different aspects of group fitness from anatomy, physiology, to some background on music and even aspects on creating different classes-spin, step, yoga and even children exercise plus a small practical examination.

Two of my friends and I went down to take the test, MC and Seth. MC is also starting her fitness instructor career, but Seth has over 10 years of experience, he knows his stuff and not only that, he can keep an audience's attention no problem. I was very glad to have him there with us for his advice and knowledge.

To tell you the truth, I was freaking out the day of the test as I had not really studying that much. I had filled out the study guide completely and read it a few times. I even went and recorded some of the Q&A from the Study Guide onto my iPod so I could listen to them. However, I thought it wasn't going to be enough. I had really put in about 12 hours of work into the test and I was doubting my brain's capability to remember much. In my defense, I was working on handing in the first phase of my loom knitting book.

Once we got to the testing facility, Weber State University, I was eager to get it all done and over. I prefer to get the uncomfortable things done with fast so I can get on with my life, not to mention since I thought I was going to fail, I want it done and over so I could get on with my life, hahaha. The test unfortunately was the last thing of the day.

A run down on how things went, in case you are planning on taking the test. We got in and got checked in--needed to show ID and CPR card.  After short introductions by the instructor, we got down to work. She went over almost the entire Study Guide with us. Thankfully, I had it all filled out and the bits that I was missing I was able to plug the information in.

The instructor went over the different major muscles and exercises for each one of them. My friend Seth had told us before hand to remember everything the instructor showed us and to always remember to keep it simple, this was not the time to show off.  The instructor demonstrated different exercises for the different muscle groups and I did my best to burn them in my memory. I really hoped that my photographic memory was at work and that the film was working!

After a couple of hours of instruction we broke for lunch and then we came back and drilled it again for a bit and then the nerve wrecking part--the part where my photographic memory had to come to play-the practical.

The practical, not difficult but nerve wrecking nonetheless. Everyone was in the same room, they just gave us some numbers to stick to our shirts and we were off. Had to show a warm up with at least 3 movements. It is the same 3 movements over and over and over until the instructor told us otherwise. I felt like a tape player being rewound after every 30 seconds. Then the next phase, the high impact or higher intensity. Again, I kept it simple, 3 moves almost the same as the warm up just a little higher intensity. Lastly the cool down, simple again, almost the same as the warm up. Everything just quite simple, as long as you kept to your script and didn't look anywhere else except inside your head. One point that the instructor brought up was to try to stay on beat. I was scared of this as I had been told before that I couldn't keep the beat. I tried my best and I guess my best was good enough.

The very last part of the practical was showing 1 exercise in front of the class and give modifications for 3 different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. With each change with at least 2 cues to guide the students/class participants.  I followed Seth's advice and kept everything simple. If an exercise was asked for a certain muscle group, I gave exactly the same exercise the instructor showed.

The day was long but I came home with a better understanding of group fitness and putting together a group class.

After about a 5 week wait, my test results came. I was afraid of the outcome and really didn't want to open the envelope. Mentally I was ready to retake the test if I had to but no one really likes to fail. As I opened the envelope and peeked inside and saw my AFAA Group Certification card, a warm feeling washed over me. I had done it! I had passed :).

Main things to remember:

Written test: Fill out the Study Guide and read it a few times over. If you have capabilities of recording the Q&As onto your iPod do it, it is so easy to listen to it while you are driving, cooking or exercising.

Practical: Keep it simple--it is no time to show off or to impress anyone. If you are able to, remember all the exercises the instructor shows during the class presentation and use the same ones.




My Favorite New Top!

Santa noticed that I was quite good this year and gifted me with this awesome new running top...can you say Dreamy, thank you hubby :)!!! It is buttery soft and super light weight. The neckline crosses at the front for a nice "cowl" look. But the best part of it...the logo!

Top copy

Close-up of the logo: yep! Boston Marathon Qualifier...thank you darling for such an awesome gift!





Christmas Celebrations 2010

We love Christmas time at our house. We look forward each year to decorating the house and  Christmas 2010 117
making lots of yummy goodies to eat and share with our friends and family. Mexican tradition calls for a big part-y on the 24th with the 25th being reserved for spending with family either at home or visiting them at their home. I love this tradition as I am able to see a lot of my favorite people on the 24th and we are able to share on some good food.

The menu this year consisChristmas 2010 123ted of Pozole soup, beef tacos, and some out of this world tamales. I have made tamales before but never have they come out as tasty as this time around. In addition to the regular pork and salsa that I put in them, I decided this year to add some shredded Poblano an anaheim peppers and Cotija cheese--it made for some amazing, moist, and super tasty tamales. We made over 100 tamales and as of Monday we have about 12 left...yes, we are piglets, LOL. In our defense, we had 18 people at our home and we shared some of the bounty with them as they were going home.I am planning to make more for New Year's cuz my waist is not big enough just yet (ha!)

 Christmas this year was one of my favorites ever! I saw my kids actually take their time with their presents and admire each and every one of them. My son who has always loved remote control cars was looking forward to getting one and to his surprise he got two, one from Santa and one from Grandma Silvia. He is hog heaven! My little Nyah gave us the biggest smiles when she opened the littlest box and inside she found 3 pairs of clip on earrings. She couldn't believe it and right away she knew that it had been Mom not Santa who got them for her. She has wanted her ears pierced since she has been able to speak. The clip ons will keep her happy until she turns 8 and is able to get the "real" thing. Sam and I got a couple of things but nothing is as special as wrapping the presents together the night before and then sneaking downstairs to put them under the tree as we say "HO, HO, HO" for the kiddos to hear Santa.

Christmas 2010 121 Our Christmas was overwhelmingly special, our family and friends came to visit and we were able to spend the time together as a family. Love this time of year when I get to spend it with my favorite people in the world :). Happy Holidays to all! 



Christmas Letter

My little Nyah wrote her Christmas Letter to Santa...I can't help but smile and try to save it forever! I think I am rubbing off on her BIG time :).


  • Ipod
  • Hanna Montana wig
  • Zumba Pants
  • Zumba Headband
  • Polly Pockets

Santa needs to get cracking on this list :)

Christmas Letter 007

Meet my Sister

As you know, I haven't seen my sisters since I was about seven years old. A couple of years ago, one of them, Carmelita Arely, contacted me and since then we have been in touch. Recently, Arely got a Facebook account and after a month or two, she finally was able to load up a picture of her and her husband. She is younger than me by one year.It felt so great to see her in person.


I couldn't help but put a picture of her and me together to see how much we resemble each day, perhaps we will meet each other in real life.




Happy Sixth!

  Nyah 6th 032

My baby princess is growing, it is sad to admit but she is no longer the baby that I insist her to be. I can still pick her up and I can still rock her to sleep, but I can see the days going by so fast. I can still remember as if it was yesterday the day she was born, the first day her big brother saw her for the first time. I can remember her very first Christmas with us and how tiny she was and how despite all the presents around, we knew that the best Christmas present was her! Her big brother wanted to hold her at all possible times and her little squeaks would grab our attention from the start. The day she started walking and moving around touching everything. The love she had for the Christmas tree and how she spent most of the time that 2nd Christmas by the Christmas Tree mesmerized by the lights and the ornaments. Til this day, Christmas is still her favorite time of year. She ensures every year that we take out the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and that we take out all the decorations.


Since she was born, she has always brought into our home sunshine. She is the child that wakes up happy no matter how early it is. She is the one that runs around singing and trying to make us all laugh by doing something silly. She still loves to come to our bed and jump in next to me and give snuggles. She loves babies, almost as much as I do. She much rather babysit a baby than play with her friends. She loves holding them and feeding them their bottle and then she is not afraid to get down on the floor and crawl around and sing and tickle them until they are happy. She has a heart of gold and one day she is going to make a wonderful Momma. However, despite all the sugar in her, she has sassy! Lots of sassy in her! She is sugar and spice and everything nice all in one little package. We love you baby girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Princess Nyah



Thanksgiving 2010

We had another awesome Thanksgiving at my in-laws. I have to say it again, I have the most awesome inlaws ever! Grandma spoiled us all with a great meal. We truly left her house stuffed and content! Boyo went back three times to get ham and Nyah had a few servings of the sweet salads. My favorite's this year: the yam dish my sister-in-law Catherine made, it was delicious! It had a crust made out of brown sugar, coconut and walnuts and other spices, it was excellent! The ham was another great dish. The turkey was nice and moist and of course, dark meat for me :). The rolls, yummy homemade sweet rolls! And saving the best for last--the awesome pumpkin rolls! Seriously, I can finish one entire roll by myself and if I didn't have to share with my kiddos and hubby I probably would!!! Grandma of course sent a roll home with us--she so rocks!!! (No pictures of the food, I forgot my camera at home :(

Hair 014

In between the main meal and the desserts, my sweet niece Sharon gave all the girls a hair makeover. I had to also join in the fun and got my hair curled :).  All of my nieces are getting older now, where once they were 3-5, now they are teens and it is so much fun to just sit and listen to their conversation which always seems to revolve around boyz! I love them all and I feel so great knowing that they feel comfortable talking about "boyz" with me and around me.

Hair 021


It is rare when classes are canceled here in Cache Valley but today for the first time in many, many years, we had a short-day at the schools and many businesses closed early due to the snowstorm we were about to receive. I got the day off from work and Hubby was working from home that morning and the kiddos only had 1/2 a day at school. I told hubby that unless he was back from work by 2pm that his rights of going to work were being revoked for the day, so he stayed home the entire day.

Basketball and Snowstorm 048

The kids arrived from school and 3 o'clock rolled around then 4, then 5 and no storm, it looked like the snowstorm wasn't going to come after all. Then, it started, it seemed that we got about 8 inches of powder in a matter of minutes! It was lovely! Big fluffy, white flakes all around. The kids couldn't contain themselves, they had to go out and play. We got them all dressed and they went out to the backyard. I figured the fence will keep some of the wind away and they would be okay playing there while we supervised. After watching them roll the biggest snowball ever, I couldn't resist but to get all bundled up and join them.


We build some little snow castles in the back and tried to make the snowball bigger and get a big snowman going but after awhile the snow wasn't packing much so we ended up with a big snowball and no body nor head. But, we had ball of fun. Little Nyah had her hair down and we started laughing when we saw that it was all frozen and her little cheeks were hot pink and Boyo's cheeks and nose were bright red. We went inside the house and finished off the evening by drinking hot chocolate and apple cider while we watched a movie on the tube. I love it when my family gets to be home with me :)

A Decorator in the Making

Nyah 021 Nyah 014

Two days ago, I woke up and went downstairs to get some clothes to iron for the kids to wear to school. As I was walking down the steps, with my eyes still semi-closed from sleeping, I saw all these little things on my table in the living room. It was a bit dark and from far away I really couldn't make out what the "little" things were. As I turned on the light and got closer I couldn't help but smile. Little Nyah had taken all her itty bitty dolls and placed them all over the table as decor! I still haven't taken them down, they all look so cute and it seems that she put such an effort into it. I love it! My little girl is growing up and helping me around the home and putting "her" touch all over our home :).

Nyah 018

This week we had a special visitor at our home--baby Cory came by and little Nyah again played babysitter. She loves that little boy so much!!! She hugs him, plays with him, feeds him, and even runs to get the diaper when he needs changed. It is wonderful to see her play with him. Some days, she asks "Mom, if I stop crying and whining will Heavenly Father give us another baby?" I simply respond "I don't know, maybe" ;). She is truly a wonderful little girl.

Nyah 022
Last night at prayer, she was very serious and said a special prayer for those people without a home. After her prayer she sat down on her bed and asked me why there were people without a home. She wanted to know where they slept and what they ate. It was a little sad to explain to her that they sleep outside under the stars and that they depended on people's charity for their nourishment. After our little talk, she simply said "Mom, I hope they all find a warm place to sleep tonight because it is windy and cold outside." I don't know what made her think of this topic but it touched my heart to hear her pray for those who need help.

Nyah 026

Aggie Football Day

Aggie 012

Aggie 010Each year, I like to take the kids to at least one USU football game, we would go more often but at $15 a  pop we can't really do it. Anyways, this last Saturday was their first home game against Idaho and I wanted to be there really badly. I love supporting Utah State University--yes, I feel strongly affiliated with it, I think it has to do with me graduating from there and getting to know my hubby there. Hubby was awesome enough to take the day off from working (putting looms together) to take us to the game.

Aggie 020 We had a grand time! We got there early for the tailgate party--which meant lots of chances for free stuff for the kids. They came loaded with stuff, ranging from candy to USU gear.

The greatest moment was when Boyo stopped at the ROTC tent trying to get a little football, the Recruiter asked him how many push ups he could do and Boyo right away responded 50! The recruiter couldn't believe him but Boyo insisted that he could (I knew he could, he had done 50 at the fair just a month ago or so). The Recruiter went to get one of his Cadets to do push ups with Boyo to see how many Boyo could do. Boyo dropped down and got ready in perfect form, he went 1, 2, 3 soon enough he was up to 30, then 40, at this point all the Recruiters and Cadets that were there from the Air Force, Army and ROTC were surrounding Boyo and the Aggie 018 Cadet counting for them. Boyo continued on to 50, then 60, he just kept on going at 63 the Cadet looked at Boyo and Boyo just kept going, at 65 the Cadet got up and Boyo kept going to 67!!! His little arms were shaking but he had earned his little football. Little 8 year old Boyo did 67 standard push ups!!!  All the Recruiters came and gave him a little something, the Cadet came and gave Boyo a special pen. It was the greatest moment for my Boyo! He had earned his little presents and he was beaming! All the Recruiters and Cadets just kept talking about him and his energy. Even minutes later, the Recruiter was still retelling the story of Boyo going down and doing 67 push ups! I am kicking myself for not having my camera to record this moment for him--I sure have had my video going or at least the still camera, but I didn't :(.

Aggie 008 During the game, besides watching the game and screaming and cheering, we ate lots of junk--caramel  popcorn, cotton candy, chips and salsa (by the way, Chillis Chips and Salsa rock!), and a burrito. I was going to have Aggie ice cream, one of my favorites, but it was a cold evening. Still, the food was awesome, hahaha, just junk food!

The kids had friends at the game, our lovely neighbors the Cole's. It is great being in Aggie 022 a small town, you get to see everyone at the city events. While the kids played and watched the game, we just had a time to ourselves to just watch the game or eat (in my case). I think I shoved chips and salsa during the entire game. I even bought a bag to bring home--I had to, Chilli's was donating all the funds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital cause and I couldn't help myself (plus it was a great breakfast the next morning-yep, I had chips and salsa for breakfast). 

Loved cheering for USU! Until next time Aggies! May you have the force with ya the entire season!

Aggie 005

Welcome to Kindergarden & 3rd Grade


My little ones went back to school last week, usually it is only one that goes to "regular" school while the other one stayed home and went to play at preschool three times a week. However, this year, both of my little ones are in regular school. One was very excited and the other not so much...can you tell which one was the excited one?


Can you see a pattern from last year's pictures? He has decided his favorite color is red. He also has decided that this year he wants to wear "skateboarder" shoes. Oh yeah, and gel is definitely a no-no for him "MOOOM, that stuff is nasty!" And unfortunately for me, he no longer wants to have pictures of when he goes back to school :(.

Nyah, well, she is a little social butterfly. Whatever social skills her dad and I have, she got them all plus a lot more. She can make friends so easily and goes out of her way to make others happy. She is a little "momma" in the making. She has been waiting for Kindergarden for a full year now. She wanted to go last year but she was just four months shy of making the cut off. All during the summer she was planning on buying her school wardrobe and getting shoes. About two weeks before school started she chose her hair style for the first day of school. She wanted her hair down but didn't want it all over her face, so she decided on having little french braids that will hide behind a cascade of her hair in the back. Oh yeah, this was kindergarden, imagine how she will be in high school :)


Juniper Tree Hike

Jardine Juniper Trail--The first long hike for our kids, 11.6 miles round trip. We really didn't know if our little Nyah could handle it. She can run 1 mile in under 10 minutes but walking up a mountain for 5 miles then down the mountain for 5 miles is another different story. We were however pleasantly surprised by her tenacity and her determination. She climbed and climbed without complaining in fact all the while she kept saying "this is fun". Bryant aka Boyo loved it! He was in the zone, looking for little things on the ground, "collecting" little shells.

Mom on the other hand...well, hiking is not my thing. I kept telling hubby that I didn't find hiking as an attractive recreational activity. Back in Mexico I had to "hike" worse than this just to go to school, so obviously doing it for "fun" wasn't my idea of "fun". Plus, in my trek to school in Mexico, the trees had fruits that I could eat on the way. But, the kids did have fun and that in itself made me happy. 

Getting to our destination at the top though had an amazing treat! We got to see a grandfather tree- 3,200 years old --Old Juniper. It looks so majestic, sticking out of the ground all gnarled and dried up and then at the very, very top, a new growth of tree sticks out.

Juniper Tree Juniper Trail Hike

Grandma Loom Knits

As she once taught me to knit, it was my turn to show her how to loom knit. Even Grandpa got into it, telling her how to do it, hahaha! It was so funny! She can't really see anymore but she kept at it and kept at it, Grandpa all the while telling her which way to go. I can only describe this as HAPPINESS. You know those Visa commercials, well this little episode in our lives would have made a really nice one. 1 loom=$15 dollars, 1 ball of yarn=$7, Memories of Grandma learning to Loom knit=Priceless :).

She kept on saying "hija, no puedo, no veo ya! Cual estambre, el de arriba o abajo" but each time I told her to put it down, she would shake her head and make a tsk sound and she just kept on looming. I so love her! I love them both so much!

She is so adorable! She is used to warm weather and to a house that is not air conditioned so she was always cold inside our house. I found my American Eagle sweatshirt and gave it to her and she didn't even blink about it, she right away put it on and said to me "this is so soft, can I take it with me?" She is now down in Arizona with it...anything for my Abuelita :). My memories of her are of her always sitting on her wicker chair knitting or crocheting. Her not being able to see to enjoy her hobby brings me sadness. While she was here visiting, my Mom and I took both of them to the eye doctor and they were both given new glasses. Both of them can't really see without glasses and even glasses are not really going to help much however the doctor did say that she could knit again, she was quite happy about that little bit of good news.

Grandma Loom Knits

A new US Citizen


After being a resident for a very long time, I decided to take the plunge and apply to become a Citizen. On June 9th, I was granted my US Citizenship! I am so stoked! I was one of 170 candidates that took the oath on June 9th, 2010.


It was truly an amazing experience. I cried, as I usually cry during the anthem, but then at the very end when they played God Bless the USA, I couldn't help it, the tears were just streaming down non-stop. It was a grand day for sure for all of us in that room, a day when dreams became reality!


During the ceremony, they allowed some of the participants to share a little bit of their background and their hardships that brought them to this point in life. The stories told were all touching and they reminded me of how blessed we truly are in this country. All of them mentioned how proud they felt to finally be a US Citizen. I testify to that same feeling--It is with a full heart that I say GOD BLESS THE USA, my country, my children's country, our country!!!