Signs of a Stressed Sprite

1. She eats all the dark chocolate morsels she can find.

2. She "thinks" that an hour spent on the bike trainer is much better than sitting down and knitting.

3. She lays down on the ground, face down in defeat and instead of taking a nap she decides to see how many push-ups she can do.

4. A cold that persists on hanging around.

5. Stopping at TJ-Maxx for any excuse whatsover....yes, she could probably find the needed carrots for the kids' school feast there if she just looks in every single nook.


6. When she goes out to run 3 miles and all throughout she feels guilty because she could have knitted 1/4 of an inch on that wretched sock!!!

PS: how do you like the new navigation bar? I am trying to get all my free patterns in one place for your I just need to dig around to find them.  Hope you find the new navigation bar easier than the sidebar.

Learn to Knit Cables on Looms Booklet tour

The booklet and I have made a few stops this week at different blogs. Hop on over to read the interviews. Learn_to_knit_cables_on_loom_2 Thank you ladies for your time and for hosting my little booklet and I. It has been great answering questions about my life, the booklet and the writing process. Thank you mucho, mucho!

Stops this week:

  • Chatting with GuppyGirl aka Jenny
  • Rockin' the Loom with Robin
  • Visiting with The Dust Bunnies will Wait with Kimberly

Look at these cuties made by Robin! She is definitely rockin' that loom!


[Photo credit: Property of Robin M]

More stops on the tour coming soon!

Later today: the release of the Spring Issue of LKC magazine!

Book Blog tour victims/hostesses

A little while ago, I asked if any of you would be interested in hosting a blog tour of my little booklet, Learn to Knit Cables on Looms, some of you were interested and at the time I hadn't received the complimentary copies of the booklet, but I have them now.


If you are interested in hosting a little blog book tour, (both looming and needle knit blogs are eligible :) ). Drop me a comment. I will send a copy of the booklet to 10 blog tour hostesses for a brief review and you are welcome to ask me questions and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Drop me a comment...down there.

Drop me a comment anyways even if you don't want to participate...I am craving comments! Okay, I am feeling miserable and down and I need some TLC.

If you are wondering why I feel miserable and sad: the DVD in my TV is broken :(. It keeps spitting the DVDs out. So, I am either going to have to fork out some money for a separate DVD player or probably spend money fixing the internal one.

Note: I will choose 10 from all the names that leave a comment on this post by Wednesday (1/23) at 7am.

Reading bits and knitting tidbits

Well, the weekend passed and with it came Harry Potter 6. Yeah, I was a sucker and I went to the Borders party and got one of the first few copies--I was number 1071 (they started at 1000) so I was not very far behind :).  Although I was very tempted to start reading it that same night/morning. I behaved and started the next day. I am pleased to say that I finished it Sunday night around 1am.  My thoughts on the book: it left an empty space. I feel like I read the first 500 pages just to get to the good stuff, and once I was in the good stuff, it ended very abruptly. Now, I have to wait about 5 years for the grand finale. 

In knitting news, I procrastinated for a good month to have a project done, now I am trying to catch up. The project is very simple, loom/knit/crochet 6 Dishcloths and make them into butterfly shape with a piece of Chenille Stem. I am taking this as an opportunity to practice my needle knitting then transposing the stitch instructions into looming.  Here are my first two.


And, last but not least, here is the picture of my kitty cat, caught in the act!!