Ticked Off at My Camera

I am so mad I want to smash it against the wall...but I know that smashing won't fix the problem. For a few weeks months now, it has given me fits. An error message keeps appearing anytime I want to use the Flash and then sometimes it doesn't want to shut off, just stays on. I kind of need to turn it off so I can get the error from the flash to go away. I have been putting it off sending it to get fix for three reasons

1)It is out of warranty and it may cost an arm and a leg
2)it may take forever to get it fixed
3)The closest repair shop is in California which means I have to ship the blooming thing to get it fixed

I love my camera. Next to it, my next more loved "item" is my bike. I am just so pissed that it got broken...I baby it more than I baby my kids!!! I don't even know how it got "damaged" was it like that from the factory? Is it the lens? I am so clueless when it comes to cameras but I am just so fed up with the non-working situation.

To sum it up...I am just pissed at the darn thing!