What the heck is that?


Last night, there was a little black speck on my monitor, I tried cleaning it but to no avail. The dot was not on the outside, it was inside! Then fast-foward 6 hours, woke up this morning and little dot had grown at least 400%! What the heck is it? Is my monitor going patas parriba? What's going on....look at it, it looks like I smashed a bug on it and now it doesn't want to come off....seriously not cool dude!

Dsc00887_1 If things progress at the rate they have been progressing, my monitor will be one big black bug in two weeks time!

Any ideas out there? Is it really going out on me? Big time Bummer! Advice...should I be getting another one? Can it be repaired? Man! This shucks!


I got in touch with Dell and after trying a few diffrent things, they have decided to send me a brand spanking new, free of charge, Monitor! Yippeee!!! Gotta luv a Dell!


We interrupt this program to give you the sad news that Purling Sprite's main computer went belly up.  Some nasties entered its body and it is acting very nastily....very much like when a kid throws a temper tantrum. Me, well, I am the replacement...lowly laptop, I am newer than the counterpart, but I have less bells and whistles so I only get used very little.  But right now, I am feeling the love! Everyone needs me, so I am in my best behaviour and enjoying the use.

Stay tuned...the Sprite should be back in working order by Monday or Tuesday after the doctors at Xtreme Computers disect my opponent and look inside of it to see what part needs to be replaced. In the meantime, my owner is suffering from withdrawl symptoms from many of her favorite blogs.

For now, I will leave you with some poignant words.....I'll be back, heheheh

Maybe no more bloggy...ouch

Needless to say Typepad has been up to its nonsense for the past few weeks--accepting posts then rejecting them at the last minute. Loading pictures and then never appearing, messing up my 3 different blog banners and telling me that is my freaking fault because I just don't know how to make a different template for each one, although each one has its own template with its own silly name and of course when I load one up the other 2 get updated too with the same banner. So here I go again, trying to fix the whole 3 of them and then guess what...it is still my fault that it didn't work!

Well, as it appears, our Typepad service is getting an upgrade *coughdowncoughgradcoughEDcough*. Yeah, even received a very nice an apologetic email for the biggo CEO about the crap changes that are about to happen tomorrow. Lots of changes due to the great an unexpected growth of the company, so we must move from our garage out to a real place that can hold all your precious knitting files and photos. Of course as I kept on reading the email a red light kept going on in my head and the little voice kept saying, shoot, I am going to lose all my crap for the past 5 months. My bloggin' life will be over. Granted nothing espectacular has happened in the past 5 months, but I would still like to keep my junk that I have blogged about....important stuff you know...like my first cable, or my first sock attempt. Well, I am waving good bye to everything right now just in case the $%^& hits the fan and they send me another apologetic email telling me that I have a free month of service because in trying to move the files from the one server to the other the wires got fried and well my blog just happened to be in one of those servers.

Oh yeah, in all of this, if you don't hear from me in a few days, weeks, months is because they are still trying to upgrade my service tee hee, hee...so please hold on to your thoughts and drop me a note to my email addy: get my freaking blog working properly at impayingforthis dot com

Tee hee, hee. Ok, so I should sugar coat this a bit more, but the truth is that we all know that this upgrade will come with a lot of headaches to us the end users. And we also know that it won't be "seamless" as they so nicely put it. That even if they gave us a free month of service for the inconveniences of not having a working blog for a week, it won't make it up to us if they do happen to lose all our archives (although they may seem unimportant, it is a piece of us--even a silly piece, but a piece nonetheless). I really looked for a good service when I was looking for where to plant my bloggy roots and this one seem the best of the other 3 I tried and now it just seems that everything may be lost...speaking about LOST, what's up with that show, giving it re-runs for two weeks straight, man! They are killing me with this suspence, I want to know what is happening to my boy Sawyer. I wonder if they are just trying to see how many viewers are staying to watch Invasion just because LOST is first or because they like Invasion? Hmmm, interesting.

The changes are not supposed to occur til tomorrow, but in case I don't make it the deadline for another post, this may be the last airing of the Loony Loomy Toon.