Weights Ratios

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go and talk to a knowledgeable coach. He was explaining to us how imporant it was to know our Back Squat as that we can tell you more or less the weights for other lifts. I have never heard of this before so I was very interested in this knowledge and wrote as much as I could down. Now, this is only for my benefit and reference.

For reference purposes: I was about 115 lbs when I last maxed out my back squat. I could be heavier now, but I don't own a scale.

Back Squat: 165 lbs  (Dec 13, 2012)

Deadlift: 125% of Back Squat

Front Squat: 85-90% of Back Squat

Power Clean: 70-75 % of Back Squat

Overhead Squat (OHS): 65-70% of Back Squat

Snatch: 90-100% of OHS

Bench Press: 50% of Back Squat (truth is, I got lost writing it all down)

According to those percentages. I should have the following numbers, minimum

Deadlift: 206 lbs

Front Squat: 140 lbs

Power Clean: 115 lbs

OHS: 107 lbs

Snatch: 96 lbs

Bench Press: 82 lbs

Now, the coach did mention the Snatch but the truth I couldn't remember. I know that he said something along the lines of not snatching more than you can overhead squat, which makes complete sense.

Once you have the numbers, you can see where you fall short and work on those areas that need work. I know for sure that I need to work on my OHS and the Snatch. Both of which, I suck at.

Daily check in

I am in a great group right now where we are accountable to keep track of our food (she gives us some recipes) and we also tell what we did to stay active. I figured it would be nice to have the stuff recorded somewhere, besides my head!

Here is what activities I did today:

Met with the running crew, which today meant only our Coach, coach Don. He shows up whatever After our 4 mile run the weather, so I have to make sure that I show up! We ran 4 miles. My son, Boyo, went with us, this is his 3rd run with us, he did amazing! he ran 3 miles in heavy wind. Amazing little guy!

After running, we headed to crossfit. There was the regular workout and then the lifting class was about to start. The regular class was packed so I decided to do the lifting class first.


Dumbell Bench Press Burnout (at 20 lbs).

10 push ups.

I ended up with 145 dumbell bench presses.

Then we had deadlifts 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 reps.

We started at 65% of our max, for me that was 145 lbs. So, it went like this 145,155, 165, 175, at the last one, we were ready to put in 185 but coach suggested to go heavier. We, my friend Emma and I, said sure, go ahead, loaded up. He loaded up and I was the first one to go. I did 2 reps, ok, then on my 3rd, I lifted my butt before my legs and I felt my back twinge, Coach Josh saw this right away and corrected me immediately, 4th rep, I lifted it wrong and felt it so I dropped it before I could get it way too high. I knew what I was looking for in the way my legs "felt" so the other two reps were a lot better. I didn't know how much was on the bar and that was a good thing, come to find out that Coach Josh had loaded up to 215 lbs. Stoked!!!

After the weightlifting class, my friend Bianca arrived to do the regular crossfit class and I wanted to stay with her and hang out so I did that class. 15:10 seconds long...freak! It was a sweatfest! The WOD today was:

100 Dbl unders
10 Burpees
75 Dbl unders
20 Burpees
50 Dbl unders
30 Burpees
25 Dbl unders
40 Burpees

My double unders still suck. I still do 1 single after each double, so I end up jumping twice as much. One of these days the "stringing doubles" will come to me and that day will be GLORIOUS!