I do knit...loom knit that is!

ProjectsToday, I spent half of the day trying to knit something. I tried 3 different times! I learned 2 things:
1. Rowan Big Wool Yarn handles abuse very well
2. Don't knit when you have been stung by a bee on your little finger

Legwarmer If you do end up knitting after No. 2 above has occurred, no matter what your intents or deadlines are for the day, you will end up with something completely different on your hands...eeep, your feet that is! The item in question was supposed to be a gauntlet. Not only did I mess up the first time, but I messed up the second time and the third time. Call it a Royal Mess Up. However, I ended up with a nice leg warmer that I want to make a pair to wear during winter time.

I know the blog has been lacking on knitting content lately...but as you can see from the above evidence, I have been knitting. I really have...alright, I fess up, one of the items in the picture was knitted by another person....but I knitted the prototype first, lol.

Wait...I must scratch my little finger....it itches like crazy and my hand just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Aaaahhh, much better now.

Ok, where was I. Oh, the stinking bee stung me. I was outside enjoying our first BBQ in our new house when a bee decided that I was being a threat, next thing I knew I was biting my finger fiercely to stop the stinging sensation. The result a big fat little finger that I cannot bend!

Taquitos While I was over at the local market getting some of the stuff for the BBQ, I was picking up the ingredients for Green Salsa, there was a guy repleneshing the basket of tomatillos and he was interested in what I did with them. Of course, the poor guy didn't know that I was going to take 5 minutes of his precious time explaining to him the "proper way" of making Green Salsa the way my Mom and my Grandma taught me. Then at checkout, the gal checking me out also asked what I did with the tomatillos. So, I am taking this as a sign--here it goes for all of you.

Green Salsa the Isela way: Spicy!

Ingredients Ingredients:
10 Tomatillos
7 Jalapenos
Note: If not used to handling jalapenos, wear gloves!

Inthepot Peel the tomatillos. Take the end off the Jalapenos (the little twig). Wash them.
1. Place them inside a pot. Cover them with water. Boil them. Let them boil until the tomatillos turn a paler green. Turn stove off and let them cool.

With a spoon take the tomatillos and place them in the blender. Then, take out the jalapenos and put them in the blender. Last add the cilantro twigs (about 10). Add salt (about 1/4 tsp, or to taste).

BlendedUse the "chop" setting on the blender and blend them for about 30 seconds (if you like your salsa very well ground, blend them longer).

Add a spritz of Lime....good flava!

It is ready! Enjoy with your favorite Mexican meal--(above it is pictured with Flautas, black beans, salad, and sour cream)

Salsa Tips:
Never, ever rinse your blender with hot water after blending anything spicy. The fumes of the peppers can choke you. Always use cold water.

Tomatillos: Bigger is not always better--Try to get the smallest, greenest ones.

Jalapenos: Again, bigger is not always better--the bigger ones have more seeds, try to choose the smallest ones. Nice pretty green ones are good, not so spicy, the ones that are turning black are more spicy.

You can always substitute red tomatoes instead of tomatillos.

If you have access to a grill, grill the tomatillos and jalapenos and you will have something more authentic ;).

Hmmm, well I started talking about knitting and I went off on a food tangent...leave it to me to talk about food....next to knitting, eating is my other hobby, hahahahaha.

Come back tomorrow, I have something really nice to show you that a fellow blogger made just for me :).....it is niceeeee.