A New Favorite

Dsc03340Aurora 8 and I are a perfect match. It is soft, it is merino, it is machine washable, it comes in 3 different weights. What would these 10 skeins become? Probably and surely a sweater for me. This particular color is also so purrrrfect--I love deep cranberry color. But, it comes in more lovely choices.

Dsc03341It is a great and wondeful thing to find a yarn that I can wear near my skin and it doesn't make me have the itchy scratchies.

The stash has increased quite a bit with these, but I plan to decrease it very promptly--as soon as I find the perfect pattern.

FrontviewThe looming keeps on going. Playing around I came up with this little hat. I am making one right now for Bryant. And the creative juices are definitely flowing right now--I even have a sketch notebook to draw (tee hee, if you can call them drawings) my ideas and dot down my notes. Soo many ideas, so little time.

On other news, I have started a newsletter for Decor Accents. I am having some brainstorm ideas right now about what to include--featured free pattern, new patterns/looms, an article or two on knitting looms, yarns to use on looms.  Do any of you have any ideas what else to include? I am thinking of asking for articles from loomers--but how do I go about "paying" them--in looms? in points? in percentage off? I would like to have a good newsletter every month, so I need ideas.